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Fourth Comings (Jessica Darling, #4) you know what s worse than getting a really long break up letter reading a break up journal.do y all feel a rant coming first off, make no mistake, i get it jessica has a 23 year old college freshman boyfriend who sports dreads AND a shitbeard i d be embarrassed too but despite that fact, he still apparently oozes sex appeal and badboy attractiveness, the college is princeton not some unaccredited hippie school in the desert, and, she LOVES him so suck it up and figure out a solution instead, the seemingly star crossed characters can t seem to figure out that communication is essential in relationships even fictional ones they talk via letters, one word postcards, and now, journals puh leeze get over yourselves and have a frickin conversation how it breaks down the best of times 1 still snarky, still cynical while jessica is far unlikeable in this journal, at least she hasn t marypoppined out on us.2 hope is a real person, so, even though mccafferty abuses her character horribly, we at least know for sure that the letters to hope weren t some sort of romantic allegorical bullshit 3 len grows a set sort of.4 manda, sara, and scotty all get what they deserve some literary justice is better than no literary justice.5.jessica s dad becomes one of the most sympathetic characters in the book seriously.the worst of times 1 the week long why i won t marry you journal is just cruel it is listen, if someone proposes, and your gut doesn t go, sure, that seems swell then say no it s that easy no, thanks, smell ya later and considering marcus s buddhist philosophies on hygiene, i m guessing she ll smell him before she sees him.2 the hope marcus betrayal jessica, jessica, jessica get over yourself no, seriously, girlfriend things that happened when you were five cannot be held against you when you re 22 it s in the rule book.3 what the heck is up with mrs darling 4 the contrived you went to buddhist gay cowboy death valley camp because your dad has stage III prostate cancer so i understand why you were so WEIRD last book explanation for marcus s behavior dumb and underdeveloped.5 the return of hy again, some only this time, she s got her inheritance and a job offer for jessica finally something worthwhileoh, wait, no it s hy.6 no pepe well, barely any pepe.i ve agonized about this okay, i ve thought about this briefly in those few ephemeral moments before sleep diary as novel fiction needs to ring true to be successful while the first two are incredibly good at maintaining that fine line between art and artifice, the third and fourth books are not mccafferty is losing her grasp not only on who jessica was but also who marcus was, and they re both becoming truly unlikeable people in the process unless her idea is that we re all assholes at 22 23, because i might agree with that assessment here s the conclusion i ve come to jessica darling should never have agreed to date marcus because she s never been ready for it think about it, the girl can t even talk about sex in her journals JOURNALS if you can t talk about sex in your diary, where can you talk about it she s not ready and that s obnoxious, to be four books in and feel like the couple you were rooting for are nothing but a sham. Although I don t care about these series any, I feel compelled to express my opinion once again Can you really blame me I LOVED the first two books and then the next installments crushed my heart I just can t believe what an enourmous downfall this series has taken Don t get me wrong, I ve been disappointed in books before but not to such an extent These books have abruptly turned from fresh young adult novels to good old chicklit What I don t get is the author s point If she wanted to indulge in the chicklit genre why not leave Marcus and Jessica to their happy ending in book two and start a new series with her great ideas I feel so cheated This series was supposed to be about the crazy experiences of snarky but cute Jessica Darling who we all couldn t help but love despite her somewhat f cked up view of the world around her Yeah, like that happened Gradually the focus of this series became the relationship between Jessica and Marcus Normally, I am a sucker for romance especially a complicated one but this time all the drama left a bitter taste in my mouth Book three began with Jessica and Marcus s break up, followed by all the author could think of, finishing with guess what the inevitable reunion.And just when you think things my turn up all right with the next one you get a bang on the head with the first pages of book four Jessica is thinking how to dump Marcus My answer Yes, when faced with the facts Marcus does the most natural thing in the world he proposes And here we are presented with this new twist in the book and the only purpose of it is to get us to the end where out of nowhere Marcus and Jessica will make up again I guess I might have learned to deal with it if Jessica had finally confronted Marcus and the had talked face to face about their past and present, how it affected their relationship and about their future together or not Yeah, Jessica wrote these notebooks to Marcus expaining why she couldn t be with him although she loved him but there was never dialogue between the two of them He wrote things she wrote back but they never seemed to communicate It was like they talked at each other never paying attention to the other one s feelings