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Last Dance: Behind the Scenes at the Final Four Exploring What It Means To Be A School, A Coach, And A Player In College Basketball S Final Four, Feinstein Exposes The Driving Forces Behind One Of The Most Revered Events In American Sports Readers Will Also Find Dramatic Stories From The Officials And Referees To The Scouts And Ticket Scalpers

About the Author: John Feinstein

John Feinstein is one of the nation s most successful and prolific sports authors who has written 24 books to date His most recent work Are You Kidding Me , written with Rocco Mediate, was released on May 18, 2009, and is presently on the shelf at bookstores everywhere In addition, he is an award winning columnist and regular contributor in both radio and television John Feinstein is a 1977

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    This was neither John Feinstein s best work, nor the best writing on the world of college hoops However, though I m terribly behind on reviewing bigger and better books, with less than two weeks left before this year s Last Dance, I wanted to give this a whirl before the window of relevance closes This glimpse Behind the Scenes at the Final Four

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    As NBA announcer Mark Jackson would say, John Feinstein, you re better than this I ve read about 10 of Feinstein s books, starting with Season on the Brink re Bob Knight, and they re mostly terrific, especially when he chooses less well covered territory e.g Patriot League basketball or long term aftermath of Kermit Washington punch of Rudy T or Army Na

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    Seeing as how the tournament is fast approaching, and the Pac 10 gave me very little to pay attention to this year, I picked this book up again this weekend And will be putting it back down John Feinstein is terrific on NPR, but this book makes me feel like I m hanging out with Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation She s very excited about name dropping for all

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    This might be the nail in the Feinstein coffin for me For a guy who gets so much great information, he never knows when to end a passage, let alone how to transition them coherently And if he would take all the cliches out of this book and his others I have read it would have been half as long and frustrating As a college basketball fan, I could not have felt patron

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    In the book, Last Dance Behind the scenes at the Final Four, it talks about the journey of coaches and what it takes to win a championship in basketball at the college level The author talks about Coach Mike Krzyzewski s journey to success in college basketball For years now Coach Krzyzewski has been one of the most successful college basketball coaches of all time He is so

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    book on tape in one drive really fun to hear the NCAA especially since it really focused a lot on the ACC games and the run to the Last Dance on the courts

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    Disappointing Book seemingly written for people who are not fans of college basketball The same anecdotes are repeated multiple times, oddly.

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    Interesting information

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    Good behind the scenes and inside look at everything that encompasses March Madness and The Final Four spanning the course of several decades Coaches Players Fans Referees NCAA The committee Etc.Good stories.

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    Everything and everything regarding the Final Four can be found in this book Mr Feinstein covers every single aspect of the weekend He starts quite chronologically, matching the events that take place in earliest in the weekend, earliest in the book, or at least for the most part Some chapters feel awkward in the placement For instance, the chapter entitled Partying describes the events the NCAA uses to keep

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