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Let Me Tell You a Story: A Lifetime in the Game The book Let Me Tell You A Story by Red Auerbach was very exciting to read because I am a big NBA basketball fan and it showed me where the league was when it was still developing into the monopoly that it is now The book told stories from different people s perspective and was very creatively written, the only downside to this is that the people talking about their experience tends to shift often I really like the in depth story it gives you from the mind of coach Auerbach Players are people, not horses You don t handle them You work with them, you coach them, you teach them, and, maybe most important, you listen to them Auerbach Red Auerbach did not think like many of the coaches at the time he had a different mentality A lot of the trade talk confused me because it was the same name over and over and I didn t have any background on that player This book is a great example of one of the essential questions what does it mean to be an American because it s about how far these players and coaches got when they came from so little I d recommend this book to any aspiring sports coaches or even players because the thoughts in this book can and will translate to any sport imaginable. Already a Celtics fan, I was somewhat familiar with Red Auerbach, especially the his legendary cigars and his gift to Boston by recreating Celtics However I was NOT aware of how he made all of these deals, including the one with the Ice Capades read the book to find out , his thoughts on coaching, how HE coached, and even the title of president Once I started the book, it was all I could think about and wanted to talk about I think it s a must read for any sports fan, whether they like Boston Celtics or not Auerbach created NBA into what it is today He paved the way for current basketball players and fans.You are now one of my role models, Red Auerbach. If you don t like basketball or the Boston Celtics, first off you need to reevaluate your life, second, you won t care at all about this book But if you DO, like basketball and the Boston Celtics, then this is fantastic Not a true biography, just some great stories about the greatest basketball mind who ever lived. Basketball is a fun sport to learn about, and who better to learn from than the greatest to ever coach the game, Red Auerbach The book starts off with Red s days growing up as a high school basketball star, eventually landing him a scholarship at George Washington University Following his playing days in college, Red took up coaching and eventually worked himself into the professional platform First coaching the Tri Cities Blackhawks, Red earned the head coaching spot for the Boston Celtics, where he led arguably the greatest sports dynasty for over a decade While the league was condensed to fewer teams and complications compared to today s NBA, Red had many tasks to handle than any current NBA coach Without modern day technology, Red had to negotiate with players, contact teams for trades, scout high school and college players and manage the team s finances The book worked out mainly due to the in depth stories of all facets of the game, rather than just the on court experience This compilation of stories did not disappoint, and taught me a great amount about the history and progression of professional basketball. John Feinstein at his best Legendary Celtics Patriarch and NBA pioneer Red Auerbach held a weekly lunch at the China Doll restaurant in Washington DC The group included men from all walks of life It is an easy read, and a glimpse at what we may be thinking about when we reach the winter of our lives It is a well written piece by John Feinstein. You cannot tell the story of the Celtics without telling the story of Red Auerbach, their Hall of Fame coach John Feinstein, a renowned sports writer, was invited to weekly lunches with Red and his friends at the China Doll restaurant in D.C at 11 AM on Tuesday mornings From those moments sharing a meal together the book Let Me Tell You A Story was born.From humble beginnings in New York, Red Auerbach rose to fame and success far beyond his humble aspirations to teach P.E and coach in high school With all of his access to people and places it was most refreshing to read of a man who genuinely enjoyed the company of his friends later in life when he could have chosen to isolate himself after a lifetime in a spotlight he never sought out I didn t realize until reading the book that Auerbach spent most of his life in D.C and was only in Boston when coaching or serving as GM required it of him Also, you learn of the incredible strength of is wife Dorothy who stayed in D.C with their daughter Nancy due to her asthma condition Ultimately Red was a man who succeed in so many ways because his family sacrificed for him to pursue his calling.Throughout the book you realize the one thing, outside of his family, that allowed Red to achieve his dizzying heights of success was his ability to handle players from a psychological standpoint He was a sports psychologist and coach before NBA and other profession teams actually hired people to that position Auerbach s feel for the game and understanding of his guys and their individual needs, rather than a one size fits all approach