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Lover Revealed Don t think I was the only reason he healed You re his light, Marissa Don t ever forget that Honestly, I hadn t set my hope that high before I read like the first two books But Lover Revealed had proved me wrong Marissa isn t a character I am very fond of she s quite annoying, weak and not important to be the MC of this book But J.R Ward proved herself again that her works always have development She molded her characters in each book thoroughly until they re ready to get their own books, so that s why this book is far beyond my expection so much V, you know I love you like a brother, right Yeah You feed her and I ll tear out your fucking throat out Butch is the hero that I set eyes on since Dark Lover He has some potentials promising something good has yet to come So I m here waiting and trying to be patient until I got my hands on this book The story is exciting and intense I just couldn t fathom how J.R Ward did this kind of thing so perfectly She put Butch and Marissa together because she knew that there s a lot of chemistry there waiting to explode That s you, Wrath said You shall be called the Black Dagger warrior Dhestroyer, descended of Wrath son of Wrath But you ll always be Butch to us, Rhage cut in As well as hard ass Smart ass Royal pain in the ass You know, whatever the situation calls for I think as long as there s an ASS in there, it ll be accurate How about bASStard Z suggested Nice I feel that I gave this book 5 stars without hesitation It kept surprising me no end I loved many scenes from this book What Butch has done for his brothers cracked my heart and made me love him even The reaction between Wrath and Beth was also divine I really liked this couple a lot Please give me.https goo.gl T4qQ0S Considering how late to the BDB party I am, I m not going to write a review on this book This is just a collection of my random thoughts so I can keep the story straight in my mind, and therefore it s bound to be full of spoilers If you haven t read this book yet and don t like being spoiled, stop reading this review now I m not kidding Okay, here I goWhen I finished Lover Awakened, the previous book in the series, I didn t feel much compelled to keep going with the BDB books I mean, I really liked the 1st 3 books, but I didn t think that Butch and Marissa belonged together and wasn t that interested in reading about them Eventually, my curiosity couldn t stand it any longer and I had to find out how Butch, Marissa and, well, Vishous would untangle the web of their messed up lives.Now that I read Lover Revealed, am I happy with Butch and Marissa s bonding Yes, absolutely Ms Ward changed my mind about them and I ended up being very glad to see them together I so wanted them together that I started disliking V for his crush on Butch I already had to suffer Phury pining for Bella in Lover Awakened, and I wasn t in the mood for a repeat performance featuring V and Butch At one point, I started to think that V was just pathetic, and that isn t a good thing considering his book is the next one in the series.Anyway, back to Butch and Marissa I loved Butch and the way he was completely devoted to Marissa I never doubted his love for her When I thought they didn t belong together, it was only because I didn t think she was worthy of him In this book, Ms Ward did a good job redeeming Marissa Even though Marissa grated on my nerves a couple of times, especially when she resorted to her cowardice due to her inability to deal with Butch s joining the Brotherhood s fight against the lessers, she came a long way from the wimpy spineless doormat she d been in the 1st books So I ended up liking her, but she was far from becoming a favorite heroine of mine.As for having Butch turned into a vampire and being inducted into the Brotherhood, I loved it Halfway through the story, I began to worry about his future as I thought Ms Ward was going to turn him into a good lesser but, thankfully, that didn t happen It was nice to see Butch with a new purpose in life because, frankly, he deserved being than a BDB pet whose sole job was to drive the Brothers around I have to say that I m a bit wary of Butch s future, though All that inhaling business left the door opened for bad things to happen, and I don t trust Ms Ward not to pull something nasty unexpectedly After all, this is the same author who didn t hesitate to kill Wellsie in Lover AwakenedA BDB book isn t only about the main H h, so Lover Revealed wasn t only about Butch and Marissa As usual, there were other storylines running along the main love story and, even though I don t particularly like it, I m getting used to it I still can t stand the scenes with the lessers, mainly because they all seem pretty much the same the lesser du jour pick any letter from the alphabet hatches an evil plan to kill the Brothers, recruits a new apprentice , the evil plan fails, the Omega gets p ssed, and the lesser du jour is killed Lather, rinse, repeat, and you re ready for the next book.As for the other storylines, V had some major scenes in this book as expected and I can t say I was happy with them Besides his pining