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More Than a Friend Tim was dating a woman, he s always been bi but hasn t really shared that with anyone When he s newly single he discovers a crush on his best friends brother that might be reciprocated.Scott and Tim begin dating but try to keep it under wraps because they don t want to hurt Paul the brother and BFF in case things fall apart This was a pretty predictable and bland GFY OFY story There was no discernible tension and only a bit of steam Neither character stood out as particularly interesting and the plot didn t have any fantastic twists.It s a solid best friend s brother romance and it was ok. Another wonderful story of love in this series This is a mm contemporary book I love this authors work I ll read from this series. Tim Walker Is A Free Man He S Broken Up With His Girlfriend And Is Ready To Move On To A New Relationship But The Relationship He Wants To Pursue Is Fraught With Challenges Firstly, Scott Richardson Is A Man, And Only Tim S Closest Friends Know Tim S Bisexual Secondly, Everyone Knows Scott Relishes The Single Life And Then There S The Big One Scott Is The Younger Brother Of Tim S Best Friend, PaulScott Can T Deny An Attraction To His Brother S Friend Tim Lean, Dark Blond, And Blue Eyed, Tim Is Hot And Hard Not To Notice Especially Since Scott And Tim Work Together Too Bad The Man Is Straight, And Too Bad Scott Worries How Paul Will React If Scott Hooks Up With His Best FriendTim And Scott Want To See If There S A Chance For Than Friendship Between Them, But Neither Of Them Wants To Lose Paul Together, They Must Find The Courage To Follow Their Hearts And Find A Way To Have It All 4.5 StarsThis was a very sweet story and the first I ve read from this author Sometimes I just feel in the mood for a sweet story and this one hit the spot The MC s have known each other for several years so this is not an instant love type story Ms Starr was able to make this story very believable and that was a refreshing change I could actually feel them as the fell in love It was great to see the loyalty and love between two amazing characters I loved everything about this book and will certainly look forward to reading stories from this author.I was given this book by Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review. Original Blog Post Happy Happy Release Day eARC Review More Than a Friend More Than Book 2 by Nic StarrReview by multitaskingmommaMy Rating 4 of 5 StarsWe first met Tim Walker in More Than A Superstar, the story of Sam and Rob who we both meet again in this next installment When Tim finally broke up with his girlfriend in book one, it was a shocker of a scene This next installment to the More Than series is Tim s story to be told A.B.U After the break up He now has the freedom to live his life and find a love he wants.Thing is, the one he wants is his best friend s brother Oh boy.Scott had always been drawn to Tim He was too hot to ignore for one Also, he had a girlfriend from hell and it made things difficult When Tim finally broke up with the she devil, he still had not chance You see, he knows Tim is straight He had a girlfriend, duh And then things happened Oh boy.The two try out the forbidden and found they liked being with each other They try to hide things but knowing eyes see and soon it is difficult to think of lying to Paul Tim does not want to hurt Paul but neither does he want to lose Scott This is Tim and Scott s story It is a short, fast read that does set the emotions high and the romance meter pinging It is a sweet read with hardly any angst and it does give us the satisfaction of seeing a good man meet another good man and they love each other There is a certain awwwww factor while reading this, far from the angsty drama that was Sam and Rob s story Tim s drama happened in book one, at least for me This one just gives us the satisfaction of closure and a happily ever after for two deserving men.Yep yep, this is a good read Note eARC provided by author for an enjoyable read and an honest review. I received one copy of this book at no charge in exchange for my honest review.As More Than a Friend by Nic Starr begins, we meet Tim who has just broken up with his girlfriend He is totally okay with this life decision and tired of reassuring his friends that he is doing perfectly fine What he really wants is to just move on with life He is busy as a caterer for Poppy s Pantry and has his eye on someone he is interested in getting to know better Too bad that someone happens to be Scott, his best friend s younger brother Only a few people know that he is actually Bi and not totally straight and he isn t quite sure how to make his interest known.Scott is definitely attracted to Tim but has always assumed the guy was straight And when they finally realize there is something than friendship between them, they want to be cautious Scott s older brother Paul is Tim s best friend and a romance may just throw a wrench in the whole friendship family dynamic Scott seems to be at a point in life where he is interested in than a one night stand but not sure Tim is the right guy to jump into a relationship with.Since Scott and Tim have known each other for quite a while, there isn t a giant flareup of instantaneous attraction between them During their first interactions I sensed camaraderie rather than romance It took a while for them to admit to their attraction and when they finally did give into it, the situation felt totally natural It was a slow friends to lovers buildup of the relationship that was very realistic.There are a fair number of characters in this story to keep track of and you will definitely want to read book one More Than a Superstar before you read this one While the story lines are independent, they feature a lot of the same people.Tim and Scott are both genuinely nice characters and there is no major angst between them They are both hardworking, loyal, and enjoy spending time with friends There is a nice amount of chemistry between them when they finally get together and