to coaching, were light years ahead of his time and helped pave the way for all the NBA titles on the court That care and concern for his players on the court transferred off the court and created a brotherhood of former Celtics who always held their former coach in high regard.Red Auerbach, like all of us, had his flaws He was loyal to a fault that kept him from seeing the racism in friends like Adolph Rupp and calling them out on it He was a grudge holder who lived by the maxim of forgive but never forget However, as I ve read other sports biographies it is clear this grudge holding in some way serves as fuel for others of the all time greats Not saying its admirable but it appears to be a price they are willing to pay for their success Lastly, Auerbach struggled to let others serve him in return for his care, support, and service to them While it seems honorable on the surface it really keeps others in a position of indebtedness that preserves a certain power structure in the relationship.Overall, this book was a fascinating look into the life of one of the greatest coaches of all time from any sport or discipline If you are a basketball junkie or a Celtics fan it is a must read. Every Tuesday for four years, Feinstein, the author of two of the bestselling sports books of all time, A Good Walk Spoiled and A Season on the Brink, played story collector, gathering tales for this, his 16th offering During those four years, Feinstein lived for the Monday night phone call that delivered five words to him every week Tuesday Eleven o clock China Doll Those words invited him to the most exclusive lunch club in sports, led by legendary Boston Celtics coach Auerbach and frequented by coaches, secret service agents, close friends and Auerbach relatives, as well as by anyone in D.C lucky enough to receive an invitation Between bites of Mu Shu pork and chicken fried rice, Auerbach and his crew chewed on subjects from politics to women s basketball to today s coaches, and Feinstein jotted it all down.The Feinstein Auerbach collaboration brings together two of the most sought after storytellers in sports and gives readers their own invitation into the China Doll club In than 50 years with the green and gold, Auerbach collected countless friends, admirers and stories Now 86, he s forgotten nothing and has an opinion on everything I ever tell you how I got to know Joe Dimaggio begins chapter three I ever tell you how I got thrown out of the all star game in 1967 About the time I met Clinton and Gore These great storytellers make this book so effortless to read that you can almost hear Red reciting each line and smell him lighting up that famous cigar Tuesday Eleven o clock Don t be late And never, under any circumstances, offer to pick up the check 8 pages of bw photos.Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc All rights reserved This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.Every Tuesday morning at 11, basketball legend Red Auerbach holds court with a dozen or so cronies at the China Doll restaurant on H Street in Washington For the past four years, bestselling author John Feinstein has joined them.Auerbach orders chow mein Feinstein orders schmaltz and spreads it thick in his 16th book, Let Me Tell You A Story equal parts anecdote, Auerbach biography and misty memoir of the midday meals Feinstein is so sodden with sentiment that he awarded Auerbach a co author credit, which is kind of like Boswell playing share a byline with Johnson.This book will work best for those who think that last reference was to Thomas Boswell and Magic Johnson.The published record is already larded with testimony to Auerbach s greatness Two autobiographies, a handful of bios and a business how to called Management by Auerbach MBA, get it attest to his unsurpassed success nine National Basketball Association titles as coach of the Boston Celtics and another seven as the team s front office brainiac What Let Me Tell You a Story adds to the pile is Feinstein A former Washington Post reporter who still contributes to the paper, he could probably turn a grocery list into gripping theater It doesn t matter how many times these stories have been told and some are shopworn Feinstein s version is consistently the one suitable for etching in stone.In previous books, Feinstein has done groundbreaking journalism He shone a cold spotlight on Bob Knight and the Indiana Hoosiers in A Season on the Brink, wormed his way into pro golfers psyches in A Good Walk Spoiled and plumbed the heartbreak reverberating from a 1977 NBA fistfight in The Punch.But Let Me Tell You a Story isn t journalism so much as hagiography Any criticism of Auerbach makes Feinstein go nuclear he s cast himself as Smithers to Auerbach s Mr Burns.Among Auerbach s virtues He s gracious in victory, has an amazing memory, has an equally amazing feel for people, shows a gruff exterior but is really compassionate and loyal, hates to see potential squandered, absolutely adores kids, almost never says no to another coach and eats his Chinese food steamed so it doesn t sit heavily in his stomach.Feinstein s idol worship certainly has its justifications Among the book s twice told tales are Red s bamboozling of the rest of the NBA to draft his biggest star, Bill Russell, in a deal that included, of all things, the