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JLA Vol. 3: Rock of Ages JLA VolGrant Morrison, Mark Waid, HowardCe Tome Fait Suite JLA Volpisodes, Prometheus, JLA Secret Files , Et Le Crossover JLA Wildcats La Rdition Des Pisodes La JLA De Morrison S Achve Dans JLA Volpisodes ,, JLA Classified, JLA Earth JLA Voldeluxe Edition Grant MorrisonRetrouvez JLA Voldeluxe Edition Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Passer Au Contenu Principal Essayez Prime Bonjour, Identifiez Vous Compte Et Listes Identifiez Vous Compte Et Listes Retours Et Commandes Testez Prime Panier Livres Anglais Et TrangersJLA VolEnglish Edition EBook GRANT MORRISON, JOHNAchetez Et Tlchargez Ebook JLA VolEnglish Edition Boutique Kindle Ebooks En AnglaisPasser Au Contenu Principal Essayez Prime Bonjour, Identifiez Vous Compte Et Listes Identifiez Vous Compte Et Listes Vos Commandes Testez Prime Panier Appareils Justice League VolDC Database Fandom This Page Contains Information About Justice League VolumeJustice League Volumewas An Ongoing Series, Published By DC Comics It Was Published FromtoIt Starred The Justice League Justice League VolJustice League Volumewas An Ongoing Series, Published JLA DELUXE EDITION VOLDC The JLA S Very First Foe, Starro The Conqueror, Returns In This New Deluxe Hardcover Collecting JLA, And ,, JLA DELUXE EDITION VOLDC Jump To Navigation JLA Vol DC Database FANDOM Powered By War Of The Worlds Batman Did Not Perish In The Batplane As The Hyperclan Believes In Fact, He Counted On The Hyperclan S Arrogance And Willingness To Dismiss Him In Order To Infiltrate Their Citadel At Z Onn Z Orr Having Analyzed Batman Did Not Perish In The Batplane As The Hyperclan

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    Score 3.42 out of 5Grade 68% C DecentThe JLA have their work cut out for them when the Injustice Gang roll into town, only to be hit with another wave of villainy by the name of Darkseid Here is my review of JLA Vol 3 Rock of Ages The Good The Injustice Gang such a lame name , led by Lex Luthor, was a lot of fun I barely remember the full roster, but Luthor and Joker were the two standouts I also enjoyed the Luthor vs Wayne corporate strate

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    I was actually reading the second deluxe edition, which contains this volume and the next one After finishing Rock of Ages, I just didn t want to move on to the next arc, so I ll review this single volume instead This is Morrison tapping into Jack Kirby s New Genesis mythology, and it s such a complex and confusing thing for me that I had a hard time getting through this book It had some very cool moments, but also some of Morrison s most tedio

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    What the hell did I just read This story arc started out interesting with the Justice League facing off against hologram doppelgangers created by Lex Luthor and his oh so cleverly named troupe of less than exciting villains, the Injustice GangAnyways the story starts off very promising despite the stupid blue Superman.It is hard to not enjoy a villain team up and everyone loves when heroes have to essentially fight themselves in evil hologram form

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    The start and ending of this were a little hard to follow, so I m only giving it a 3 The bits with Darkseid are cool though I m also confused over when Wonder Woman died

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    With this volume I bring to an end my valiant attempt to read the JLA run by Morrison I seriously quit It had started well Lex Luthor creates an Injustice League to go against the JLA To do this he has found an alien artifact aaannnndddd then it goes really weird Out of nowhere Metron appears into the storyline It seems Darkseid s coming no wait he s here Some of the JLA Wonder Woman is supposedly dead but somehow 15 years into the future she s alive what

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    This arc was better than the previous arcs I actually enjoyed the story even if it was confusing as hell Lex Luthor and his Injustice Gang were great villains and the arrival of Darkseid raised the stakes for the JLA even I was disappointed with lack of Wonder Woman in the present timeline though this arc happened during the time when Diana was death but seeing future Diana kicked ass was awesome I wished there was female characters though.

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    What was that What had the potential of being an interesting story, got convoluted with time travel, cosmic beings, and bleak apocalyptic futures Lex Luthor has gathered a team consisting of himself, the Joker, Circe, Ocean Master, and the Mirror Master to defeat the JLA Oh, and he has a mystical stone that lets him basically create or change anything he thinks of You would think that would be enough I don t mind spoling this for you, but somehow this rock is a ma

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    Grant Morrison s excellent take on the classic superhero team continues in this volume I really loved this book and really enjoyed the smorgasbord of DC elements thrown in to the story Things like Kirby s fourth world, the golden age idea of the injustice league, the blue superman stretching his powers to their limit, it all works perfectly in sync It never feels like things are forced, the plot moves at its own pace and works to naturally guide the story to its natur

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    Morrison being Morrison Cosmic stuff Read it I don t have words to explain this.

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    Emm another confusing comic from Grant Morrison which asks the question WHAT IN THE WORLD DID I READ Prior to this I had read his Batman RIP and Final Crisis and I had a feeling, while reading this, that somebody s recycling his own writing That time space continuum and Darkseid s enslavement of Earth, anti life equations all of it was in the Final Crisis I know I didn t read it chronologically and this Rock of Ages precedes Final Crisis, meaning that this was supposed to be

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Scottish comic book author Grant Morrison is known for culture jamming and the constant reinvention of his work He is known for his nonlinear narratives and countercultural leanings in his runs on titles including DC Comics Animal Man, Batman, JLA, The Invisibles, Action Comics, All Star Superman, and Doom Patrol, and Marvel Comics New X Men and Fantastic Four Many of these are controversial,