thankfully their worry over Paul s reaction was unnecessary.More Than a Friend by Nic Starr is an enjoyable novella with guys who follow their hearts to achieve a beautiful future together. First I want to start this review by saying that I truly enjoyed the first book of this series too , More than a Superstar It is the perfect place to learn about the characters in this book Scott and Tim have known each other for a long time They work together, are friends and Scott s brother Paul is Tim s best friend I wanted to just clarify that if you decide to read this book as stand alone Then to my review Nic Starr has written another great book The tone and story of this one is different from what I have read from her, but nonetheless excellent I like the way the story flows through each page You get to know Scott and Tim better their friendship, expectations and fears before deciding to move into another phase of the same Always putting each other first and foremost wanting to make sure that they could build something without ruining their friendship and asking for the acceptance of their friends The worst fear of losing Paul made them hesitate but Always hopeful of the future I really like this book easy read.My rating 4.5 I received a free copy via Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review.What a sweet,, gentle, fluffy story This one is all hearts and rainbows, like reading candy Fortunately, I m a fan of candy, so I didn t mind one bit There s really nothing heavy about this one.I loved the first one in this series, and I enjoyed seeing the return of a few favorite characters It was nice seeing Sam through his friends eyes, though I admit to missing Rob this time around.Scott and Tim are both terrific, and their playfulness is fun to read I m a big fan of bisexual characters, and I thought overall, Tim was excellent My two favorite things were that Tim continued to identify as bisexual even after being with Scott, and Scott completely got it without pushing Tim to be really gay after all Plus, he gets points for doing it with gentle humor.If you want something to read on a lazy, rainy day, this is a good choice Heat and heart, low on drama.4.5 stars 4.5 STARSSometimes I just need a book that s all love, puppies and rainbows without a whiff of angst in sight, and this second story in the More Than series was all of those things with a sprinkling of heart confetti for good luck.Tim has finally broken up with the girlfriend from hell, who we were unlucky enough to meet in the previous book Now that he s single he s ready to kick back and enjoy life a little, no romantic entanglements needed or wanted It s a perfect opportunity to reconnect with his closest friends and help out with some extra shifts at work But spending time at work means time with Scott, the younger brother of Tim s best friend, and time with Scott makes it difficult continue ignoring his feelings for the other man.Scott is also attracted to Tim It s been difficult for him watching Tim deal with his ex girlfriend s crap when Scott knows that he deserves better But even when Tim finds himself single again, Scott doesn t figure that anything would ever happen between them after all, Tim is straight, right Plus he s Paul s Scott s older brother s best friend and Scott doesn t know how Paul would react to the idea of Scott and Tim together But at the first hint that the attraction between them could be mutual, neither man is stupid enough to pass up the opportunity to get what they ve always wanted.This book could be read a standalone, but I would definitely recommend reading More Than a Superstar first The two stories aren t connected but all of the characters in this book were introduced to us in the previous story, we even got a few paragraphs of Superstar from Tim s point of view There are a lot of characters in this series, to be honest, the start of the first book was a bit of a battle to remember who was who, but by the end of that story I had all the players down pat and didn t have any trouble at all with this book Actually, I love a book with plenty of exciting characters.The author did a great job of keeping the story interesting despite the lack of drama and angst Tim and Scott were both completely likeable, friendly characters who could have very easily turned bland I was worried that everything was going to be too easy between them, as there was no real matter for contention, and I think it shows certain skill from Nic Starr that she avoided this romance becoming weak and uninspired Sometimes keeping a straightforward romance interesting can be harder than writing pages filled with dramatics.I thought that the author also did a great job of creating intensity between Scott and Tim It wasn t just friends to friends making out, you could actually feel the switch in their relationship I particularly loved their first kiss I really appreciate when an author makes a first kiss something special, especially in a sweet romance like this one.I can t wait to see which couple might come next in this series I ll definitely be waiting in line to read it.Reviewed for Love Bytes Reviewshttp lovebytesreviews.com 2015 10 0 A Joyfully Jay review 4.5 starsDuring the first half of More Than a Friend, Starr concentrates on fleshing out Tim and Scott s characters They are immediately likeable, but we grow to understand how a relationship between them could affect the dynamics within their friendship group, particularly with Paul, Scott s brother.Although Tim s last relationship was with a woman, there are certain hints about his bisexuality and past experiences with men However, we recognize the change in him as soon as he acknowledges his attraction towards Scott and how much at ease he is with himself.Starr does explore the sexual chemistry between Tim and Scott, but these scenes are brief and instead the story s focus is upon how the feelings between the two men, who have known each other all their lives, develop.Read Kirsty s review in its entirety here.

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