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Neothink A NeoTech fantasy, and an example of how the human race might save itself.

This is a book whose ratings tend to be either 1 star or 5 stars, due to the topic.

NeoTech/SOS/Neothink is an idea that has undergone several changes in name over the decades; I will use the term NeoTech (NT), because that's what it was when I first found out about it. I was in graduate school in the late 1990s and got GodMan somehow. I sent in an order for another one of their books and never heard from them again. GodMan didn't seem to be written in a way that appealed to me; it promised all sorts of wonderful things but was short on the details. (Basically, when backed in the corner, an explanation like "It just will happen" came up.) Over the years, I've bought other NT books at used book stores, and about a week ago, I gave Superpuzzle a whirl.

Superpuzzle is provided as "Faction", which is fact presented in the form of fiction. It describes how a teacher provides a "new way" to teach students: by letting them look for the fundamental truth behind illusions that have cropped up. After a year of teaching, the teacher is forced out of the country and loses contact with her students until "Jake" shows up and reunites the group (which is known simply as The Group). Once reunited, they tackle the problems of society using NT principles (especially the idea of letting honest businessmen produce products that society actually needs). One becomes President, strips the government down to a purely protective role, and this allows technology and medicine to advance rapidly, to the point where nobody dies any more, and dead people can actually be brought back to life. The illusions of religion fall away, and a new faith is created. The human race also discovers that Consciousness has shaped the universe so that this can happen, and at the very end of the book, a spaceship is launched to rescue the sole survivor of a civilization that took the other path and nuked themselves.

This is a good introduction to the principles of NT, which are similar to those of Objectivism. It calls for businesses that only produce things that people consider valuable. It calls for false experts to get out of the way of progress. It calls for rescuing Consciousness in any form, because that is the most valuable part of the universe. It provides everyone with a feeling of Supreme Love, and introduces us to the conscious beings that created our universe (called Zons). Even though the model for this society is capitalism, the end result looks like Karl Marx's utopia, where everyone creates what they want, and everyone works together.

It is optimistic in places, a bit too optimistic. For instance, there are two or three attempts on the lives of The Group, during the brief Presidency of a Group member. The religious community (other than a few zealots) accept the new faith without question. The fact that death is conquered, especially so quickly, also seems too good to be true, and the physics of the universe are questionable.

It is repetitious in others; we see the same concepts and phrases coming up over and over again. In particular, the idea of "value production" and "value creation" come up in many places which are not in the context of business. However, "business" might be better described as "collaboration".

One of the most unlikely occurrences is the episode with the survivor. The signal he sends out is written in a language similar to English. (How convenient!) This survivor also follows the principles of NT and uses terms like "anticivilization". And, evidently, lives in an environment just like ours.

There are a few things which I would consider to be inconsistencies. For instance, the model of societies is that there will be value producers and value destroyers, and eventually the value destroyers will be driven out of society. The problem is with "eventually"; it is possible for value destroyers to stick around long enough to completely ruin life for the rest of society. It seems like the EPA would be a way to weed out products that produce excess pollution, but the EPA is one of the first parts of the government that are removed.

Also, there needs to be some independent, central authority or data bank that tells you that company X's products are more dangerous than company Y's similar product, to sort through all the advertisement that X and Y put out.

Back on our planet, I've been thinking things over in the past few decades independently of NT, and some of the conclusions I come to parallel those of NT. For instance, the Theory of Evolution is incomplete. Evolution alone cannot account for the variety of life, or consciousness (and things related to consciousness: music, humor, etc.); there must be some creative "force" acting in the world.

If we accept that Consciousness is a fundamental part of our universe, then some things do make sense; conscious life would be the most valuable part of the universe, and any creators of the universe would try to keep it, and may even set up laws of physics so that consciousness can survive after death. This all seems plausible to me, outside the context of business.

The idea that we ourselves can create universes of our own is a point brought up in Lee Smolin's Time Reborn (Chapter 11, for instance). This book has reminded me of my training from my teacher Monty Galloway on the illusions created by humanity to limit our power, our essence.
After years upon years of trying to discover my Friday night essence, read about in other books. I have found the answer! I woke to remember my dreams for the first time in my life. I am enthused and enlivened. I have ideas for 3 books I am in the process of writing (in my head right now) and how to better present my coaching business to the world!

As a poly person who has many gay friends whom I love and cherish. This book has a distinct absence of L.G.B.T. and Poly people. The concept that one can only love one person and not have multiple deep meaningful relations I found disconcerting.
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