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Hollow Kingdom When I was first offered the opportunity to read Hollow Kingdom, I hesitated Books from the point of view of an animal just aren t my thing But, the book sounded interesting and I kept thinking about it I finally ended up giving the book a try.I am so glad I did.I loved this book so much It has everything Characters I loved, heroism, heartbreak such heartbreak , epic battles, romance, and even hope From the moment I met our foul mouthed crow and he really is foul mouthed , I was in.The book manages to be readable, funny, sad and incredibly epic.Happy I read this and now I want a crow Narrated by a crow Yes, I think I am going to have to read this. What a trip, this read was It had all the drama, intense action, death, love, hope and despair you expect in a zombie apocalypse read but it wasn t from the human viewpoint This was the world as seen by animals, domestic, wild, captured, and other They have personalities, and voice their beliefs all while trying to figure out this new world without the old humans There is so much going on, so many things to consider Animals trapped in homes, cages, zoos, aquariums, domestic meeting wild, territories, and food sources, all asked all answered in unique ways The personalities, from cute adorable to hideous drool faces, all captured attention, some left me in tears The twists never stop and nothing happens that is expected, it s a ride E ticket all the way Winner This would be one fantastic movie. You are in for such a treat It is a darkly funny, wonderful book LOVED it Narrated by a domesticated crow named Shit Turd, a.k.a S.T., Hollow Kingdom is a zombie apocalypse novel from the perspective of all the animals left behind in this changed world after humanity succumbs to the zombie plague S.T and his loyal puppy pal Dennis end up on a quest to rescue the Domestics the other pets who are starving or helpless and often trapped inside their deceased owners homes But they have to face off against predators and horrific mutated human monsters on the way.I loved Shit Turd There s a sentence I never thought I d type His POV is hilarious, observant in an enjoyably off kilter way, and unique The other perspectives Buxton visits an abandoned poodle, a polar bear, a cat oh my god, the cat are also distinct, moving, and funny S.T s human owner, Big Jim though deceased from the very first chapter remains a vital character in S.T s mind, and he s a confusing, contradictory mess of humanity who I didn t mind representing us as a species, honestly You can see how he raised S.T to be the bird he is and it s actually very sweet.There are some great early sequences with S.T and Dennis trying to figure out how to survive and simply what to do in this suddenly topsy turvy world Sadly, I m not sure Buxton entirely knew what to do with her promising premise for me, the novel continues to lose steam the longer it goes on There are too many action sequences of animals fighting other animals that are hard to conceptualize I couldn t help thinking that the fight scenes in Animorphs were better realized 90s realtalk Animorphs books were actually pretty darn good Further, the actual cause of the zombie plague is trite view spoiler It s cell phones Cell phones Not only do I find this annoyingly reductive, Stephen King already wrote that book 2006 s Cell hide spoiler Thank you to Grand Central Publishing and NetGalley for the e arc in exchange for an honest review Kira Jane Buxton presents Hollow Kingdom, where animals are trying to survive and thrive in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse The MC is a snarky and extremely foul mouthed crow named S.T Shit Turd , with his sidekick Dennis, a bloodhound His MoFo best friend and owner s eyeball falls out and the story goes from there.Honestly if you like a bizarre twist on post apocalyptic books, give it a shot Some parts were down right amazing like the perspective of a cat and others had me skimming I couldn t tell which direction the plot was going to take and started losing interest at about 60% At the end I think the message was hope and self acceptance and getting off your cell phone, obviously Now that I am looking back I guess the arc makes sense I would recommend for fans of the above, if language does not offend you I thought it was over the top at times but still hilarious I will watch for books by Ms Buxton In Hollow Kingdom, a tale of chaos and optimism, you know that things are bleak when our narrator historian Shit Turd S.T , a humorous, graceful and insightful domesticated crow confides in the first sentence, I should have known something was dangerously wrong long before I did And, thus S.T begins to recount what happened starting with the day that Big Jim lost his eyeball With the help of his animal colleagues, S.T travels the city on a mission to save the world he loves Kira Jane Buxton is a one of a kind writer whose gorgeous prose issues a wake up call, ultimately a story of hope and survival, written for this day. One Pet Crow Fights To Save Humanity From An Apocalypse In This Uniquely Hilarious Debut From A Genre Bending Literary AuthorST A Domesticated Crow, Is A Bird Of Simple Pleasures Hanging Out With His Owner Big Jim, Trading Insults With Seattle S Wild Crows Those Idiots , And Enjoying The Finest Food Humankind Has To Offer CheetosThen Big Jim S Eyeball Falls Out Of His Head, And ST Starts To Feel Like Something Isn T Quite Right His Most Tried And True Remedies From Beak Delivered Beer To The Slobbering Affection Of Big Jim S Loyal But Dim Witted Dog, Dennis Fail To Cure Big Jim S Debilitating Malady ST Is Left With No Choice But To Abandon His Old Life And Venture Out Into A Wild And Frightening New World With His Trusty Steed Dennis, Where He Discovers That The Neighbors Are Devouring Each Other And The Local Wildlife Is Abuzz With Rumors Of Dangerous New Predators Roaming Seattle Humanity S Extinction Has Seemingly Arrived, And The Only One Determined To Save It Is A Foul Mouthed Crow Whose Knowledge Of The World Around Him Comes From His TV Watching Education Hollow Kingdom Is A Humorous, Big Hearted, And Boundlessly Beautiful Romp Through The Apocalypse And The World That Comes After, Where Even A Cowardly Crow Can Become A Hero I LOVED this book Milo and Otis meets Station Eleven in a post apocalyptic journey with a mouthy crow named Shit Turd S.T for short and a devoted hound named Dennis As hilarious as this book often is, there is an underlying thread reflecting on humans and the destruction we leave in our wake as seen by the animals that survive us.Clever, funny, profane and strangely inspiring, this book is for everyone I can t remember loving a book this much in a long time.

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