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JLA, Vol. 18: Crisis of Conscience Spinning out of Identity Crisis, the Secret Society of Super Villains have gotten they re memories back and they are pissed Now they know who the relatives of all the JLA members are and they want revenge Now the League must defeat the villains and decide if they are going to strip the villains memories again in order to protect their families Geoff Johns and Chris Batista knocked it out of the park with this one Good art, fantastic story Johns brought back some villains we haven t seen in a very long time and made them dangerous again. Crisis of Conscious acts as a aftermath to Identity Crisis But it takes place after the OMAC project.And to start I really liked Identity Crisis and loved The OMAC project so I ended up really liking this too I think they re good comics and they re definitely interesting then the Justice League since 2011 though at this time I ve read none of Scott Snyder s League except for they first issue.It s got a good lineup of hero s and other than the threat being some bigger conspiracy it s always a big conspiracy it s really solid and fun to read and drawn well and has good moments for all the heroes.I think this should be in the collection with Identity Crisis but then I wouldn t have to buy it again.4 stars. Well that was well written but not much of a surprise I think Johns has a good handle on the characters but it feels like he had to shoehorn this into the greater event plotline, so it doesn t come as much of a shock how this turned out Or perhaps it s just a question of when this set of momentous moments will get forgotten in favour of some future event or whim Maybe I d feel oomph if the villains had half a brain cell between them here and took one action that seemed coordinated with any other villain.Decent art, a little cartoony but it services the action well enough. Following the events of the groundbreaking, IDENTITY CRISIS by thriller author, Brad Meltzer, this 18th volume of the Justice League of America, collects Issues 115 119 Take note, all this happens before the New 52, just in case you got suddenly confused and wondering.I felt IDENTITY CRISIS, blew the ball out of the park and so our heroes are left to deal with the memory tampering that they did with the villains but also with Batman Crisis of ethics come into play with this collection and along with that the return of the villains memories, which lends them to resume their attacks on our heroes on a personal scale for they already know of our superheroes true identity as well as personal lives So what s the logical step to do in order to protect the one you love Lois lane has been hurt as well as Bruce s on and off girlfriend, Selena Kyle, aka Catwoman Do you repeat what was done by lobotomizing the villains again or does ethic dictate that one stays thy hand, or this case, Zatanna s magical hand, and look for a solution.This Aftermath issue for me will only work if one has read, IDENTITY CRISIS And since the New 52 has already happened, all these past crisis are moot But for those who enjoyed the world of DC before the New 52, then this is a must Countdown to Infinite Crisis Good treatment of the fallout of Identity Crisis For the record, I think this comic is some of the last we see of women NOT overposed and overexposed. A really good follow up to Identity Crisis. In The Wake Of Brad Meltzer S Identity Crisis , The JLA Decides The Time Has Come To Tell Batman That They Stole Part Of His Memory However, The League Is Attacked By The Secret Society Of Super Villains, Out For Vengeance Now That Their Own Memories Are Restored As The JLA Battles, Martian Manhunter Confronts Despero, The Alien Conqueror, Behind The Villains Memory Restoration By The Time The Dust Settles, The League May Have Won The Battle But Lost The WarCollecting JLA This is part of the fallout of the events of Identity Crisis This one deals with the repercussions of the mind altering done by some members of the Justice League I really enjoyed the novel Identity Crisis and I am reading its side companion pieces In that novel, a despicable event happened and the Justice League answered back by altering minds of several characters including Batman Those characters have had their memories returned and they are not happy I liked this collection but I was hoping for of an impact We have the question of how far is too far for punishment and the enforcers of this punishment I wish that this book delved into that a little but instead the book focused on the physical fighting The artwork was terrific and if you a fan of Catwoman, you will enjoy this as I thought she was the stand out of this collection.This was an enjoyable read but I thought it could have been better I believe the problem is that this was filler between two major events in this universe and the writer was restricted with his story. I really enjoyed this one It s one for you, even if you aren t much of a comic book reader It explores deep themes of love, marriage and loss It s a bit of a sad read if you know the characters of the DC universe Some key individuals die But how the themes are dealt with was surprisingly mature I learned a few things from it, like how the perpetuity of love after someone passes away can be a comforting and positive thing, not just another reminder of sorrow.

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