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Final Sacrifice (Magic: The Gathering: Greensleeves, #3) They tried to tie this trio into the original book, Arena, and missed. Ending was a bit disappointing, but the build up to the end was to be expected The end just seemed a bit anticlimactic, but the storytelling was in line with all the other novels in this trilogy A few nice tidbits about the world of Magic were scattered throughout this book as the others , but again, independent of the later books which are plane specific or character specific. This was a much better read than the previous two novels and a satisfying ending to the trilogy Not perfect but still well written The big reveal at the end is so telegraphed for the entire novel that I found myself disappointed But I enjoyed the overall arch and would certainly recommend this to any fan of MtG. Im not reading the rest of them Youd think for this kind of thing theyd be able to come up with interesting stories for this And likeable characters. So ungodly horrible I cannot describe it. I must say that I ve enjoyed the first four MTG books Clayton Emery has done an admirable job of bringing the magic of Dominia to the pages of novels, as well as creating a nice story with engaging characters and a pretty exciting plot However, I am glad that this story has come to an end and of the world of MTG can now be explored.In Final Sacrifice, Gull and Greensleeves continue to barely survive fight after fight against a team of wizards that they have thwarted in the past until Greensleeves eventually just snaps and nearly destroys everything around her The ending of the book comes as somewhat of a surprise, with characters from the past reappearing and the final sacrifice not being what you d expect.Another quick, easy, and enjoyable read, I d reccomend it for someone looking for a short and relaxing read. Years Of Fighting Have Come And Gone But Now The Last Battle Must Be Faced From Frozen Mountains To An Ocean Drowned Forest, From War Torn Battlefields To The Flowing Crypts Of Lat Nam, The Archdruid Greensleeves Travels With Her Ragged Troops Searching For Spells To Defeat An Army Of Angry Wizards And End Their Reign Of Terror While Greensleeves Uncovers Ancient Mysteries, Gull The Woodcutter Fights A Fierce Battle With A Keldon Warlord Who Holds The Key To An Awful Secret From The PastWith Each Fight, Greensleeves, Gull, And Their Outnumbered Army Realize That Only One Last Desperate Spell Can Save Them All But To Unleash It, Greensleeves Must Be Willing To Make The Final SacrificeFinal SacrificeBased On The Bestselling Magic The Gathering Trading Card Game

About the Author: Clayton Emery

Clayton Emery is an umpteen generations Yankee, Navy brat, and aging hippie who grew up playing Robin Hood in the forests of New England.He s been a blacksmith, dishwasher, schoolteacher in Australia, carpenter, zookeeper, farmhand, land surveyor, volunteer firefighter, and award winning technical writer.He s a member of the Mystery Writers of America and Science Fiction Fantasy Writers of America

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