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Hollywood Girlfriend Man is friends with girl, man loses girl, man visits girl, man still loses girl Its basically a story of when, how long and what does he have to do to get the girl of his dreams, mixed together with a load of complication, sex and funny stuff. Besides all the humour, this was a very touching and powerful romance too A very predictable love story, turned into an unpredictable chaotic frenzy of sexual fun Jimmy s got a really nice way of delivering these really naughty adult books, yet making the story even cuter I waited and I waited for the happy ever after, then it didn t come, or did it A cute little romance with some extra spice I believe you need a certain sense of humour to read a Tudeski book, but it seems I have that sense of humour because I enjoyed this book The perfect love story, without the perfect man. After writing Am I Stalker with Ashley Clancy and spending so much time over in America writing it with her, I decided to write a little comedy about a man from England, then his own journey over to America too Obviously, this idea had nothing to do with Ashley and I writing a book together, because unless she was over here in the UK with me, my visits to America only ever came via video call over the internet Still, the two completely different worlds on the screen did inspire me to write this little book for you.Being a huge fan of stand up comedian Lee Evans, I decided to vision him my main character in this book, then have him play the part of a man who hadn t ever left his home town before Ready to fly over to America to be with his childhood sweetheart who was currently over in Hollywood chasing that American dream thing, Lee reluctantly does then set off to capture the one he loves In other stories and films, it s always the chasing of that Hollywood dream, then the character somehow defying the odds and landing the dream job in the end, right I wanted to write something completely different I wanted my character to hate the idea of going to America and not want to stay there a second longer after landing.This book took me just four weeks to write and despite me visioning Lee Evans in my head the whole way through writing it, one of my first proof readers told me it was like an adult version of Notting Hill I ve always been a massive fan of Hugh Grant, so this really pleased me at the time.Nothing to it, just a light hearted comedy about a strange man, his childhood sweetheart placing him in the friends zone, her then heading off to chase the American dream, then a Hollywood actress Jessica Alba in my head, turning this little rom com into the adult comedy I m known for writing these days. Lee Hill Grew Up In A Tiny Village In England And Inside That Village, He Had Just One Very Special Friend Lee And Holly Are Best Friends And Have Almost Been Like Brother And Sister Since They Were Five Years Old Now On A Mission In Adulthood, Lee Must Find A Way Of Disowning The Sibling Relationship He Has With The One He Truly Loves, Then Finally Step Out Of The Friends Zone She Placed Him In A Long Time Ago Too One Problem Holly Is Leaving For A New Life In America TomorrowHe Now Has Just One Visit To Win Her Heart One Chance, To Show Holly Their Love Is Real, In An Attempt To Take Her Back Home To England With Him Problem Is Lee Has Lived Quite A Sheltered Life And He Isn T Expecting All That Hollywood, The American Dream And His Friend Holly Wood Are Going To Throw At Him Once He Arrives What a very funny book I absolutely loved Lee s character I just wanted to walk over to him myself and give him a hug He seemed so lost in this book, so much out of his depth A love story, where the friends zone definitely got in the way. A very funny little book about a man without a clue

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