for Butch, which I already said it was annoying, his kinky side was a bit disturbing because I m not into BDSM I d better brace myself for a bumpy ride nextdrags her feet to get Lover Unbound On the bright side, I enjoyed getting updates on John and I m looking forward to his transition, even though I feel it isn t going to be an easy one If only Tohr was around to help the boy get his act together Thankfully, Wrath and Z stepped up to the plate and knocked some sense into him.All things considered, I enjoyed this read better than I had expected I haven t become a die hard fan of this series yet, but I ll keep reading it Well, I m going to read Lover Unbound and see how it goes. It s crazy, I know thatbut I can t help myself I keep rereading this series over and over again and never get tired or bored with the books It s become my book addictiontruly Just as beforeI love this couple Butch Marisa are just so well suited right,what an old fashioned word that is..but just so true I love thisOne of my fav couples in this series.And yesI will read this book againand again 2nd ReviewRereading due to my BDB SERIES CRAZE..each waking hour of my day is filled with the world of the BDB..and finishing this book I was even crazy for these twoButch and Marissa.and V s little obsession for B and his kinky sex life didn t irritate me as much.still love the guy though.he s such a BADASS..I have rated this book 5 stars because I found myself enthralled by this story than beforeso onto the next book..1st ReviewAfter meeting Butch O Neil, a tired, hard drinking, burnt out cop and Marissa, an aristocratic vampire in the first book of this series, Dark Lover, I was looking forward to reading their story.I love Butch.his love for designer clothes, his relationship with the Brotherhood he has given up his old life and since discovering their secret when he helped Wrath and his wife Beth, is living with the warriors I like the interaction between human and vampire He becomes very close to Vishous..whilst I liked the bond the two had I really didn t want them to become lovers I became a bit irritated by the romantic feelings Vishous displayed towards Butch.I wanted Butch to finally get the girl he craved for Marissa Thankfully he does although I do like Vishous.don t get me wrong.Butch and Marissa have to overcome so many obstacles before the finally get together..the interference by her brother, his capture and torture by the Lessers, his turning into a vampire not knowing if he would survive it Marissa is a kind, innocent woman who finally meets the man who changes her life Their story is tender and warm.at times I did want to feel passion and intensity between the two.I mean.the scenes between Butch and Vishous geez hot and sexy..but as I said before..I am glad the author changed her mind.and we did not have a Butch Vishous couple I am sure we will get a story about two warriors in love in the future And wow.the characters Omega, The Scribe Virgin I liked reading about John, Revhenge what a fab guy.bad and gorgeous Xhex what an amazing character was reminded of Xenia, the woman warrior can t wait to read their stories United by their clasped hands, they became again the two halves, the light and the dark The Destroyer and the Savior A wholeI admit, the first time I read this book I gave it 4 stars But after my re read, I loved it so much that I had to change my rating to 5 Just an awesome book The storyButch is getting sick and tired of being on the outside when it came to the Brotherhood, and he jumps in the opportunity to save a civilian from the lessers.That only gets him taken by the bad guys, tortured and eventually infected with evil by the Omega himself.The Brothers get him to Havers hospital, even though there seems to be little chance of him surviving.Marissa finds out that Butch is sick and rushes in to see him, which gets her quarantined with him.Her presence helps Butch recover, and they finally realise they both have feelings for each other.But the evil is still inside him, and first he has to find a way to deal with it, and his lifeAt the air lock, he looked back over his shoulder Don t think I was the only reason he healed You re his light, Marissa Don t ever forget that The Brother s eyes narrowed But here s something to keep in mind You ever hurt him on purpose and I will consider you my enemyThe story It was very interesting, lots of cryptic things through the book that kept me guessing, and the ending was just amazing Butch and the evil thing inside him was the main part of the story and it was very dark but I still loved it now than in my first read though.The characters There is a lot of John Matthew in this book, him dealing with view spoiler Thor and Wellsie and everything hide spoiler 5 STARS, TRUEWhat if I told you I had a fantasy Opening line of this book, and opening line of my review Yes you guessed it, my book fantasy stopped right here with the black dagger boys, and I am still on the biggest book roll ever with this series The five star fun run hasn t stopped yet, and my prediction is that it may not ever.So now that I m an established BDB fan, what did this book have to offer you may well ask Well