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Maggot Moon A COSTA BOOK AWARD WINNERA Boy, A Friendship, A Lie And Some Hard Choices The Motherland Is A World In Which Individuality And Difference Are Crushed But Standish Treadwell Won T Be SubduedUtterly Original And Stunning, It Is Impossible Not To Be Moved By MAGGOT MOON S Powerful Story And The Unforgettable Heroism Of Standish Me alegra enormemente haber terminado el a o con este libro Sin duda, para mi top 10 Arrollador Hermoso Ese final Estoy sin palabras. This could possibly be my very first review on GRs I hope that many of you understand my predicament by now I ve been quite caught up in the alternate universe of Thus, this is where at least two hundred of my previous reviews are stored I ve found the GR community to be quite forgiving and generous to a fault I love you all so much for putting up with my non sensical diatribes about not finding the review button on my glow kindle Mark Monday was one of the first to enlighten me and be friends God bless you Mark Many soon came to my aid, and here is a first time review experience Now, to get to the book I feel so many mixed emotions about Stanlish and his beloved grandfather It is all he has, you see, as his parents were brutally taken from him along with everyone else It is an alternate universe, like I d described earlier for me, in 1957, in a sort of right wing fascist state The author Sally Gardner know how to propel properly a pregnant pause, akin to a great comedian s comic pause We don t know exactly where or what we are in the beginning, however quickly siding with Standish They do meet another family and he makes a friend I m really afraid of revealing too much here, but will tell you this much of what we dream of and want in life, is of our own imagination, creating a reality of it s own Please look for this book at your local library and or download a digital copy I ve suffered great loss and pain in my own personal life I don t wish to unload it all on this site I was in a coma for four month and woke up paralyzed you see Like Standish, we mustn t take each other or our families for granted I ll consider writing my own tome about it someday Maggot Moon showed me that our genetics show up who we SHOULD be related to by way of family, town, district or country However, our real families are our own creation you see Standish will show you the way Like he, me and you, we ll all have our illustrious epiphany someday And, I dearly hope that day coming is not too late Please let me know how you ve liked my first review on GRs, Murf This story is as disturbing as it is multi faceted.Set in an alternative 1950s past in a dystopian England after World War II, reigned by a totalitarian regime which seems to follow a mixture of Stalinist and Nazi dogma, it tells the story of a young boy called Standish Treadwell Starting out as a bleak school boy story, featuring dyslexia and bullying issues, along with teacher abuse and authoritarian methods of teaching, it slowly reveals darker, and dangerous elements, challenging the reader to double check the easily flowing language Did the teacher just beat a student TO DEATH Is that what the text says Bits and pieces of propaganda make an appearance, a meta plot is taking shape there are good and evil forces at work, the Motherland and its invisible, secret enemies To prove eternal superiority, the Motherland is about to land a scientific coup the first moon landing, years before enemy states are ready That, the propaganda tells the citizens of the Motherland, will make it all powerful But Standish and his family happen to come across the horrible truth it is all a hoax, and people are working on a fake show, only to be killed afterwards to avoid dangerous witnesses.In a political landscape of absolutely no hope at all, Standish decides to make a difference, to spoil the show, to hold up a sign in full view of the cameras of the world, to tell the world about the hoax Knowing full well from experience that torture and death are the definitive consequences If you think this sounds harsh for a young adult novel, it is actually even brutal than this For in addition to the adventure and thrill of the action, there are pitiless philosophical questions built into the story line, starting with the sad introduction, Standish s thought experiment of turning back time to a point before his drama unfolded I m wondering what if.What if the football hadn t gone over the wall.What if Hector had never gone looking for it.What if he hadn t kept the dark secret to himself.What ifThen I suppose I would be telling myself another story.You see, the what ifs are as boundless as the stars For the reader, the list of moments when Standish could have been saved is incredibly painful But at the same time, it is a story of the infinite number of choices you have, even in an oppressive, abusive environment It is a story of the value of family, of love, of human dignity, as symbolised in Standish s old grandfather He stood tall and proud, always told me he owned nothing but his dignity and he wasn t about to give that away to no one To no creed, to no church, to no dogma It is a story telling us about the horrific effectiveness of terror, and the threat it poses to human dignity, first introduced when Standish s grandfather kills rats in the cellar, later to be shown with young boys as victims, parents as hostages Seven dead rats was something the king of rats would respect Shoot one rat and all his relatives will come looking for you shoot seven and they understand you mean business The rats are a disgusting element of the society in decay, but they also are part of a sub plot told only in pictures, in a comic strip at the bottom of each page, slowly unfolding a truth of a different kind, giving subtle clues to the title of the book It shows the curiosity of a rat, sniffing out a bottle that human beings immediately recognise as poisonous, reading the sign with the skull It is an analogy to the optimistic, curious scientist experimenting without knowledge of the dangerous political environment he moves in An accident What if makes the bottle tip over, and the rat poisons itself What follows over hundreds of pages is a graphic illustration of the death and decomposition of the rat, until it is completely taken over by maggots and disappears A fly hatches from a maggot and indicates a new life form, similar to the old one, but with new possibilities in store What if There is not only despair in that reflection, there is hope as well What if one action made all the difference When Standish sacrifices his life to make a difference for the future, he sums it up This is my moment Not even one minute, just a moment But maybe all it needs is a moment to change the course of history I am on the moon I am the stone The plug is pulled on the maggot moon What if you you read this bookWhat if it makes you see things clearlyWhat if it causes you pain and reading pleasureWhat if it makes you hope and despairWhat if it makes you imagine that one boy, one moment, one act can make a differenceIt might be worthwhile. Imagine living in an alternative universe, but one eerily similar to Nazi Germany Is this historical fantasy Historical science fiction It s like nothing I ve read before, but that s the thrill of it Standish Treadwell and his grandfather Gramps live in Zone Seven, where outcasts and political anarchists are sent They have nothing except some scraps of food to get them through the winter and contraband television We all know about Nazi Germany But do the citizens in Maggot Moon fare the same Maggot Moon is an example of compelling, inventive and truly great storytelling Although some chapters are only a mere half a page, by the end of the book you ve become immersed in Standish s world, and genuinely understand what he has gone through And what he goes through is horrific It s a book you ll finish the same day you pick it up There is no need for overly long and detailed descriptions Standish lives in a brutal, harsh place where people are blinded by propaganda There s no time for lyrics and poetry.You see, Standish also has dyslexia, meaning that people underestimate him It also doesn t help that he has one brown eye and one blue eye He s intelligent yet perceived to have the mind of a young child, so he s constantly running from bullies students and teachers alike And then there s the soldiers Greenflies who are the eyes and ears of those at the top of the social ladder, making sure that everybody sticks to the rules It s set in bleak 1956 where the Motherland want to demonstrate ultimate supremacy and be the first nation to land on the moon But Standish and Gramps have an inkling that something is not quite right, and are determined to reveal the truth.Narrated by a unique voice and with a host of characters you cannot help but fight for, the brilliantly haunting and highly compelling Maggot Moon, winner of the 2012 Costa Children s Book Award, is definitely one you won t want to miss Thank you Hot Key Books for providing this book for reviewI also reviewed this book over on Pretty Books.

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