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Harmony of Their Souls : A Reverse Harem Fantasy (Soul Tenders Book 3) (English Edition) Kiarra And Her Five Soul Matches Have Begun Their Bonding Process To Unite Their Souls, But A Darkness Is Spreading Across The Land Forced To Flee The City, They Take Refuge In The Country Where They Realize So Much Is At Stake Than Just The Well Being Of Megreria S Citizens All Of The Known World S Magic Depends On Kiarra S Growing Power, Making The Connection Between Her And Her Matches Vital To The Future Can She Save Herself And The Men She Loves Can She Guarantee Freedom For The Kingdom S Citizens To Love As Their Souls Desire Third Book In The Soul Tenders Series This Is A Reverse Harem Story With A Strong Fantasy Plot Which Includes Intrigue, World Building, And Character Development Scenes And Language Included Are Intended For Mature Audiences Only

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    I think every reader would agree with me when I say that this book was the peak of the trilogy This was where most of the actions happened, where most intense emotions were provided This was also the steamiest booknomnomnomjust saying.It was just amazing The writing The buildup The characters Oh yes, the characters They were a strong, exceptional and complementary

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    Kiarra and her mates really went through a lot to get to their happiness I enjoyed every bit of this book and highly recommend it for the true love they show for each other and different story it is set in So it seems that Kiarra and her bond mates story is over for now, but that there will be plenty kingdoms and rulers to save I hope there will be to come in this world

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    As with the prior books in this series, there is no claim to unique worldbuilding and the author continued to mix contemporary slang that probably wouldn t make sense in the fantasy world she created e.g like a hamster in a wheel , but this series is about the relationships and the overall storyline and sub plots I enjoyed the read, it was creative and fun, although not as layere

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    Great conclusion to the series with hints at from this world Lindahl brings us a fantastic conclusion with action that proves the relationships in this world really are magic The end of the evil sorcerer is fairly predictable, but fits well with the direction of the series I can t wait to see the next books about this world and how it all ties together.

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    This series was amazing The relationship strong connection between Kiarra her men is so compelling The love they all share pulls the reader into the story Love conquers all including evil.

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