it certainly pushed my 5 star rating buttons and I have once again fallen for these addictive brothers and here s why Unrequited love, Miscommunication between Star crossed lovers A Bromance that I m sure could not be rivealed between Butch and Vischous The story also speaks a message of fresh beginnings and the hope of having a new start As with the previous books in the series the novel highlights the strength of family within the Brotherhood, and yes once again I was sold by the whole package.Beautiful, wealthy and pure Marissa is both trapped and defined by her status as an aristocrat of the vampire kingdom Feeling rejected and alone lover revealed demonstrates a passionate liaison between two species that should never come to pass yet they share pain, broken lives and a twisted past that leads them to love.We are also treated by getting to know Butch the resident human involved with the BDB His life story was heart breaking and I felt fully invested in seeing this brother reach for his happily ever after.This story is not only about Butch and Marissa, as always the authors intertwines the rest of the brotherhood into the mix, and we get to learn about vishous, rehvenge and John Matthew The story lines are perfect and engaging All in all an interesting plot coupled with out and out romanceTo him, she was the unforgettable woman, the one he d never had and never would but who nonetheless reached into the core of him Darkness will never take me Because I have you Light of my life, Marissa That s what you are V Butch said Don t leave, okay Never V brushed Butch s hair back with a gesture so tender it was out of place coming from a male I simply can t put into words how much I m enjoying this series, thanks Anna for joining me on the BDB BESTIE BUDDY read, love you TRUE I m giving this book 5 stars, you feel me I m than a little embarassed to say that it took four whole 500 page books of this series to get me to see them for what they really are It was mr sweet, troubled loner Zsadist that screwed with my head and had me hoping this series would blow my mind in a similar way to the Fever series I know how surprised you must be seeing as I rarely mention Mac Lane, Barrons or Karen Marie Moning.I ll just explain what I mean by the Zsadist thingy So I read Dark Lover and really liked it, the novel had all the necessary components of good urban fantasy and paranormal romance strong heroine, hot supernatural guy even if he was called Wrath and liked to wear biker leathers and just generally dark paranormal mystery goodness So, naturally, I then read Lover Eternal and got a whole lot of the same in exactly the same way with a guy Rhage who s character was nothing but a pretty, blond version of Wrath But, hey, Ward is a good writer and the series is so popular that I was blinded into thinking that either a Lover Eternal is an excusable one off, or b The problem was my own for not getting the awesomeness And, of course, Ward held my attention with some slight hints at Zsadist s past Now, this is what I mean about Zsadist screwing with my mind he is the one character of the Brotherhood who is completely different, unique and interesting I gave Lover Awakened 5 stars because of him and I rarely give 5 stars I stand by it too, because I still think he is J.R.Ward s greatest achievement of this series.So my point Zsadist threw me off guard and gave me false hope, twice as much false hope as the unbelievably high ratings gave me Books 1 2 written well but practically the same plot, hot male, mystery story, etc, etc Book 3 blew my mind Then sigh book 4 written well but practically the same plot, hot male, mystery story, etc, etc as the first two Damn you, Ward, for making me read so far and keeping my hopes up Damn you for managing to convince me that your novels were than just carbon copies of one another with the obvious exception of Lover Awakened.Why are all your characters and storylines just clones of one another You are obviously a talented writer, surely you could come up with something better And, even troubling a question, why the hell does everyone rave so much about this series Hasn t something like number 9 just been released, god I couldn t imagine reading another 5 versions of the same book Is it just me Is this another Lord of the Rings scenario where I feel like I m reading something different from everyone else It s not as if I didn t want to like it, I really honestly did, but I couldn t They Are All The Same.I ll tell you what else seems to be the same the romance story All this stupid denial and obsession at first sight god, do I hate that , why the hell can t two people actually build up a romance love relationship like they do in other books instead of having to take one look at each other and know it s meant to be sorry, I m not buying it I know I m part of a ridculously small minority that doesn t like this series and I m not blind to the many reasons why others might like it hot men, smut, vamps in general and so on But I m not taking it any further, I ve had enough of this tiresome jumping from brother to brother and playing matchmaker, that isn t what I come to get out of urban fantasy I ll