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Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #3) 4 1 2 stars Everyone has already read this book, so I m just going to rant a bitZsadist had me intrigued since I read Dark Lover, because he was pretty much an outcast within the Brotherhood and I knew there had to be something good inside him I also knew that his story would be scary for lack of a better word and, boy, I was not mistaken I thought Sin MacAllister from Kinley MacGregor s Born in Sin was the most tortured hero in Romancelandia but, compared to Z s, Sin s life was a merry walk in the park Z s mind was so twisted that, for a moment, I doubted the possibility of a believable HEA for him I shouldn t have, though Can I just say I loved the epilogue Bella was everything Z needed She had been attracted to him since they first met in Lover Eternal and, for reasons he couldn t understand, he also felt a strong connection to her When presented with the chance to be with Z, Bella was honest and direct about it and I congratulated her for it But then, view spoiler Z told her to go away in the end and, instead of fighting for them, she just complied hide spoiler 5 THOUSAND BELOVED NALLA STARSI ve read this book countless times, but this is my first review Zsadist is my 5th favorite book man evereven though his face was harsh, his voice was so soft and beautiful, like the candle flame. A dark musk with an evergreen spice. My Zsadist Zsadist is a tortured soul, the darkest of the Brothers, the meanest After spending a hundred years as a blood and sex slave, he has nothing left to give anyone, and he can barely stay alive for himself He has survived pain, mental anguish, cringing depths of humiliation and degradation, hopelessness, helplessness. Z is my favorite kind of man He is scary shit, and I dig it He is beyond saving, and he doesn t want to be saved He is HILARIOUS Humor is my 1 favorite attribute in any man, especially sarcastic humor I laugh at almost everything Z says The other stuff he says just shreds my heart Z had no love to give anyone But the hatred he had he would channel for Bella until the last breath left his lungs. Bella is a HEROine She saves Zsadist from himself She saves Zsadist from death She is devoted to him whole heartedly and fights through all of his darkness She is his constant My Bella Bella is drawn to Z, and she decides that she wants him, and when Bella makes a decision, it s final I love her devotion to Z She is so confident and has such courage that she is the perfect match for him He was the killer who made her safe. Their love isGah It s push and pull There isn t another love like theirs He pushes her away so many times, but he cannot resist her love because she gives so much of herself to himI love you Z squeezed his eyes shut Don t be a tragedy, Bella Don t make me go, she whispered. He was going to take her with all the strength he had, and she was going to be sore when he was through using her Sore and utterly blissed out She couldn t wait. I LOVE the ending to this book It has me up on my feet pumping my fist in the air I love Z to death, but Bella makes this book so much better, and she contributes her own badass ness to this ending In conclusionI love Zsadist In The Shadows Of The Night In Caldwell, New York, There S A Deadly War Raging Between Vampires And Their Slayers And There Exists A Secret Band Of Brothers Like No Other Six Vampire Warriors, Defenders Of Their Race Of These, Zsadist Is The Most Terrifying Member Of The Black Dagger BrotherhoodA Former Blood Slave, The Vampire Zsadist Still Bears The Scars From A Past Filled With Suffering And Humiliation Renowned For His Unquenchable Fury And Sinister Deeds, He Is A Savage Feared By Humans And Vampires Alike Anger Is His Only Companion, And Terror Is His Only Passion Until He Rescues A Beautiful Aristocrat From The Evil Lessening SocietyBella Is Instantly Entranced By The Seething Power Zsadist Possesses But Even As Their Desire For One Another Begins To Overtake Them Both, Zsadist S Thirst For Vengeance Against Bella S Tormentors Drives Him To The Brink Of Madness Now, Bella Must Help Her Lover Overcome The Wounds Of His Tortured Past, And Find A Future With Her This is where most people would say something like warning Unpopular opinion time This is where I say something like this is my opinion I don t give a damn what you think Oh, and by the way, I don t like you either Just so you know Sooooo This was ridiculous, stupid and boring Wait, I think I m forgetting something here Oh yeah, it was pretty lame, too I think it s high time to get my favourite antediluvian beast out of extinction Good doggy.Believe it or not, the main problem with this thing book is NOT that it is PNR Well, as 99.99% of PNR novels, it is indeed silly and OTT and slightly ridiculous But that s to be expected in this silly and OTT and slightly ridiculous genre A note to all you adorable PNR trolls out there this is not