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Go Ask Alice It Started When She Was Served A Soft Drink Laced With LSD In A Dangerous Party Game Within Months, She Was Hooked, Trapped In A Downward Spiral That Took Her From Her Comfortable Home And Loving Family To The Mean Streets Of An Unforgiving City It Was A Journey That Would Rob Her Of Her Innocence, Her Youth And Ultimately Her LifeRead Her Diary Enter Her World You Will Never Forget Her

10 thoughts on “Go Ask Alice

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    i read this in high school and went oh my godi m never doing acid and then went how can anyone pretend this is a real diary

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    It s hard for me to write this review because I don t really know where to begin.Basically whether you believe this is fiction or not

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    This book is crap on its own But those of you old enough to remember the latter portion of the 70s might remember that Beatrice Sparks, the edit

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    I was never forced to read this when I was younger, so I thought that I d pick it up and read it now, for a laugh, being as there are days when there is j

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    This infuriating book is the most repugnant piece of reactionary propaganda that I ve ever had the misfortune to read Go Ask Alice is unnecessary proof that sex and

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    This was written by Nancy Reagan as propaganda for her Just Say NO anti drugs campaign It contains every single cliche about how making friends with anyone whose social life

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    I first read this book in sixth grade When I tell people this, they usually look at me in an appalled fashion, and ask if my parents knew I was reading it And I tell them, yes, my moth

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    3.5 StarsFirst published in 1971, Go Ask Alice is a controversial book involving teenage addiction It s written in first person in traditional diary form We don t know the troubled teenage girls

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    Alice Mm hm They told me to go ask you Ask me what Ah I guess, should I do drugs Well, how would I know I m just a made up girl in a piece of anti drugs propaganda that somehow became famous than it dese

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    Bwaaah So disappointing Some of my co workers were discussing this book at lunch one day, and I remembered being super curious about it when I was younger, but for some reason never got around to it Unfortunately f

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