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JLA Vol. 1: New World Order Grant Morrison Howard Porter And John Dell Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern Aquaman, And The Martian Manhunter The World S Greatest Heroes, Together Again This New Story By Some Of Comics Hottest Talents Finds The Public Turning Against The JLA In Favor Of A New Group Of Champions Alien Superbeings Called The Hyperclan Faced With Powers That Rival Even Superman S And A Hidden Agenda That Threatens The World, How Can The New Le

About the Author: Grant Morrison

Scottish comic book author Grant Morrison is known for culture jamming and the constant reinvention of his work He is known for his nonlinear narratives and countercultural leanings in his runs on titles including DC Comics Animal Man, Batman, JLA, The Invisibles, Action Comics, All Star Superman, and Doom Patrol, and Marvel Comics New X Men and Fantastic Four Many of these are controversial,

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    Kickin butt new beginning Creative Team Writer Grant MorrisonIllustrator Howard Porter RETURN TO GREATNESS For too many time the major super hero te

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    After terrible sales of old JLA titles, DC revamped the team in 1997 by bringing back all the A list players for facing a brand new threat to humanity.Alas,

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    Score 3.88 out of 5Grade 78% B GoodThe JLA face their first big test when the mysterious Hyperclan come to Earth and win the affection of the human population Here is

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    Didn t finish Some really interesting concepts, like why have superheroes never utopianized society and culture with all their power, instead of just punched each other and br

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    This was pretty great Bringing the team back together without spending too much time on where they ve been and what they ve been doing Easy to jump in on and new reader friendly Morris

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    3.75 starsWell, Superman has a mullet or something just as god awful Gotta love the 90s Plot summary So a group of Martians known as the Hyperclan come to Earth and talk the human population in

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    The story itself was interesting, but I found myself constantly distracted by Wonder Woman What was she wearing How did it stay on I mean, really The bustier was seriously LOW and the underwear SO HIGH

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    JLA Vol 1 New World Order by Grant Morrison covers the 1997 3rd Version run of the Justice League We have Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and Martian Manhunter as the JLA In the

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    Grant Morrison reinvents the mainstream superhero comic book Ten years later, the rest of them are still catching up.As the inaugural volume of Morrison s justly lauded run on the Justice League, this story of a Martian

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    Some decent writing and clever dialog at times between some of the characters, notably Flash and Kyle Rainer as Green Lantern, the drawing was just too BIG in that 90 s style that has now oddly become kinda dated no, it s not Rob

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