a bad thing in itself Unlike this literary masterpiece here, some books can actually be silly, OTT, ridiculous and NOT STUPID They can even be entertaining sometimes I kid you not So the answer to the question you didn t ask is yes, I am aware that this thing book never pretended to be deep and complex and la quantum physics Doesn t mean it had to be this crappy, though.Now, the main problem with this delightful story Its Bogus Alpha Asshole MC BAAM , aka Z aka Zsadist if, like me, you think his name is somewhat stupid and vaguely laughable, please feel free to eyeroll here So the guy is supposed to be this super antisocial, twisted, sick bastard who rejoices in being a total prick 24 7 and supposedly loves nothing better than inflicting pain J.R Ward, you are so damn funny Because Z the Counterfeit Sadist ZtCS is nothing but a big, pathetic, woe is me cry baby with the mushy heart of a 13 year old schoolgirl I swear, the guy is an insult to all the Gloriously Fucked up, Slightly Unhinged, Mentally Unstable Jerks GFUSUMUJ currently living in peace and harmony in my High Security Harem Shame on you for creating one of the most ridiculous characters in the history of ridiculous characters, J.R Ward Luckily enough for you, Fleet Admiral DaShrimp and the Murderous Crustacean Troops MCT are away on holiday at the moment they are visiting their decapodic cousins in the South Seas , so I can t unleash them on you BUT I do have a few fluffy bunnies mercenaries on my payroll Not impressed, are you Well don t let their disgusting cuteness kill you These little guys are devious, ruthless fuckers fiends with deliciously homicidal tendencies So if I were you I d start running now FAST.And that is all Well, it s not really all, but I ve wasted enough time with this thing as it is Besides, the story is your basic, standard PNR crap, so there isn t much to say about it Well I could tell you that it is silly and OTT and ridiculous and slightly stupid, but I think I might have already said that, so it s better if I don t repeat myself, right Right And the moral of this Fantastically Fascinating Non Review FFNR is this is it I ve had it I am done done done trying to commit PNR induced suicide Yes, that s right, the divorce is final and the masochist in me has finally decided to give up on this pathetic charming genre Except if Ilona Andrews, Pippa DaCosta, Glen Cook or Craig Schaefer decide to tackle it, that is Unfortunately, that seems a bit unlikely But you never know, a crustacean can hope Oh, and by the way, I reserve the right to read books by Veronica Del Rosa, too Because the girl wouldn t know how to write harebrained PNR even if she tried The end You re welcome And stuff To the three lovely ladies nutcases who collectively recommended I read this thing it was nice knowing you I m sorry you have to die such a slow, horrible, painful death. Opening LineGoddamn it, Zsadist Don t jumpZSADIST YOU BROKE MY HEART This is an amazing book and my favourite in the series LOVER AWAKENED tells the agonizingly painful story of Zsadist, a former blood slave and most feared member of the Blackdagger Brotherhood After Zsadist rescues the beautiful, aristocrat Bella from the Lessoning Society s torture facility she refuses to leave his side or bed Craving the strength and security she now finds only with him And it s with her growing love and patience that this reluctant hero ultimately awakens It s a bumpy ride for our pair and this relationship will leave you in tears, both of joy and sadness as we witness Z s transformation from the cold one into a male of worth A multilayered novel L.A of course has several stories and POV s running simultaneously and the action never stops Full of suspense, erotic and ultimately heartbreaking Introduced briefly in the past two books, we now get to find out what made Zsadist the way he is A confirmed sociopath who avoids all relationships, Z is scarred, pierced, tattooed, violent and illiterate He s the most feared Brother and distrusted by all because of his intimidating and just downright mean nature He enjoys pain yet can t bare any kind of physical contact due to the years of physical and sexual abuse he suffered during his time as a blood slave Zsadist makes for an unlikely romantic hero but JR brilliantly gains your sympathy and you will grow to love this misunderstood and abused character Phury as Zsadist s twin plays a major role here, and through a series of flashbacks we learn the details of Z s enslavement and Phury s daring rescue of him It s a striking scene resulting in the loss of his leg and Z s brutal scarring Phury has spent his life consumed with fixing his twin and is riddled with guilt, sacrificing time and again and it s starting to take a toll Now exhausted, he s playing a deadly game with the red smoke and despite his vow of celibacy can t help being attracted to Bella We also get to know Rehvenge the Sympath club owner of Zerosum and John Mathew s story starts to unfold