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Native Son Right From The Start, Bigger Thomas Had Been Headed For Jail It Could Have Been For Assault Or Petty Larceny By Chance, It Was For Murder And Rape Native Son Tells The Story Of This Young Black Man Caught In A Downward Spiral After He Kills A Young White Woman In A Brief Moment Of PanicSet In Chicago In The S, Wright S Powerful Novel Is An Unsparing Reflection On The Poverty And Feelings Of Hopelessness Experienced By People In Inner Cities Across The Country And Of What It Means To Be Black In America

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    My older brother Larry, who is extremely well read, recently came to town for a visit He had with him a copy of Native Son I asked what prompted him to re read it He explained that he had actually never

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    These were the rhythms of his life indifference and violence periods of abstract brooding and periods of intense desire moments of silence and moments of anger like water ebbing and flowing from the tug of a far

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    This book is extremely powerful I saw another review saying that they could not believe this was written and released in 1940 I agree as I can only imagine how controversial the content would have been at that time And, ev

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    Updating my shelves I read this in high school for a book report Being that I m from the Chicago suburbs originally this was one of my first exposures to life in another part of the city and I found the book to be fascinating It wou

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    One has got to appreciate the diplomatic mincing of words that graces the GR blurb Set in Chicago in the 1930s, Wright s powerful novel is an unsparing reflection on the poverty and feelings of hopelessness experienced by people in inner cit

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    Native Son, Richard WrightNative Son 1940 is a novel written by the American author Richard Wright It tells the story of 20 year old Bigger Thomas, an African American youth living in utter poverty in a poor area on Chicago s South Side in the 1930s 20

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    Have you heard the name Trayvon Martin If you have, good If you haven t, look him up Open a tab, search up the name, T R A Y V O N etc, and read Familiarize yourself with the exact definitions of the atrocity, the scope of the repercussions throughout the US, th

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    SPOILERS Reading the first two parts of Native Son, Richard Wright s landmark novel is an absolute thrill One part Tom Ripley, one part Graham Greene s Brighton Rock, the antihero reigns triumphant But this antihero lacks panache, intelligence, even, perhaps, a conscience

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    What a powerful book In narrative, theme, character and motifs, Wright uses his whole arsenal to show us the horrors of racism He seems to be able to reflect back the experience of racism how it s created and it s cycle of destruction I ve read other Black writers before, but this book is pr

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