or thoughts on the matter It all probably happens in book five because view spoiler It is not much of a spoiler because it s quite obvious from the start but at the end of this book Jessica says No Surprised Sure hide spoiler At First It Seems That She S Living The Elusive New York City Dream She S Subletting An Apartment With Her Best Friend, Hope, Working For A Magazine That Actually Utilizes Her Psychology Degree, And Still Deeply In Love With Marcus Flutie, The Charismatic Addict Turned Buddhist Who First Captivated Her At Sixteen Of Course, Reality Is Complicated Than Dreamy Clich S She And Hope Share Bunk Beds In The Cupcake The Girlie Pastel Bedroom Normally Occupied By Twelve Year Old Twins Their Brooklyn Neighborhood Is Better Suited To Breeders, And She And Hope Split The Rent With Their Promiscuous High School Pal, Manda, And Her Genderqueer Boifriend Freelancing For An Obscure Journal Can T Put A Dent In Jessica S Student Loans, So She S Eking Out A Living By Babysitting Her Young Niece And Lamenting That She, Unlike Most Of Her Friends, Can T Postpone Adulthood By Going Back To School Yet It S The Ever Changing Relationship With Marcus That Leaves Her Most Unsettled At The Ripe Age Of Twenty Three, He S Just Starting His Freshman Year At Princeton University Is She Ready To Give Up Her Imperfect Yet Invigorating Post College Life Just Because Her On Again Off Again Soul Mate Asks Her To Marry Him Jessica Has One Week To Respond To Marcus S Perplexing Marriage Proposal During This Time, She Gains Surprising Wisdom From Unexpected Sources, Including A Popular Talk Show Shrink, A Drag Queen Named Royalle G Biv, And Yes, Even Her Parents But The Most Shocking Confession Concerns Two People She Thought Had Nothing To Hide Hope And MarcusWill This Knowledge Inspire Jessica To Give Up A World Of Late Night Literary Soirees, Art Openings, And Downtown Drunken Karaoke To Move Back To New Jersey And Be With The One Man Who S Gripped Her Heart For Years Jessica Ponders This And Other Life Choices With Her Signature Snark And Hyper Intense Insight, Making It The Most Tumultuous And Memorable Week Of Her Twenty Something Life From The Hardcover Edition because one can never get enough marcus flutie. I have a love hate relationship with the Jessica Darling books The slang in the first two books drove me up a wall Jessica forever pointing out how she hates high tech forms of communication and loves the 80s grates after awhile But at the same time, the way Megan McCafferty has structured the books around actual dates means that this character and I are going through the same things at the same time and there s a lot of truth behind it.Fourth Comings tackles my fundamental problem with this series the completely unrealistic character of Marcus Flutie, Jessica s high school and sometimes college boyfriend who talks like a fortune cookie and since kicking his drug habit apparently is okay with everything and never shows emotion The plot of the book is thin and some of the ways old characters show up feels forced Dexy was best left in college But since McCafferty has announced there will be a fifth and final Jessica Darling book, this sometimes frustrating book is worth reading to watch Jessica come to terms with her relationship with Marcus The book is written as a week long diary to Marcus I was originally annoyed with the writing style it comes off as Jessica wanting us all to congratulate her on what a clearly great writer she is for using a paragraph to make a sentence long point But it also makes sense, because she s obviously playing a role for Marcus This is a censored Jessica The honesty I was used to wasn t quite there.And hopefully by the fifth book, Jessica will have realized she s not the only recent grad who can t afford graduate school and doesn t have any money She s always been a self absorbed character, which other characters mercifully point out, but this member of the class of 06 found it a bit much.Overall, I m looking forward to where things will go from here. I really enjoyed this book when I read it a few months ago, although my good impression may have been influenced by the fact that I read the underwhelming Charmed Thirds right before and my expectations were pretty low.This whole book is supposed to be a letter to Marcus detailing the week in which Jessica is deciding whether to accept his proposal or not By now the whole Marcus saga has gotten to be like something out of a soap opera and the character has become a caricature, so I don t care about them being together any I didn t care much about the big ending where we find out Jessica s decision, but still enjoyed her journey getting there The strong points of Fourth Comings for me were the various relationships between Jessica and her family Her older sister Bethany has been fleshed out substantially to the point where she is actually pretty sympathetic, and the way in which her dynamic with Jessica has evolved since the first book is touching without being saccharine sweet and unrealistic The conflict between Jessica s parents was also well done, and I enjoyed her scenes with both of them I would definitely recommend this book to anyone right out of college, because it articulates that restless feeling of not knowing where to go or what to do with yourself now that you don t have the set structure of school in your life, and you re actually missing things like classes and writing papers As long as you re not expecting it to be the best book