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Night Bites (Mackenzie Vampires, #2) Cindy Harper Welcomes All Those Who Believe In The Paranormal To Her Inn She S Thrilled By The Success Of Her Business Even Though She Questions The Existence Of Things That Go Bump In The Night But Her Doubts Will Soon Disappear, Because Than Just Wannabe Vampires And Werewolves Are Checking In And A Secret From Her Past Is About To Threaten Her FutureAncient Vampire Thrain Davis Has Come To The Inn To Right A Centuries Old Wrong He Finds Than He Expects, Though, When He Meets The Beautiful And Way Too Sexy Innkeeper As They Join Forces To Outwit Two Powerful Cosmic Troublemakers And To Defeat An Enraged Jersey Devil, He Realizes That The Unthinkable Has Happened He Has Fallen In Love With The One Woman He Can Never Have

About the Author: Nina Bangs

Talk about misspent youth What did I do during those lazy summer days of childhood when I could ve been honing my writing skills Nothing Okay, so I spent a lot of time dreaming I was a cowgirl with a trusty black stallion Oh, and I read every Walter Farley horse novel I was an only child so I relied on my imagination to supply the excitement in my life.By high school, I d decided to trade in

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    I was not sure I would enjoy this book, but I ended up really liking it There was a lot of humor always a plus and such a wide range of crazy supernatural characters Both the mc s were flawed and had to work through their issues, which made them relatable I didn t read the first book in this series but had no trouble jumping in with book two I think each book is about a different pair of characters in

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    I gave four stars for humor, sexiness, and the fact that since I bought this book about 15 years ago I ve thought of myself as a cosmic troublemaker There are some plot holes and the climax is sort of thrown in without being explained other than le sigh, cosmic troublemakers will be cosmic troublemakers Idk if you really pick up a book with the word bang on the cover and expect much in the way of plots It does

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    This book was soooo good I am so glad his long lost daughter was found and that Thrain found his love They compliment each other well and of course we can t have a great story without our cosmic troublemakers

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    Thrain felt he owed his long time friend and fellow clan member a reunion with the daughter he inadvertently lost by helping her mother flee while she was pregnant Cindy has lived for a omg time and isn t sure why Thrain comes to Cindy s Woo Woo Inn , where she caters to what she thinks is all harmless supernatural themes But she soon learns that there is to it than she thinks With the Cosmic Troublemakers Sparkle Prada and

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    GreatI loved this story Nina bangs is a great writer I highly recommend this book I have read all of her books and she is an amazing storyteller.

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    I really enjoyed Master of Ecstacy which is book one of this series so I picked up Night Bites, Book 2 in the Mackenzie Vampires series.Basically it s the story of Thrain Davis, a vampire and Darach s best friend from Master of Ecstacy and Cindy Harper, the owner of the supernatually inclined Woo Woo Inn Cindy promotes the Woo Woo Inn as being haunted in order to attract a supernatural clientel..or atleast those who believe they are, however

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    Cindy runs a hotel specialising in an experience of the supernatural kind, but when Mr Hot sexy vampire walks in and books a room, things start to get very interesting Cindy has a secret, she may look twenty eight but she has lived for over seven centuries and has no idea why, little does she know that Thrain has the answers she seeks and has been sent to bring Cindy to her father Darach I have to say, I was expecting so much from this book, it was

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    Loved Night Bites, Book 2, Mackenzie Vampires, even than Book 1, Master of Ecstasy MOE This book is the story of vampire Thrain Davis Darach s best friend from MOE and Cindy Harper, owner of the Woo Woo Inn Cindy promotes the Woo Woo Inn as being haunted, but doesn t actually believe in the paranormal Using the pseudonyms of Trojan and Prada, Ganymede and Sparkle Stardust are back doing their mischevious best to promote chaos as cosmic troublemakers Werewo

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    It was ok I really liked Thrain but.I wasn t anxious to get through this one, nor did I have to push through it I just took my time Again, interesting future inventions that would curl your toes and a visit with Darach and Blythe Overall just a read Best Quotes from book When you find six feet of hot, sexy male orbiting your sun, you d better grab him or you ll end up colder than Pluto Sprinkle Stardust as Prada Sometimes what we fear the most is what we need to co

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    A woman has been living and moving around for over seven centuries, but she does not believe in the supernatural A man has been trying to track down the daughter of his best friend for around seven centuries because he thinks it is his fault his best friend s wife ran away The twist, he is a vampire Okay so she really is too half anyway , and she opened up the Woo Woo Inn to attract people interested in the supernatural She accidentally set up her inn as a supernatural no

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