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Glory Road: My Story of the 1966 NCAA Basketball Championship and How One Team Triumphed Against the Odds Timed To The Release Of Jerry Bruckheimer S Movie, The Moving Autobiography Of Hall Of Fame Basketball Coach Don Haskins And His Storied Team Of Players, The Texas Western MinersIn , College Basketball Was Almost Completely Segregated In The Championship Game For The NCAA Title That Year, Don Haskins, Coach Of The Then Little Known Texas Western College, Did Something That Had Never Been Done Before In The History Of College Basketball He Started Five Black Players, And In The Now Legendary Game, Unseated The Nationally Top Ranked University Of Kentucky Broadcast On Television Throughout The Country, The Miners Victory Became The Impetus For The Desegregation Of All College Teams In The South During The Next Few YearsNow, For The First Time, Hall Of Fame Coach Don Haskins Tell His Story Beginning As A Small Town High School Basketball Coach, Haskins Was Known For His Tough Coaching Methods And Larger Than Life Personality As A Child Growing Up During The Dust Bowl In Oklahoma, He Developed A Strong Set Of Values And Discipline That He Would Instill In His Players Throughout His Coaching Career With Recollections From His Former Players, Including Those Of The Team, Along With Haskins S Own Seven Principles For Success, Glory Road Is The Inspiring Story Of A Living Legend And One Of The Most Respected Coaches Of All TimeWith A Foreword By Basketball Legend Bobby Knight, And Coinciding With The Release Of The Film Glory Road, The Story Of Don Haskins And His Championship Team Is Sure To Become A Classic For Sports Fans And Historians

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    Pioneers are greatin general it needs courage and strength for the first person who takes a right action reversing the prevailing and dominant at the communityDon Haskins was an American basketball player and coachat sixties he chose 5 African American players in the team for the first time in a basketball national championshiphe chose the best players whatever their color

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    Riveting, sometimes hilarious memoir of a gentle, kind, humble man who might just tear out someone s heart to win a basketball game Full of folksy expressions such as He couldn t play dead The full subtitle of this book is My Story of the 1966 NCAA Basketball Championship and How One Team Triumphed Against the Odds and Changed America Forever The subtitle has bragging than the

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    This book was astounding Probably one of the best independant reading book I ever had with its heartbeat pounding and breath taking momentsGlory Road was excruitating Coach Don had the best players that brought talent and determination to the floor to be the first black starters to win the NCAA Basketball championship in 1966 I guess you can say all the hard work payed off Especiall

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    Being a UTEP student, this book is now very important to me and was a must read While not the greatest prose, Glory Road is certainly a very enjoyable book that gave me a sense of place at the university by giving me a background of one of the most significant moments in the university s history I ve only recently started getting into basketball and Glory Road really allows the reader to

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    The only thing this book has in common with the movie Glory Road is the title A completely different book that tells the story of Coach Don Haskins from childhood to playing college ball for Henry Iba to coaching at Texas Western, later UTEP Great book, quick read, really enjoyable Fun fact did you know there were actually two different Bobby Joe Hills who played for Texas Western

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    I m biased since I graduated from UTEP Texas Western used to be it s name where Don Haskins continues to be an institution.

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    I loved this book until the very end The last few chapters were just very specific basketball statistics about games and players from 30 years ago I didn t feel like you needed to be a basketball fan to enjoy this book until the very end The last two chapters were brutal.

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    I adore this book for the way Haskins honestly looks at civil rights history through sports and his story And how honest he is about just wanting to win and not be a civil rights icon.

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    I truly enjoyed this semi autobiographical story I recommend reading it.

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    Very solid read Probably 4 1 2 stars.The title is somewhat misleading This is or less part biography part 1966 championship team story.Pretty entertaining throughout Simple and quick read.

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