as he begins his training and accepts the love of a family Of course all the Brothers get some attention so we get shots of Wrath, Rhage, Vishous, Butch and their respective Shellans Some of my favourite scenes involve the Brothers just going about their daily business, little interludes in the kitchen, or hanging out playing pool and teasing each other Unfortunately the Lessers continue their torment making things personal now as their leader Mr O attempts to reclaim Bella and a shocking loss occurs within the Brotherhood family that will be felt throughout the rest of this series Z and Bella s love story takes center stage throughout though and is utterly fascinating From the moment of rescue Zsadist won t let anyone else near Bella And despite being frightened of him she wants him To Bella he is perfect and she slowly begins to seduce him Z is subsequently terrified, feeling dirty and hating his body s response to her When the two finally kiss howeversigh Ultimately Z s feelings of unworthiness force him to push her away Into the arms of a male of worth, those of his twin brother When Bella goes into her needing though which twin will ease her suffering The celibate one or the one who can t bear to be touched The climax of this book is simply unput downable With a suicide mission forcing one twin to sacrifice everything for the life of the other and a HEA that brings tears to your eyes as we get a rare glimpse of the future Each book in this series just gets better and better but JR has outdone herself here I would give this s if I could and can t recommend it enough Oh My God I m not even sure I can convey the complete absurdity of this book Any description I try to make is typically interrupted by my own peals of laughter at the general ridiculousness and or groans of immense pain The hero, Zsadist yes, he is actually named that is a self proclaimed misogynist Yayz Profoundly psychologically damaged after several years of torture, abuse and slavery at the hands of an evil female vampire, he spends most of his time moping about, feeling angry, and hating his gignormous penis for causing all this trouble He likes to beat himself to get off, but then he hates himself for getting off Then he falls in love with Bella and moans a lot about his evil sperm, how dirty he is, and blah blah blah Meanwhile, our heroine stands placidly by of course , feels compelled to love him despite his faults of course , and gradually tames the beast within after several rounds of rather rough sex of course We also get some lovely flashbacks to Zsadist being tortured and abused of course Seriously, this reads like the worst of fan fiction AUs brought together The other male leads have names like Vishous, Phury and Rhage and this is not supposed to be take as comedy and or irony Also, the soliloquies where Zsadist is hating on his penis are pretty amazing Also, the universe ZOMG, it is so freaking complicated Vampires Vampire slayers Vampire protectors Vampire drug addicts Seriously, there are guide books sold to help readers understand this universe Clearly, this is the romance industry s version of Anne Rice and Laurel K Hamilton Clearly it has been very successful as a crossover money maker But really, really W.O.W. Jesus, I hated Zsadist before this book I thought of him as a ruthless killer, and he is But there is another side of him that is revealed in this book With Bella, Zsadist s tortured soul is exposed You see a much darker side of him that is painful and I feel ashamed to say that I am captivated by him Knowing him, that is the last thing he would want Zsadist has no patience for those who show sympathy or pity him And I respect him for that.This is one of the darker books of the series It s content is brooding and involves a lot of self loathing A lot of Phury s story is told here as well Damn, the thing he goes through for his brother I can t even imagine his pain Now I can see why in Lover Enshrined he is such a mess But God bless him for his efforts He is a good male Both of them are.And Wellsie Poor woman The hurt that Tohr and John must feel I still cannot believe it Also, John seems to be growing up already in this book In the last few pages I found myself saying, Good for him as he picked up those weapons and practiced with them.Ward does an amazing job fitting happiness and sorrow and pain all together to create a delicious mix that is consumed by all This series is to die for. I was dead until you found me, though I breathed I was sightless, though I could see And then you cameand I was awakened This is the best of the series Zsadist is a real tortured hero What he has been through shatters my heart And Bella, she is a savior of this broken man She has fire in her heart, especially when he tries to push her away, she resists That s why I love her That s why I love this book so damn much He knew he was being overbearing as hell, but he couldn t help it He was a bonded male With his pregnant female There