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How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them The first couple of chapters are good but later chapters contradict the us and them thesis by citing repression of race, gender and nationalist movements as fascist tools The division of people into sub groups is at the heart of the threat of the us and then mentality A Vital Read For A Nation Under Trump The Guardian By Placing Trump In Transnational And Transhistorical Perspective, Stanley Sees Patterns That Others Miss Twenty Months Into Trump S Presidency, The Evidence Is Mounting That He S Right The New York Times Book Review Editors Choice Fascist Politics Are Running Rampant In America Today And Spreading Around The World A Yale Philosopher Identifies The Ten Pillars Of Fascist Politics, And Charts Their Horrifying Rise And Deep History As The Child Of Refugees Of World War II Europe And A Renowned Philosopher And Scholar Of Propaganda, Jason Stanley Has A Deep Understanding Of How Democratic Societies Can Be Vulnerable To Fascism Nations Don T Have To Be Fascist To Suffer From Fascist Politics In Fact, Fascism S Roots Have Been Present In The United States For Than A Century Alarmed By The Pervasive Rise Of Fascist Tactics Both At Home And Around The Globe, Stanley Focuses Here On The Structures That Unite Them, Laying Out And Analyzing The Ten Pillars Of Fascist Politics The Language And Beliefs That Separate People Into An Us And A Them He Knits Together Reflections On History, Philosophy, Sociology, And Critical Race Theory With Stories From Contemporary Hungary, Poland, India, Myanmar, And The United States, Among Other Nations He Makes Clear The Immense Danger Of Underestimating The Cumulative Power Of These Tactics, Which Include Exploiting A Mythic Version Of A Nation S Past Propaganda That Twists The Language Of Democratic Ideals Against Themselves Anti Intellectualism Directed Against Universities And Experts Law And Order Politics Predicated On The Assumption That Members Of Minority Groups Are Criminals And Fierce Attacks On Labor Groups And Welfare These Mechanisms All Build On One Another, Creating And Reinforcing Divisions And Shaping A Society Vulnerable To The Appeals Of Authoritarian Leadership By Uncovering Disturbing Patterns That Are As Prevalent Today As Ever, Stanley Reveals That The Stuff Of Politics Charged By Rhetoric And Myth Can Quickly Become Policy And Reality Only By Recognizing Fascists Politics, He Argues, May We Resist Its Most Harmful Effects And Return To Democratic Ideals With Unsettling Insight And Disturbing Clarity, How Fascism Works Is An Essential Guidebook To Our Current National Dilemma Of Democracy Vs Authoritarianism William Jelani Cobb, Author Of The Substance Of Hope This is, in the main, a readable and important book The first two chapters are especially clear and accessible, and I can see using them and other smaller than full chapter sized chunks in the classroom.I don t think that one can overstate the importance of helping people see the parallels between the rise of fascism in the 1930s and the conduct of business in Trump s America As I read the book with its short, clear, quite terrifying gloss of Lindburgh s embrace of America First ideology, I wondered whether Trump was ignorant of the historical roots and meaning of the America First trope or whether he was just cynically exploiting the fact that a sizable proportion of people in his base are unburdened with any knowledge of world history It is probably not an answerable question Nor must one choose one explanation or the other.Unsurprisingly, perhaps, the book is uneven Stanley s argument is not uniformly pellucid or compelling I found the chapters on hierarchy and victimhood to be weaker than earlier and later chapters That said, though, the importance of the subject matter, and of producing a short accessible book about fascism cannot be underestimated The book is worth reading and sharing widely. The very word Fascism brings memories of WWII, and of the allies coming together to defeat true evil But how did that true evil come about What were the single steps in the one step at a time process that brought a country to the extremist policies that prevailed by the end of the 30s and into the 40s Stanley doesn t bluntly state that the US is currently in the midst of a fascist regime, but he spells out the parallels, pointing out where such approaches have led in the past and therefore suggesting where they might lead in the future Yes, the world is quite a different place, but it is interesting that the US political parties have become extreme, with fascist tendencies on one side and socialist on the other, leaving little room for moderate balance as politicians strive to differentiate themselves sufficiently from their competitors as to make a name for themselves Rather than being presented as a rant against modern day politics, Stanley has chosen an historical vantage point upon which to describe how we should keep our eyes open, and how we might ensure that we are aware of the potential meanings behind various political hot buttons today This isn t a call to arms, nor is it at all hostile, but rather an all eyes open perspective as to how today s tendencies might represent dangerous risks than some might have considered to date One point of interest is that Stanley refers to his grandmother Ilse and her memoir of 1930s Berlin titled The Unforgotten That text is out of print and difficult to find perhaps the author could find a way to have that reprinted or made available online It would be a fascinating read to accompany this one. Only 193 pages in length, Jason Stanley has done a masterful job of integrating a wide historical swath of material into an elucidating narrative I, for one, learned a lot Very, very informative indeed, to understanding the current rise of latent fascism in this country. He just points to policies Nazi s did and says Trump Does this too So does that make Trump a Fascist Ans he talks about segregation in the South even though the South isn t Fascist He doesn t talk about Giovanni Gentile or Mazzini, or even Mussolini s writings He just says Oh the Nazi s and Trump did this so that means Trump s a Fascist Such a lazy intellectual I thought he would actually talk about Fascism critically but it s just a bunch of Finger Pointing. Much of what is happening in The USA, Europe and Russia is laid bare in this book A good resource for debating those inclined to be fascist or are fascist but are too coy to admit it.

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