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Der andere Prozess - Kafkas Briefe an Felice Felice Bauer Was Kafka S First Great Love And The Inspiration For His First Great Fiction Six Weeks After They Met, He Wrote The Judgment For Her In One Night Of Feverish Activity Kafka Always Inferred To The Traumatic, Public Breaking Off Of Their Engagement As His Tribunal, And Indeed He Began Work On The Trial Within A Month Of That EventKafka S Letters To Felice Offer Rare Insights Into The Writer S Life And Art Elias Canetti S Brilliant And Sensitive Examination Of This Moving Correspondence To Shows Is The Origins Of Kafka S Voice As A Writer And His Torment As A Man

About the Author: Elias Canetti

Awarded the 1981 Nobel Prize in Literature for writings marked by a broad outlook, a wealth of ideas and artistic power He studied in Vienna Before World War II he moved with his wife Veza to England and stayed there for long time Since late 1960s he lived in London and Zurich In late 1980s he started to live in Zurich permanently He died in 1994 in Zurich Author of Auto da F , Party in the

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    For my part, I can only say that these letters have penetrated me like an actual life, and that they are now so enigmatic and familiar to me that it seems they have been mental possessions of mine from the moment when I first began to accommodate human beings entirely in my mind, in order to arrive, time and again, at a fresh understanding of them These words of Canetti s

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    Kafka s Other Trial The Letters to Felice Notes

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    L altro processo di Canetti prende in esame le lettere tra Kafka e Felice Lettere pubblicate per la prima volta solo nel 1967 Ci sarebbero tante cose da dire, una cosa che potrebbe riferirsi alla retorica estesa a quasi tutti gli argomenti di relazione quando Kafka scrive a Felice che non sa raccontare, anzi quasi non sa parlare, quando si trova in compagnia si morde le labbra e si chiede ma io sono esistito in queste due ore Credo c

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