ever, Fourth Comings is a fun, entertaining read. After Charmed Thirds, my expectations were not high for this one I did like it than Charmed Thirds, but it certainly did not appeal to me as much as the marvelous Sloppy Firsts and Second Helpings In those first two, Marcus was so attractive to me But in the third, he wasn t even really in the book and in the fourth he was annoying than appealing.I don t know if the problem with these later books is Megan McCafferty or if the problem is me I think I grew up a lot between reading the first two in college and now I used to think the bad boy was so appealing Now Not so much Jessica Darling changed too, and the fact that she ultimately realizes this about herself is what made this book worthwhile. After inadvertently rereading the entire Jessica Darling series every year like clockwork without fail since Books 3 4 were published, I think I can safely say that FOURTH COMINGS is my favorite of the five books.Are you surprised Is this an unconventional choice Sloppy Firsts had that sparkling magic of the first in a series you know will be good Second Helpings was the fulfillment of a happy ending Charmed Thirds allowed Jessica to develop insight and maturity than before, plus did even wonderful things with all the secondary characters and Perfect Fifths well, just read the title Compared to the other books with the possible exception of Charmed Thirds , FOURTH COMINGS is the saddest With the possible exception of Perfect Fifths It s the installment where the narrative form gets most in the way of Jessica s typically candid journals because here she s addressing Marcus Flutie and, like she says, the moment there s an audience, the honesty of the writing is inevitably affected.But Still Despite all that.Full disclosure I have been in a similar state of emotions and mind as 22 year old Jessica Darling for what feels like the past several years It s the stomach flipping, giddy with terror feeling of not knowing what the hell you want to do an hour from now, let alone in ten years, and yet feeling all the societal pressure to make decisions about your CAREER and your BABYDADDY BABYMAMA and your CHILDBIRTHING METHODS right now, now, now It s the fear of letting go that which we were certain of in our past but are not sure how it fits into our present and future.It is because of this similarity in our mindsets that I think makes me able to understand Jessica a lot at this stage in her life There may be little in the way of plot, to speak nothing of the pacing the whole book takes place over the course of less than a week , but what does that matter to me when I hang on to Jessica s every word because I can see fragments of myself in all of her entries I think Jessica Darling represents the worst in us, and that s why her post Book 2 tales make people suuuuper uncomfortable In choosing the journal as her format of choice, McCafferty commits unapologetically to illustrating the parts of female human nature that most of us don t like to see reflected in literature our insecurity in the face of other, accomplished, beautiful, nicer women our preoccupation with sex, relationships, and love, and how they are tied to our identities our borderline desperate search for the meaning and purpose that society demands from our lives This is realism at its realest, and damn if it doesn t hurt like a wake up punch in the face.The Jessica Darling books are not just novels They are what we would write to ourselves if we were articulate and introspective and talented enough to put our deepest, darkest, most shameful thoughts to paper.That s why FOURTH COMINGS is my favorite. I ve been really willing to forgive the first 3 books for being so politically incorrect about literally everything because they were written and set in the early 2000s and were about a teenager I remember being a teenager in high school during those years and having the same attitudes and snarky ignorance that Jessica did It truly was a different time I was not connected with the world, I was young In that respect, this series has always been such a TRUE portrayal of the late 90s early 2000s teen.This fourth book, however, is now set in 2006 and was written in 2007 I graduated college in 2007 and I distinctly remember that by the end of college my attitudes had shifted I know that I definitely wasn t as aware of things like slurs as I am today, but the terms that Jessica used all throughout this book to describe other women or LGBTQIA characters were huge red flags for me.I don t know I feel like I remember that around this time there were commercials on TV advocating to stop using the r word, or the word gay as insults I just looked it up, these seem to have started in 2008 so maybe Jessica really is an accurate portrayal of someone her age who hasn t had her bubble popped yet, but she lives in one of the most progressive cities in the US, she studied psychology, and she has diverse friends Why is she still using the r word, calling girls sluts, and mocking sexualities and gender identities I could chalk this up to being a product of its time, but I feel like its time was already moving past certain slurs and attitudes.The other thing that didn t work for me in this book was the new format Previously, Jessica s journals each book have spanned months or even years But this one spans only 1 week It dragged a lot.What I did love about this book is that Jessica is now out of college and is job hunting She and I were both Psychology