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Absolute Justice After The Villains Of The Legion Of Doom Led By Lex Luthor And Brainiac Band Together To Save The World After A Shared Dream That Seems To Be A Vision Of The Earth S Demise They Are Confronted By The Justice League Of America, Who Doubt Their True Motives The True Plans Unfold As The Two Teams Do Battle

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    There s a lotta spoilers in this review so if that s an issue for you, so long Justice is so bad Does every comic Alex Ross does the main art for suck so completely It encapsulates everything I hate about books in general, but especially superhero comics it s boring, overcomplicated, excessive, stupid, repetitive, overlong, and extremely pointless

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    So this is the sort of thing that like, A will be totally irrelevant to most people, B will be a head nodder for some, and C will be a head shaker for the rest, but like, I m never really gotten the Justice League.I get Batman, you know, because I love Batman, and so I figure that if people can love other superheroes the way I love Batman, then sure, it make

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    Vote 3,5Storyline 2Story synopsis Super Villains unite, beat the League and take their place in the heart of people doing good stuff without nobody thinking they are bad guys and up to something, reserve heroes save the day and JLA triumphs again deleting info about their secret identities from villain minds Plot was like a bit too long episode of Super Friends Tv Sho

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    MINI REVIEW I started by reading this in parts and then saw it was all in one volume so I started over to get the full experience The JLA opponents believe the world is doomed unless they take over which includes eliminating the JLA members They proceed to do so but don t take into account the reserve JLA members who participate in making sure it doesn t fully happen come on yo

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    So that was a hefty read Might need to sit down and contemplate life now.The first time I read Alex Ross Kingdom Come I was somewhat disappointed I didn t hate it, but I also didn t understand why it was so revered as a classic It wasn t until I read it or a second time that I fell head over heels for it For some reason all the subtle moments in the story were lost on me the first time r

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    Justice makes me think of rock bands that are comprised of very good musicians and whose singers are bad enough to compromise the quality of their work The aesthetics of Justice are absolutely gorgeous, a real treat for the eyes Alex Ross and Dougie Braithwaite captured the essence of the characters in the most impressive manner On the other hand, the story was not nearly as good as I was hoping i

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    Justice is a volume I bought primarily because of Alex Ross The story is nothing I haven t heard of so there is nothing really astonishing about it But having drawn by Alex Ross, well that makes a very, very big difference So basically the super villains teamed up to become pseudo altruistic while carefully pushing the superheroes out of the future Turns out, they really had some twisted sense of goodness b

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    Alex Ross does some amazing artwork, and this book is no different Unfortunately, the story doesn t stand up as well as Marvels or Kingdom Come, or and of his Retro City work The story is weird, in that it manages to not seem as epic when reading it as the story intends to be It s huge, spanning most old and new Justice League characters, and numerous villains But it doesn t pull together like it should, and the last

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    Normally, I almost can t flip through pages fast enough when I read comics I m way too eager to see what happens next But the stunning art here forced me to slow down and savor every panel.The plot was intricate and thought provoking, but ultimately bummed me out There s something depressing about seeing superheroes fighting for their OWN survival rather than fighting to save others Waging a PR campaign to rehab their image fe

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    The first time I read this I didn t truly appreciate how brilliant this is This was so much better the second time. the story is fantastic and the art is amazing This deserves to be recognized and it is as one of the best DC graphic novels of all time.

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