leave my ratings for the others as they are because I can t be bothered editing the reviews to explain but I m definitely done here. Butch and MarissaMarissa I am called Marissa Butch He touched his broad chest Er Brian O Neal People call me Butch, though He stuck his hand out Then retracted it, rubbed it vigorously on his pant leg, and offered it again.She lost her nerve Touching him was too much, and she took a step back.He dropped his hand slowly, not looking at all surprised that she d rejected him.And still, he stared From Dark LoverButch and Marissa met in the first book of the series Butch fell in lust with her straight away Marissa was mostly curious about Butch, but she was not allowed to touch because she belonged to the King If she expressed any interest, Butch would have been skinned alive That s what she thought On the other hand, Wrath did not really care for Marissa s love interests He hated that he depended on her for feeding and had already started falling in love with Beth.A few books later Wrath is happily mated to Beth and Butch has quit trying being a better person for Marissa It is about time for aristocratic, sheltered Marissa to pursue her happiness and fight for it Butch and Marissa have to overcome many complications before they mate First of all Butch is human and Marissa is vampire Secondly Marissa is part of the vampires aristocracy, while Butch is just a poor cop Thirdly, Marissa s family , i.e her brother Havers, is not really happy that Marissa is no longer the King s mate.I have to admit that I don t like Marissa I think she is a very weak and annoying character and basically in this book and all the following books she tries to prove herself all the time Maybe the problem is that I have always imagined Butch as Vishous mate These two have been always the opposite sides of the same coin Apparently Ward wanted the same thing as she has mentioned , but those years it was hard for the fans to accept a relationship between two males.Butch is one of the strongest characters in the series He knows what he wants and he does not hesitate to almost die in order to achieve it view spoiler Butch will be a full vampire, a Brother and he will get his girl hide spoiler There are so many images of Butch that I want to put in but I will stick with this sexy guy Sometimes fate takes you in fucked up directions I didn t like when Butch turned all GQ on me Is that even an expression, GQ you know what I mean, designer suits, cufflinks although maybe the cufflinks would work I wanted him in faded, jeans, tight t shirts and scruffy boots Naked would be good too Why are you doing this You re just human I am so sick of hearing that Leave Butch, an ex cop, who now lives with the Brotherhood He and Vishous share a house and boy oh boy do we have fun with them Seriously, I just wanted them to get down to business once and for all and it ain t the type of business that is studied at the Harvard Business School that I am talking about KWIM Okay, he was flirting with Looney Tunes here So much happened in this book There were so many twists and turns that I did not see coming Tears raced to his eyes Seeped down his raw cheeks Stayed up until 1.45 this morning and so wanted to finish it but you really need to concentrate on all the ins and outs and who is who and what is what that I decided to wait until this morning Sire, we all die alone Marissa sort of annoyed me in previous books Did she redeem herself Well, I suppose she did But she still is not the perfect person that I would have picked for Butch That would be ME, of course She dressed too perfectly, she looked too perfect JEALOUS MUCH, MAURA I sort of wanted a down to earth girl for him Someone like me, who is happier in jeans and shirts Dream on There shall be one to bring the end before the master, A fighter of modern time found in the seventh of the twenty first, And he shall be known in the numbers he bears One than the compass he apperceives, Thought mere four points to make at his right, Three lives has he, Two scores on his fore, and with a single black eye, In one well will he be birthed and die To steal a phrase from the cop, Holy Mary, Mother of God I absolutely loved Vishous Cannot wait to read his story, there were a couple of scenes with him and Butch that we so moving, I felt like crying V What I will rather die than hurt you I haven t picked my V yet but this guy will do for now Butch felt a sudden need to go to church and pray for his salvation Will you be on your knees, praying, Butch Cos I can get down on my knees too but it won t be praying I will be doing Yes, the sex scenes were pretty explosive Butch was tough guy from Southie, Boston He loved to drink his Scotch actually he should have been drinking Irish Whiskey, now that I come to think of it but as Himself is partial to an odd dram of Scotch, we shall let the author off, this timeOh, I could go on and on and on and on about this book and about Butch and how much I loved him but I am afraid that if I post too many quotes and reference I will spoil it image error 4.5 Butch The Dhestroyer Stars SpoilersFirst read 2014Reread 3 28 2017When I lie this close to you, when I smell your