were few things on the planet aggressive or dangerous And those bastards were called hurricanes and tornadoes I cried many times while I was reading Z has a soft heart if I stare hard enough He think he was broken by his former master, so he doesn t deserve anything She is beautiful than I have words for And last night, I was blessed beyond measure to serve her J.R Ward mastered this book immaculately from the start to the end She slowly built my anticipation for this book in the previous ones My hope was too high before reading this, and she didn t make me down even a little Lover Awakened is beyond perfection It s a masterpiece It s a jem It s everyting I could have asked for.https goo.gl hPuahO I was dead until you found me, though I breathed I was sightless, though I could see And then you came and I was awakenedBeautiful.Don t know what to say about this book Amazing and beautiful and those 5 stars don t do it justice.Z is definitely my favorite BDB Brother 3He couldn t stand to have anyone put their hands to him though he wished he d let Bella find a piece of his flesh just once With her, he might have been able to handle itThe story this will be spoilerish to everyone who hasn t read the first two books Six weeks has passed since Bella s kidnapping, and Zsadist has become and violent He has only one goal kill as many lessers as he can, and find out what happened to Bella The Brotherhood is worried about him, and they have no clue why he s taken a personal interest to Bella, but then, it s not like anyone understands him at all.When a call comes with information that Bella is still alive, Z almost goes crazy because he has to wait for nightfall to go to her.The rescue Won t talk about that, you have to experience it by yourself The real story begins there, Z wants Bella badly, but he knows she shouldn t be with him, even though she refuses to leave his side.Will he be able to set himself free of his past, with Bella s help Read and see 3He was terrifying, a horror of her species Ruined, not broken, in the words of his twin But that was what would have made him such a good savior He alone was a match for the lesser who d taken her Zsadist s kind of brutality was probably the only thing that could have gotten her out, though she knew better than to think that he d ever try to find herThe story Heartbreaking Just totally is Even though we see the HEA, Z s past and all he went through But it was so wonderful to watch him heal, get past it, all with Bella s help Amazing 3The rescue scene was one of the most emotional ones for me, and my favorites were when Z was taking care of her 3 view spoiler When his eyes changed One of the best scenes ever 3 hide spoiler My dear friend Karla and I went on this emotional roller coaster of a ride together It was so much fun and I enjoyed every minute Her unique way with words and her humor kept me in stitches Thank you sweet Karla for reading this with me and to all our friends for their encouragement along the way WhewWhat a story There is no way I can do a review and do justice to this book Zsadist s story was everything and that I was told I have fallen hard for another one of JRW s brothers Below are just a few of my thoughts feelings.Zsadist is without a doubt one of the most tortured heroes I ve read He broke me My heart shattered His deep feelings of unworth tore me to shreds His self loathing is palpable and the intense anguish he endures each day left me in pain His intense self hatred at times was difficult to read As the author reveals his past in small portions, my heart ached And when all was told, a nursery rhyme came to mind, Humpty Dumptyall shattered to pieces never to be put together again No, I promise I didn t relate this warrior with the fat egg, only the results of their fall I soon learned the horrifying scar he wears on his face is nothing compared to his inner anguish Ruined, not broken Heartbreaking words issued as a warning to the heroine, Bella, to stay clear of this brother And what a heroine Bella is so easy to love and I admired her inner strength and her determination.Portions of their story are absolutely sizzling hot and heart wrenching It had me crying, laughing, cursing, holding my breath in fear, gasping in awe, and at times, fighting mad But Oh my, what a love story Intense, hot, emotional, tender unfortunately, their love is fraught by Z s demons In addition to Zsadist and Bella s story, this book is slam full to the brim There is a heart breaking scene that had me in tears, and I mean crying heartbroken tears I was even mad at the author I also learned how much one can hate a lesser I wanted to pouf him out of their world myself And OMGosh, the love I have for Phury, who is Zsadist s twin brother The sacrifices he made is a beautiful thing and there is one particular scene that I nearly cried buckets And what s up with V and Butch and view spoiler that drink hide spoiler

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