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Johannes Brahms: A Biography A New York Times Notable Book This Brilliant And Magisterial Book Is A Very Good Bet Tobecome The Definitive Study Of Johannes Brahms The Plain DealerJudicious, Compassionate, And Full Of Insight Into Brahms S Human Complexity As Well As His Music, Johannes Brahms Is An Indispensable BiographyProclaimed The New Messiah Of Romanticism By Robert Schumann When He Was Only Twenty, Johannes Brahms Dedicated Himself To A Long And Extraordinarily Productive Career In This Book, Jan Swafford Sets Out To Reveal The Little Known Brahms, The Boy Who Grew Up In Mercantile Hamburg And Played Piano In Beer Halls Among Prostitutes And Drunken Sailors, The Fiercely Self Protective Man Who Thwarted Future Biographers By Burning Papers, Scores And Notebooks Late In His Life Making Unprecedented Use Of The Remaining Archival Material, Swafford Offers Richly Expanded Perspectives On Brahms S Youth, On His Difficult Romantic Life Particularly His Longstanding Relationship With Clara Schumann And On His Professional Rivalry With Lizst And Wagner Johannes Brahms Will No Doubt Stand As The Definitive Work On Brahms, One Of The Monumental Biographies In The Entire Musical Library London Weekly Standard It Is A Measure Of The Accomplishment Of Jan Swafford S Biography That Brahms S Sadness Becomes Palpable Swafford Manages To Construct A Full Bodied Human Being The New York Times Book Review

About the Author: Jan Swafford

Jan Swafford is a composer and writer His musical works range from orchestral and chamber to film and theater music, including four pieces for orchestra, Midsummer Variations for piano quintet, They That Mourn for piano trio, They Who Hunger for piano quartet, From the Shadow of the Mountain for string orchestra and the theatrical work, Iphigenia, for choir, instruments and a narrator.Swafford s

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    I found this a very well researched and readable biography of one of the greatest composers of his generation and the last of the 3 B s of classical music Johannes Brahms Mr Swafford looks a Brahms life from his childhood in Hamburg through to his death in Vienna In telling his story, the author looks at his loves, rivalries, his penchant for brutal honesty and even his agnosticism His the p

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    Johannes Brahms is one of the greatest composers of all time He wrote 4 beautiful symphonies, all of which I have listened to and loved My favorite piece by Brahms would probably be the Piano Quintet in F minor, because it is very dramatic The fiery elegance of the piece will take your breath away.

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    A very nicely paced narrative of a great and interesting man and his times Because of the intelligence of the author and his respect for his subject, I became filled with enthusiasm for Brahms and listened to a lot of his music I travelled through his life with him from Opus 1 on About half the music was new to me thank you, YouTube Though I m an amateur, almost all the musical analysis was accessible and h

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    This is, by far, the best biography of any composer I have read It not only presented interesting information about Brahms, the man, it also presented concurrent and detailed analysis of some of his seminal works As I was reading, I would go find a youtube recording, and immediately not only see, but hear was I was reading about My understanding and appreciation of Brahms the person and the breadth of his compositi

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    I would tentatively recommend this biography While it certainly is very long, and definitely not lacking in detail, some of that extraordinary amount of detail is not correct For instance, on page 48, he describes insurrections taking place in several countries, including Czechoslovakia in 1848 In reality, Czechoslovakia did not come into existence until 1918, some 70 years later What country did he mean While some people

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    This lengthy biography was an endlessly fascinating read Swafford focuses on Brahms life , psychology, and relationships than on analyses of his compositional technique and development There is a lot of detail here, but the prose never bogs down Swafford has a great deal of insight into Brahms motivations and his position as a relatively conservative yet daring composer caught between the waning of Romanticism and the emergence o

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    I don t read many biographies, and I m not sure why I picked this up, but I immediately liked the book, especially as it was written by a musician The portions of the book that focus on the music are fabulous, even with my limited understanding, and I believe the author writes about the music the way that Brahms was intended to be appreciated.However the rest, as the book goes on, descends into tedium The problem really is that Brahm s li

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    A marvelously readable and balanced biography I enjoyed it thoroughly My brother and sister in law, both highly trained musicians that read, will get the parts I missed where Swafford illustrates a point about the music by printing out a section of various scores Still, even if you cannot do this, it s a worthwhile read.

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    This book is a a blend of biographical history and musical analysis, so be ready to sit with You Tube to check out the dozens of music works that are discussed I loved this book for its insight into the mentality of a composer musician, and how he coped with his life issues through his music As a follower of Christ, I was interested to see if the composer of the German Requiem we sang in college had any kind of saving faith He did not, according to this

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    It took me a lot longer to finish this book than it did for others of my musical friends who ve read this fantastic biography, but that had to do with my impatience with musical analysis than other factors after all, the book IS a scholarly work, even though it generally reads as a story anyone would pore over with great interest so long as the reader loves the music of Brahms, anyway It IS a large tome, though over 600 pages, easily and there s so much to dige

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