scent, when I hear your voice, I know everything that matters She looked down the length of him You are the male I want to mate with That s who you are Marissa J.R Ward did it again Lover Revealed is another riveting book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series It has it all, a bumpy but beautiful love story, a damaged hero finding his way, a naive sheltered heroine finding herself, and loyal friends so close they re family Butch Dhestroyer and Marissa s book had so much going on, so many unexpected twists in it I never got bored Butch was such a sweetheart He was so gentle and tender with Marissa Protective, loyal, brave, charming, and strong Butch was everything a hero should be I loved his special friendship with V Loved the fact that he would have died before betraying the brothers and their shellans Butch had a sad backstory and I was so glad that he found his home with the brothers Marissa grew a lot in this book She started out timid, very naive, and insecure I loved how she found her backbone She found her true calling helping others and she stood up for herself What I didn t like was there was a few times she wasn t very supportive of Butch s role in the Brotherhood I know she was scared of losing him but she could have stood by her man Of course she turns it around and redeems herself, but I just wish she would have had his back from the start It s not just the sex I can t stand the idea of someone else s blood in her I want to feed her I want to keep her alive Butch I won t lie I m scared But I don t want to turn my back on you and you re a fool to try and make me MarissaButch and Marissa were so cute together Butch was so nurturing with Marissa Always telling how much he wanted her and how beautiful she was Which Marissa really needed to hear because everyone treated her so badly Marissa loved Butch and saw his worth and strength when he felt weak because he was human for half the book I loved the way Beth befriended Marissa in this book and how her and Wrath were there for Marissa when her worthless brother Havers threw her out 30 mins before dawn There was a lot of Z in this book and that always makes me happy There was this part with Z and Bella where Z is chasing Bella through the Mansion playfully, catching her, biting her and dragging her off to make love It was so cute I totally melted Qhuinn was in this book, and the Qhuinn, Blay, and John friendship is formed Butch becomes a vampire in this book in a freaking scary ass way and becomes a true Brother Xhen, John Matthews future shellan is in this book, but she hooked up with Butch which I really didn t like There was also some Rehv in this book and I like me some Rehv There was too much time spent with the Lessers which is why instead of 5 stars I gave this book 4.5 stars but still a great book Below my favorite moment in this book and yes it s from my Z The Brother s bonding scent filled the foyer, just as his low, lion like growl did The male was all animal at the moment.a very sexual animal You like to be chased, nalla, Z said in a voice so deep it distorted Bella s smile got even wider as she backed up into a corner Maybe So run some , why don t you The words were dark and even John caught the erotic threat in them Bella took off, darting around her mate, going for the billiards room Z tracked her like prey, pivoting around, his eyes leveled on the female s streaming hair and graceful body As his lips peeled off his fangs, the white canines elongated, protruding from his mouth And they weren t the only response he had to his shellan At his hips, pressing into the front of his leathers, was an erection the size of a tree trunk Z shot John a quick glance and then went back to his hunt, disappearing into the room, the pumping growl getting louder From out of the open doors, there was a delighted squeal, a scramble, a female s gasp, and then.nothing He d caught her When Zsadist came out a moment later, he had Bella in his arms, her dark hair trailing down his shoulder as she lounged in the strength that held her Her eyes locked on Z s face while he looked where he was going, her hand stroking his chest, her lips curved in a private smile There was a bite mark on her neck, one that had very definitely not been there before, and Bella s satisfaction as she stared at the hunger in her hellren s face was utterly compelling. Butch O Neal Is A Fighter By Nature A Hard Living Ex Homicide Cop, He S The Only Human Ever To Be Allowed In The Inner Circle Of The Black Dagger Brotherhood And He Wants To Go Even Deeper Into The Vampire World To Engage In The Turf War With The Lessers He S Got Nothing To Lose His Heart Belongs To A Female Vampire, An Aristocratic Beauty Who S Way Out Of His League If He Can T Have Marissa, Then At Least He Can Fight Side By Side With The BrothersFate Curses Him With The Very Thing He Wants When Butch Sacrifices Himself To Save A Civilian Vampire From The Slayers, He Falls Prey To The Darkest Force In The War Left For Dead, He S Found By A Miracle, And The Brotherhood Calls On Marissa To Bring Him Back But Even Her Love May Not Be Enough To Save Him

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