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From Dead to Worse After The Natural Disaster Of Hurricane Katrina And The Manmade Explosion At The Vampire Summit, Everyone Human And Otherwise Is Stressed, Including Louisiana Cocktail Waitress Sookie Stackhouse, Who Is Trying To Cope With The Fact That Her Boyfriend Quinn Has Gone Missing It S Clear That Things Are Changing Whether The Weres And Vamps Of Her Corner Of Louisiana Like It Or Not And Sookie, Friend To The Pack And Blood Bonded To Eric Northman, Leader Of The Local Vampire Community Is Caught Up In The Changes In The Ensuing Battles, Sookie Faces Danger, Death, And Once , Betrayal By Someone She Loves And When The Fur Has Finished Flying And The Cold Blood Finished Flowing, Her World Will Be Forever Altered

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    B 77% Good Notes A housekeeping book All loosed ends and continuing plot threads resolve and a new series paradigm is established.

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    This book could have been subtitled How to Wind About Four Different Tiny Storylines into One Relatively Small Book and Maintain a Ridiculous Level of Detail So That Readers Can Calculate Exactly How Much Coffee My Heroine Drinks Each Day Yes, it would have made marketing the book a bit difficult, but might have given readers a better idea of what to expect.Sookie encount

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    I read an interview with CH saying she had started this book, got off an tangent, and realized she d finished the book not just the tangent This book has that feel like it s really just 3 or 4 tangents and not a fully developed, interwoven novel CH is an amazing author so I don t fault her I chalk it up to this is the 8th book in a series of first person narrative that has got

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    OH, OH, OH Sookie, Sookie, Sookie This gal just cannot catch a break In this book, we learn a little about where Sookie s gift comes from She finally sees Quinn again Eric has a couple of surprises for her, and gets a big one himself There s death, mayhem, and magic all aroundand Sookie has to figure out if she can learn to accept her life in this new world of danger, insecurity,

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    I want to give this one a four star because it s C.Harris and she s amazing Her voice is utterly unique and delightful and I love her characters What s , her world is very real, her vampires are interesting, and I love that she s taken all of her carefully laid out plots and sent them topsy turvy in the wake of Katrina Very little has driven home the tragedy of Katrina as well as CH s l

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    This was another enjoyable instalment in this series, and there were several things that surprised me.Sookie of course ended up in mortal danger at points in this book, and she was lucky to end up alive really There were some problems between the wolf packs, and problems between the vampires, as well as the arrival of an unexpected relative to deal with, and Sookie really did find herself in

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    Book Eight, and Harris can t even get past the first line of the Previously in this Series summary before annoying me with her inaccuracy and stupidity She begins If this was The Lord of the Rings and I had a smart British voice like Cate Blanchett, I could tell you the background of the events of that fall in a really suspenseful way This annoys me for three reasons 1 Cate Blanchett doesn t have

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    I liked this book so much better than the one before it and I ve been trying to figure out why but am coming up empty handed Without going overboard, this is basically what happens mild spoilers only Sookie meets some new relatives Quinn and his warm penis go missing the Debbie Pelt issue will.not.DIE there s a Were war a bunch of Weres die Amelia s dad shows up and says some stuff Amelia s mentor sho

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    The book was entertaining, but something is beginning to bother me about the writing as I continue with this series, although I can t quite put my finger on it.Maybe it s that Sookie s inner voice is starting to sound like that of Harper Connelly, the protagonist of Harris other paranormal series, and that s not a good thing Like Harper, Sookie seems detached, reacting to events without really feeling anyt

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    2019 Re Read The security light made me feel safe, though I knew that was an illusion If there s light, you can just see what s coming for you a little clearly How true We all try to arrange our lives to keep ourselves safe and sound, but in reality we have little control over those matters But as John Lennon wrote, Life is what happens to you while you re busy making other plans Ms Stackhouse could write a dissertation on this subject.This is the volume where I fell in love with Bill Compton Yes, he s a vampire, so inherently untrustworthy, but I just love that fact that he stays in Sookie s life and just keeps on quietly being her friend and admirer I adore his loyalty Original review Flufftastic The Sookie soap opera rolls along in yet another installment Life in Bon Temps, Louisiana, is never dull This series is showing its longevity at this point, with an awful lot of threads to keep weaving, making this book very much a busy pattern.Relationships are always the main focus of these novels, and lots of things shake out in this installment Quinn gets kicked to the curb for being a mama s boy, Alcide becomes an also ran but gains in werewolf pack status, Bill attempts to re enter the running for Sookie s affections, Eric regains his memory of his time as Sookie s favourite, Calvin has successfully moved on, and it seems to me that Sam is still quietly in the running On the friend front, Sookie gains another female roommate who has potential to be a friend as well as a witchy helper Yay for women friends There s a lot of conflict in the book, as there are upsets in both the Were and Vampire worlds that Sookie must adjust to She, of course, ends up in the middle of both of them, but at least not grieviously injured in either In fact, she proves once again to be street smart than her vampire friends on at least one occasion We also learn about Sookie s genealogy and about fairy lore in the Sookie universe which I am glad to report is not all flowers and unicorns When questioned by Sam about whether she would like her quiet before existence back, Sookie declares that all the trouble that she has been through has been worth it for the shake up of her previous boring existence.The writing is still not the best quality, but the story line is fun and pulled me along in the best serial adventure style The series is getting a bit convoluted and somewhat tired, but I m still enjoying them.

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