promise of an Ice Capades swing through Rochester, N.Y There s Red outraging New England by declaring the rookie Bob Cousy no better than a local yokel, then molding him into a Hall of Famer And there s Red tormenting the perennially second best Los Angeles Lakers during Boston s remarkable run from 1957 to 1966.During his coaching career, Auerbach amassed such a vast admiration society that, years later, an invitation to spend Tuesdays with Red made otherwise sophisticated men stammer in grateful incredulity.Since Feinstein joined the crew, Auerbach lost his wife and brother, and Feinstein touchingly describes the love that friends show for the old coach There s fresh dish, too such as Auerbach s prediction that Michael Jordan would make a lousy executive for the Washington Wizards Red s instincts were proven correct pretty quickly, writes Feinstein And there s a discussion of Auerbach s quiet deference in 1997 as newly recruited Celtics coach and general manager Rick Pitino insisted on usurping Auerbach s title as president, then ran Red s beloved franchise into the hardwood Ever loyal to the team whose reputation he built, Auerbach spoke up only after Pitino left town, and then only blandly He just fell into the same trap that so many guys fall into nowadays he wanted everything Luckily, the Redhead has Feinstein watching his back Not trusting Red Auerbach on the subject of basketball, he writes, is a little bit like not trusting Mozart or Beethoven on the subject of great music When a master speaks, the wise listen Auerbach cheerfully feeds the myth He turned 87 in September and still functions as the Celtics Yoda He was there at the league s postwar beginnings, and he stomped his competition without the help of assistant coaches or scouts Last spring, the Lakers Phil Jackson came within three games of beating Auerbach s record of coaching nine NBA champions But nobody would dare chisel Jackson s mug next to Auerbach s on a roundball Rush The NBA record book is not the sole source of the Auerbach mystique There s also the singular symbol of arrogance and domination that he wielded without shame the cigar.Auerbach was famous for lighting up on the sideline once a Celtics victory was secure After Red quit coaching in 1966, Feinstein writes, stogies were banned in Boston Considered from a Freudian perspective, it s no wonder that today s players are able to run coaches out of town.Red took his cigar with him to the Tuesday lunches Raised in Brooklyn, famous as a Bostonian, Auerbach nevertheless has kept a residence in Washington dating from his schooldays at George Washington University in the 1930s Red s lunch companions include members of Washington s sports intelligentsia, such as retired DeMatha High School coach Morgan Wootten, plus some country club buddies, a couple of Secret Service agents, an old pal from Brooklyn and Auerbach s sons in law This no girls allowed club pays Auerbach every obeisance short of bowing at his feet and wailing, We re not worthy All arguments are settled by Red He s the one who picks up the tab He s the one with the cigar. My dad was a big Boston Celtic fan, so I grew watching them and hearing about Red Auerbach I picked this book up because it reminded me of his love of the Celts and because I like most of John Feinstein s topics I can tell you that I m not a big NBA fan but this book is worth your time Mr Auerbach s stories about the game, his life and the people in it are fascinating You come to care about the lunch club that meets every Tuesday to hear his views and his rememberances about the game and politics John Feinstein really outdid himself with this book It s not his typical make everything to be dramatic book It doesn t have to Mr Auerbach s stories come to life on their own He talks about everything and everyone from the beginning of the NBA league to Rick Pitino to Bill Russell to Danny Ainge to Bob Knight to Michael Jordan and Larry Bird I would recommend this book to any basketball fan that wants to hear about how the game came to be. America S Favorite Sportswriter Teams Up With Red Auerbach, The Most Successful And Admired Coach In Basketball History, To Tell The Best Stories Of A Legendary LifeLiving Legend Arnold Red Auerbach Led The Boston Celtics To Nine NBA Championships, Eight Of Them Consecutive, During His Year Tenure In Boston, From To The Fiery Coach Is A Unique Personality Brash, Opinionated, And Unfailingly Accurate As A Coach, He Never Stood Still Along The Sidelines, And In Retirement He Remains A Lively Part Of The Game, Still Consulted By Coaches, Players, And General Managers At Age For Years, John Feinstein Has Met Regularly With Red Auerbach And His Friends, Drawing Out Red S Life Story In A Raucous Series Of Unforgettable Sessions From Those Smoke And Laughter Filled Rooms Come The Colorful Reports About All The Players And Coaches Red Has Worked With And Played Against Over The Years Bob Cousy, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, Sam Jones, Bill Russell, And Michael Jordan, You Name Them, The Basketball Greats Are All HereRed Auerbach S Incredible Experiences In Sports And John Feinstein S Unparalleled Skill As A Sports Storyteller Make This One Of The Greatest Books To Come Out Of The Game Of Basketball

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