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In the Dream House In the Dream House, Carmen Machado explores her abusive relationship with her ex girlfriend Machado dives deep into the metaphor of The Dream House to explode our expectations of queer relationships, domestic bliss, and intimate partner violence This memoir brings a necessary reckoning to the conversation about how and when women abuse other women Also, it s just gorgeously written, in prose that is unforgettable, and will delight any fan of Machado s short stories Just all around genius Call me a fan. In the Dream House is truly remarkable, a memoir that deftly sidesteps that categorization I opened this book one afternoon excited to read the new Carmen Maria Machado, even if it wasn t fiction, and then the next thing I knew it was night I would say that I devoured this book, but I am not quite sure that it didn t devour a few pieces of me in turn The most beautiful, devastating, lovely, strange, playful memoir I have ever had the pleasure of reading. A Startling, Moving, And Innovative Memoir From The National Book Award Finalist For FictionFor Years Carmen Maria Machado Has Struggled To Articulate Her Experiences In An Abusive Same Sex Relationship In This Extraordinarily Candid And Radically Inventive Memoir, Machado Tackles A Dark And Difficult Subject With Wit, Inventiveness And An Inquiring Spirit, As She Uses A Series Of Narrative Tropes Including Classic Horror Themes To Create An Entirely Unique Piece Of Work Which Is Destined To Become An Instant Classic But will any book I read from now until the end of time be as good as this one sometimes when i m extremely lucky, i read something that is so incandescent it feels as though i am floating through space and being held by an author s sentences, their use of language, their way of literally breaking the ground beneath all of our feet to unearth something terrifying but something we need to look at readers this is one of those books i shivered through every page of this ARC as a queer sort of mostly woman, seeing a queer woman explore this terrain of intimate partner violence was so much we need this book this is a gripping and deeply unsettling read, but the ending where to end a memoir is gorgeous and soothing the use of fragments and footnotes are Devastating she is just such an exceptionally beautiful and SKILLED storyteller and she captured how confusing and scary being in this situation can feel to a T which as she reiterates, is next to impossible when you re in the thick of it so i am so thankful for her to have put it into words it helped me name so many scary things i downplayed in previous relationships in honour of machado s INCREDIBLE use of folk literature motifs machado s writing is like peeling an apple with a knife in ribbons there s a deeply creepy unravelling like with the woman in the Dream House and also in her fiction which is still one of my favourite collections ever and a juxtaposition of the underlying tart, sexy, sweetness and joy in the world alongside and despite and even confusingly but realistically, within the horrors sometimes.watch out for this one in november MUST MUST read. Wow Just wow. Carmen Maria Machado s memoir In the Dream House has set itself apart as an instant classic within what is often a crowded field Honest, inventive, unflinching, at turns playful and brutal her examination of a past relationship and the abuse she underwent is never anything less than electric, essential reading Each chapter is a short vignette often changing both in style, form, and voice and I found this to be endlessly compelling way to experience her story From noir, choose your own adventure, high fantasy, gothic horror, and countless others Machado exploration of style and genre stretches the limits of what memoir can be and do But In the Dream House is much than an exercise in form it is a multifaceted look at abuse within a queer context a bold, shining of a light on a too often neglected corner of the human experience Machado has penned a book to challenge and expose, but not to overwhelm In the Dream House is deeply felt, necessary reading. I got this book as an advanced readers copy at a library conference This book is beautifully and painfully and imaginatively and bravely written TW for abuse, though I m grateful to Machado for her willingness to be vulnerable and open about her experience with queer partner abuse There are so many emotional, political, and literary layers to this book that is a memoir yet reads like a new type of lyrical prose it essentially queers the very meaning of memoir and memory and narrative and history and plot and voice Beautifully, beautifully done I hadn t yet read Machado s other essay collection, Her Body and Other Parties on my to read list and hadn t made it there yet , but I m even excited to explore of Machado s work Can t wait for this book to come out and for everyone to get the opportunity to dive into its depth. An innovative blend of memoir, research, and cultural commentary that masterfully grapples with domestic violence in queer relationships I couldn t put it down Split up into powerful, dense vignettes, In The Dream House just made me cancel all of my plans so I could finish it immediately So excited to see this one enter the world one of the best of the year, and one you will not forget For fans of Ocean Vuong s On Earth We re Briefly Gorgeous, I think these two books sit really well together as standouts for 2019 that grapple with queerness, identity, violence, and language in lush, compelling ways. folks,

About the Author: Carmen Maria Machado

Carmen Maria Machado s debut short story collection, Her Body and Other Parties, was a finalist for the National Book Award, the Kirkus Prize, LA Times Book Prize Art Seidenbaum Award for First Fiction, the Dylan Thomas Prize, and the PEN Robert W Bingham Prize for Debut Fiction, and the winner of the Bard Fiction Prize, the National Book Critics Circle s John Leonard Prize, and the Crawford Awar

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