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In Memory of Dad Recommended For Ages Kaley Jergins Loved Her Life She Had It All, The Perfect Family, Good Friends, And The Talent And Passion To Be A Great Ball Player However, When Tragedy Strikes And The Person She Loves Most Of All Is No Longer There, Will She Ever Be Able To Play Again Told With Warmth And Feeling, This Story Comes From An Author Who Knows What It Is Like To Deal With Loss At A Young Age Nothing Is Ever The Same After A Tragic Loss, But Maybe Life Can Go On Includes An Afterword By The Author About Grief And How To Deal With It In A Healthy Way

About the Author: Maranda Russell

Hi I am an award winning artist, author, poet, book reviewer, and blogger I have been given several awards and honors for my writings and artwork I spend most of my time reading, writing, drawing, watching cartoons, hanging out with my family, playing with my cats, enjoying nature, browsing local bookstores and doing other fun, nerdy stuff For information about me, my books or my art, ple

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    In Memory of Dad is a beautifully written short story for children dealing with the loss of a loved one, how they are not alone in their grief, and how life can go on with good memories of their loved one always in their heart.The story is about Kaley Jergins, a fourth grader, who has a special relationship with her father, they both share a passion for playing basketball Kaley s da

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    This is a short story written through the eyes of a child, and suited to any child I would say from about 7 and upwards It is based on the story of Kaley, who absolutely loves Basketball, and always supported by her father Then tragedy strikes and life will never be the same again Kaley turns her back on basketball It is a heartwarming short story for a child going through the same thing

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    4 5 Stars only because I want to read In Memory of Dad is a short but sweet tale of love and loss in a beautiful way Maranda unfortunately went through the loss of her dad at a very young age and finds relief in helping others know they are not alone in their loss.This story is suitable for all ages and both boys and girls Its main character, Kaley, suffers the dramatic loss of her father at a

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    This beautiful short story was definitely written from the heart I have tears in my eyes as I write this You could feel Kayla s love, grief and triumph through Maranda s eloquent descriptions This is a wonderful story that shares a message of dealing with grief The lesson that you can go on living life after you lose someone So many times people feel guilty to feel joy after they have lost a love one

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    REVIEWI read this story on March 18, 2012 and I rate it 4 stars As everyone knows, I m not a big fan of short stories However, In Memory of Dad made me reconsider a little It s a short narrative, but full of emotions I admit that I felt moved Maranda Russell did a great job regarding the transmission of feelings It was a lesson about loss and the continuation of life.CR TICALi esta hist ria a 18 de Mar o d

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    If you re looking for a short and simple way to help a child deal with the loss of a parent, In Memory of Dad can certainly help At a little over 2,100 words, it provides a way for young readers to get a glimpse into Kaley s world without getting too overwhelmed by a complicated storyline While it is mostly telling, not showing, the story flows nicely and has a superb ending Readers who have lost a parent will r

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    Kaley Jergins is a spirited fourth grader who loves playing basketball While she enjoys practicing with her teammates, Kaley especially enjoys playing with her father, Kyle Kyle played basketball in college and received a championship ring after participating in The Final Four matches several times.One night Kaley s placid world is turned upside down when her father suffers a heart attack After his death, she and her

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