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The Best Doesn T Come Cheap And This Time It Could Cost Him His HeartHandsome Billionaire Adam Steele Is Good Good At Getting His Way If Nothing Else, Money Always Works Until He Realizes He Can T Buy His Daughter S Way Out Of Her New Wheelchair Three Private Physical Therapists Later, He S Almost Given Up On Emily Walking Again Then He Meets Dr Jaden Monroe And His Match Feisty Physical Therapist Jaden Monroe Has Never Met A Man Quite Like Adam She S Not Sure If It S His I M In Charge Attitude Or The Heat In His Eyes When He Looks At Her, But She Finds Herself Wanting To Say Yes To Anything He Asks Like When He Asks Her To Help His Daughter Walk Again Of Course, The Million Dollars He Offers Just Enough To Finish The Pediatric Rehab Wing Jaden Has Been Working For And Dreaming Of Is Hard To Say No To As Well But Jaden Didn T Anticipate A Teen Whose Injuries Are Than Physical Or A Man So Passionate And Devoted And As Tenacious As She Is As She And Adam Fight Their Attraction, The Only Thing Harder Than Keeping Her Promise Will Be Keeping A Hold On Her Heart This Book Has Been Previously Published And Has Been Expanded From Its Original ReleaseWarning Contains Heated Arguments That Erupt Only Slightly Often Than Hot Kissing, A New Perspective On Kitchen Appliances, And Sizzling Sex Occurring Everywhere BUT The Bedroom Though They Eventually Make It There No Matter What (The Billionaire Bargains, #1)

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    This Samhain ebook had a distinct Harlequin Presents feel to it If I had to re title it, HP style, I d title it Bought For the Millionaire s Mission Moving onJaden Monroe is in a bit of a funk A well respected physical therapist and researcher, she s stuck serving beers at a restaurant after a spectacular flame

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    I loved this story I really enjoy how Erin Nicholas writes a story that you can really see happening in someone s life This story keeps your interest from start to finish Adam Steele is a very rich and powerful man that will do anything he can for the people he cares about, especially his daughter But when all the

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    Dr Jaden Monroe could do with a little diversion, the last six months have been hard to take but ever the trooper she has withheld every obstacle in her way When she is approached by Adam Steele, she thinks the diversion she needed has just come to her on a platter, until he informs her he wants the best physical ther

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    A touching story about a fourteen year old girl who lost part of her leg to cancer Although Emily is not exactly a major character in this book, she plays a vital role as a secondary one Her father, Adam, is a billionaire seeking to hire the best physical therapist in the area finds Jadon working part time in a bar after

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    FREE on today 10 19 2017

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    2.5 stars.Interesting premise, but to me, it failed to engage me in the story and the characters.I truly felt for Emily, and I was glad her journey ended well I also felt for Jaden and wanted to kill her ass of an ex, she truly handled things as best as she could.As for Adam, I just didn t like him very much I m glad we got in

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    Fast read of what I categorize as garbage books not for you if you are looking for anything beyond mindless entertainment

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    Touching romanceI loved Adam and Emily and Jaden s story I am glad to get to know Tony too I am looking forward to reading in this series Erin always delivers a great read.

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    Erin Nicholas is such a witty author writer My first read of hers was the Sapphire Falls Series, and it was a laughing riot all the way Am I glad, I ve come across her books and the ever interesting stories she weaves, and she has become one of my go to writers authors from her very first book I read No Matter What is the first in her Bil

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