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Never Cry Wolf: The Amazing True Story of Life Among Arctic Wolves More Than A Half Century Ago The Naturalist Farley Mowat Was Sent To Investigate Why Wolves Were Killing Arctic Caribou Mowat S Account Of The Summer He Lived In The Frozen Tundra Alone Studying The Wolf Population And Developing A Deep Affection For The Wolves Who Were Of No Threat To Caribou Or Man Is Today Celebrated As A Classic Of Nature Writing, At Once A Tale Of Remarkable Adventures And Indelible Record Of Myths And Magic Of Wolves

About the Author: Farley Mowat

Farley McGill Mowat was a conservationist and one of Canada s most widely read authors.Many of his most popular works have been memoirs of his childhood, his war service, and his work as a naturalist His works have been translated into 52 languages and he has sold than 14 million books.Mowat studied biology at the University of Toronto During a field trip to the Arctic, Mowat became outrage

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    Mowat was proud that he never let facts get in the way of storytelling.

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    This is a book I both love and hate I love it because I love wolves and this is a well written, entertaining story about wolves I hate it s made up from start to finish, yet the tagline on the cover says, The incredible true story of life among Arctic wolves Let s get one thing straight Never Cry Wolf is fiction Made up Fabricated And quite a lot of it is, at least in terms of factual accuracy, horseshit Mowat knew a lot ab

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    A recent read of Chandler Brett s excellent novel A Sheltering Wilderness, the first volume of his projected Wolf Code trilogy, brought to mind this nonfiction book which I read decades ago, and which is a groundbreaking classic in the field study of wolves in the wild My wife and I read it together, and both found it not only fascinating but enormously educational It s one of many pre Goodreads nonfiction books I haven t made time to re

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    We have doomed the wolf not for what it is, but for what we deliberately and mistakenly perceive it to be the mythologized epitome of a savage ruthless killer which is, in reality, no than a reflected image of ourself Farley Mowat, Never Cry WolfOne of those books that if fun to review because my feelings about it change depending on how I look at it As a pure book of science reporting writing, it is probably a noble failure As a inf

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    I picked this up due to fond memories of viewing the 1983 movie in biology class In this 1963 book, naturalist Farley Mowat chronicles his experiences observing wolves in the Canadian barrenlands 1948 49 I have mixed feelings about the book On the plus side it presented a positive image of wolves and stirred interest in their preservation However, as a scientist I m put off by the embellishments Mowat throws in both to make the story entertaining and

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    Crazy, but absolutely amazing Mowat moves in next to a pack of wolves observes them His description of marking his territory with the help of several pots of tea how the alpha male managed the same feat with a single pass, showing far better control, is both funny exhilarating He s cut off a part of their path as his territory, sits there weaponless participates with them at their level That pretty much describes the book It s fascinating.

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    A friend who d read this, gave me a copy to read in the summer of 1976 and I was riveted I love the true story of a man who goes to study wolf behavior for the Canadian government and finds the unexpected I got very attached to those wolves, and learned a great deal about wolf behavior I don t want to give away what happens, but want to say that although most of the story is very entertaining, told with great wit, and has many very humorous parts, I did cry also I

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    I d forgotten how good this book was It s funny, educational, heartbreaking It s a must read for anyone who likes the environment, north woods, wolves, or science as Mowat finds out that everything he d been taught was wrong.In the 1950s, Mowat finds himself tasked to learn about the wolves of the north woods which are supposedly wiping out the caribou population The wolves are ferocious are killing wantonly everyone says so In a series of hilarious events, he finds himse

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    This book was originally written in 1963 and my 30th anniversary edition had a new preface by the author in which he said his practice was never to allow facts to interfere with the truthhumor has a vital place in helping us understand our lives So do we allow this statement to color our judgment of this book Is it a true story or an embellished one or a totally made up one Did Mowat really go into the wild and live with wolves the way he said he did Did he see the behav

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    Farley Mowat s Never Cry Wolf is a classic of environmental, wildlife and adventure literature beautifully written, funny and moving all the way to its gorgeous final pages, which, I admit, made me cry.A marvelous film of the same title was made from this book in 1983, which I would also highly recommend, if you ve never seen it Of course, it s no substitute for this book, but is excellent in its own right.The book starts out as a sort of MASH like satire on the nonsensical bure

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