majors who had a hard time finding employment in our field during the 2007 2008 recession, so this hit home for me so much I felt like finally someone GOT me, what I had gone through She makes a lot of comments about post grad life and the new challenges that Millennials face in many facets of life The word I would use to sum up this series is REAL The flaws may make it uncomfortable to read now, but even they were real parts of our culture at one time Jessica gets a lot of things wrong, but they can be learning points if the reader is discerning What she gets right, she gets oh so right. I honestly did not expect to like Fourth Comings as much as I did If anything, I opened this book with trepidation, fully planning to give it four stars at best, but it wound up just blowing me away While Sloppy Firsts and Charmed Thirds remain the most life changing of all the Jessica Darling books for me so far, I think Fourth Comings is easily the most brilliant It isn t the one I ll re read the most or even return to too many times, but the clues scattered throughout this book, the intelligent conversations, the maturity of Jessicaand the manner in which it all comes together and ties up with that second to last word Incredible Fourth Comings stands out as the most mature of the Jessica Darling books In this, Jessica fully acknowledges her selfishness, her nuttiness, her insecurities, the TRUTH about her relationship with Marcus And as someone who thrives on drawn out drama and realistic, ambiguous endings, this was kind of perfect It s so easy to get caught up in that magic of Jessica and Marcus but this book puts their relationship in an entirely new light one that scrutinizes their flaws, destroying the idealistic image of these two we may have harbored before Fourth Comings starts out with Jessica prepared to break up with Marcus, but before she can quite do so, Marcus abruptly proposes, leaving on a trip for a week and giving her those seven Marcus free days to decide whether or not she wants to be with Marcus till death do them apart. As an individual who doesn t believe in the institution of marriage and who was prepared to break up with her boyfriend a marriage proposal is outrageous to Jessica And yet, she cannot bring herself to give an outright rejection either As Jessica embarks on her achingly normal day to day activities, though, she slowly comes to realize what she really wants from life and whether Marcus really factors into that picture at all For me, what makes Fourth Comings so phenomenal is the mere fact that by the end, everything comes together Although dispersed with small meetings and intimate stories, all these separate journeys make a full circle, helping Jessica to become the self assured person she is by the end of the novel Fourth Comings continues to build upon the familial relationships Jessica sustains, both with her sister who isn t the complete blonde airhead she once though and her parents I particularly loved this latter plot line as it was such a different, yet inevitable, type of relationship bred out of the follies of youth Its contrast with the other romantic relationships in this novel, from Jessica and Marcus, Bethany and G Money, or even Bridget and Percy, was stunning in its depth and subtlety One of my favorite aspects of this novel, however, is the fact that we finally meet the elusive Hope Weaver Although we don t know Hope intimately, mostly because her interactions with Jessica, though important, have been few and far between, we have come to love and cherish her in our hearts Quite simply, the ambiguity of Hope s character allows us, as the reader, to project our own ideals of the perfect best friend onto Hope or even qualities our own best friends possess which is what makes the interactions between Hope and Jessica in this novel so bittersweet Not only does Jessica begin to realize that she has other friends besides Hope that their lives don t revolve around each other any, but rather other subjects but she also comes to recognize that there is still so much she doesn t know about her best friend And although the scenes between these two could be laced with awkwardness and made me want to cry out for Jessica, I love the realistic path it took and its solid resolution as well All in all, Fourth Comings is yet another unflinchingly honest installment from Megan McCafferty Jessica, struggling to find a job, pay her rent, and find her place in the mesh that is NYC, is still the endearing character we first met Although she has come a long way, she will always have so much to go and it pains me to be so close to saying goodbye to her forever.But However Unfortunately As they say, all good things must eventually come to an end While I wish there could be permanent AND postcard when it comes to this series, I am both excited and nervous to find out what finally happens to Marcus and Jessica It could be FOREVER Or, you know, just WHATEVER.You can read this review and on my blog, Ivy Book Bindings.

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Megan McCafferty writes fiction for tweens, teens and teens at heart of all ages The author of eleven novels, she s best known for SLOPPY FIRSTS and four sequels in the New York Times bestselling Jessica Darling series She s got two new books coming out in 2020 TRUE TO YOUR SELFIE MG, Scholastic, 2 20 and THE MALL YA, Wednesday Books, 7 20 Described in her first review as Judy Blume

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