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Night World, No. 1 Includes Book Secret VampireBook Daughters Of Darkness Book Spellbinder Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Shapeshifters They Live Among Us Without Our Knowledge Night World Is Their Secret Society, A Secret Society With Very Strict Rules And Falling In Love Breaks All The Laws Of The Night WorldIn Secret Vampire, Poppy Thought The Summer Would Last Forever Then She Was Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer Now Poppy S Only Hope For Survival Is James, Her Friend And Secret Love A Vampire In The Night World, James Can Make Poppy Immortal But First They Both Must Risk Everything To Go Against The Laws Of Night WorldFugitives From Night World, Three Vampire Sisters Leave Their Isolated Home To Live Among Humans In Daughters Of Darkness Their Brother, Ash, Is Sent To Bring The Girls Back, But He Falls In Love With Their Beautiful FriendTwo Witch Cousins Fight Over Their High School Crush It S A Battle Between Black Magic And White Magic In Spellbinder This is catalogued in our library as a mystery Why I have no idea It is really not a mystery series at all That said I really liked this series These are reprints and were highly recommended in an issue of Booklist There are Werewolves, vampires, and witches that all live in the secret society of the Night World Humans are not just the enemy, but are considered vermin Each book seems to pick up a different story line about the world It was odd, but I think Stephanie Meyer has to have read this series at some point There is the idea in the series that everyone has a soulmate IT really really reminded of the whole idea of imprinting in the Twilight series It is the same theme of undeniable love whether you want it to be like that or not The concept itself is nothing new whatever you call it, but it was the way in which it was described that made me think there were a lot of similarities Or maybe not. The problem with the current vampire genre is that it s like emo kids It takes itself VERY seriously, tries waaaaaaaay too hard and in the end looks all the same Oh, and it s fun to laugh at.It wasn t that nightworld was bad The writing flowed nicely, was descriptive and the world was well realized The characters were mostly interesting and different and all three stories stood well on their own as well as adding to each other.That s not to say, though, that I didn t have issues with this book.The third story, for me, really dragged and wasn t as good as the first two In fact, all three stories gave me strong recollections of Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries mixed together Not that, you know, I ve ever seen either showHas anyone else noticed that Chuck Bass usually looks really pissy I m serious I ve never seen someone master that bratty, I hope your head explodes from the sheer force of pissy that is emanating from my entire body right now expression that he does Anyway, back to the reviewThe one thing that really annoyed me about this book was the soulmate concept In this book, one look is all it takes to see and recognize your soulmate, binding the two of you together in some kind of super powerful love that can probably conquer everything from the forces of darkness to paying for your phone bill.Sorry, folks I just don t subscribe to that mentality I certainly don t think I could fall in love like someone would fall into a ditch. this volume ,opps i almost said book this volume hold the first three books in the night world series my favorite was most deffinatly secerate vampire one thing i love about thease books is they dont have actual romance untill the end when everything is sorted out This book had three stories combined into one huge book, and though they have different people as the main characters you can see all the stories start to combine into one huge story Its about Vampires, werewolves, witches, anything that you can think of that is not normal These creatures live on the fringes of society and they don t interact with humans too much except to feed or eat them, but some Night people fall in love with Humans and they challenge the rules and their death by telling the humans about their world, the Night World I loved this book it was fast pace and i literally couldn t put it down until i had finished one of the stories it was very exciting full of action making it a good read for just about anyone It gave me a new perspective on certain life elements So crack open those pages and fall into a book filled with romance and life threatening encounters.

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