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Forced Mate In A Hilarious, Futuristic Take On Traditional Historical Romances, A God Prince From Outer Space Abducts His Dream Mate From Earth Like Scherazade In The Arabian Nights, The Heroine Uses Her Intelligence And Wits To Turn The Tables On Him When The King Of The Galaxy Comes To Claim His Virgin Earthling Bride, He Finds That Winning Her Over Is Far Difficult Than He Expected In This Futuristic Romance

About the Author: Rowena Beaumont Cherry

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Forced Mate book, this is one of the most wanted Rowena Beaumont Cherry author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Forced Mate

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    It says on the cover of this book that this author was a New Voice In Romance Contest Finalist Were there only two or three authors in the contest Seriously I can t remember how this book originally came to my attention, but most of the reviews are very complimentary Maybe they are all relatives and friends Honestly, I haven t read anything this bad inwell, I can t remember when And I ve read some stinkers, so that s saying so

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    Just blah Did not like this book at all Maybe it was the lingo or something but it just was over my head I didn t even make it a quarter of the way through.

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    I m probably a bad audience for this book I don t read romance novels and I don t know diddly squat about chess I had a really hard time getting through the first half of this book I didn t like either Tarrant Arragon or Djinni However, Grievous was a terrific character I just couldn t fathom how a species that was so obsessed with sex could possible have become a star faring race About 1 2 way through though, the story picked up quite a bi

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    This is a really weird book that s hard to understand What is rut rage What is a djinn 7 feet tall Get real This was also very confusing, as was the family tree I wouldn t recommend unless you re in for weird, alien istic, macho stuff Some parts were good But the rest was too hard to get into Maybe it s just me 1 5 stars.

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    Bad, bad, bad, and can I add one BAD to that Not only was this a waste of valuable time I could have used reading a better book but when I saw that the author had to 5 star herself I mean, really This book has no plot, the characters lacked, and I passed through mostly all of this Apparently, any joe shmoe can be an author these days Pathetic.

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    He was Tarrant Arragon, the Tiger Prince and Terror of the Dodecahedrons He d made his choice, had selected his bride, and he d have her By guile or by force, if necessary, for he was not a man whose will was often thwarted She was Djinni vera White Knight and Chosen Bride She was also the only daughter of the Saurian Dragon and quite possibly the last fertile female Djinni She was also, very much an Earth child One who had been taught to despise Prince Tarrant

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    Had to DNF this one after a couple chapters It was really difficult to read The characters were not engaging at all, and the dialogue was terrible A lot of As you know, Bob type dialogue, characters talking to each other about stuff they already know Also the hero keeps his identity from the heroine for far too long I skipped ahead a little to see if it was worth continuingit wasn t So yeah, my TBR pile is way too large for me to slog through a book I m not enjoying T

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    Watch out, y all Rowena Cherry knows how to write an Alpha male and then bring him to his knees You will remember that I was not as enad of her novella Mating Net One issue I had was that it was too short and there were too many neat wrap ups at the end Well Cherry did not let me down this timeFor the entire review please go to the Best Paranormal Urban Fantasy Review site on the web, Bitten By Books for the review of Forced Mate in it s entirety You won t be sorry.

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    Rowena Cherry knows how to tell a story I ve only recently begun reading Sci Fi and Paranormal books, and this offering has made me an absolute fan Her characters are delightful, from Djinni the ultimate tough but gentle heroine to Prince Tarrant Arragon the arrogant alpha male with the tender heart to the wisecracking earthling advisor, Grievousplus many I read this from cover to cover without a break You will too, because this is yet another keeper for your shelf Diane Davis Whi

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    this is a good book containing a good mixture of humor, romance, and futuristic, which made the charecters interesting , and brought the story to life it made the book fun to read, and made you want to read it

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