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None of Us Were Like This Before Sergeant Adam Gray Made It Home From Iraq Only To Die In His Barracks For Than Three Years, Reporter Joshua E S Phillips With The Support Of Adam S Mother And Several Of His Army Buddies Investigated Adam S Death What Phillips Uncovered Was A Story Of American Veterans Psychologically Scarred By The Abuse They Had Meted Out To Iraqi Prisoners How Did US Forces Turn To Torture Phillips S Narrative Recounts The Journey Of A Tank Battalion Trained For Conventional Combat As Its Focus Switches To Guerrilla War And Prisoner Detention It Tells Of How A Group Of Ordinary Soldiers, Ill Trained For The Responsibilities Foisted Upon Them, Descended Into The Degradation Of Abuse The Location Is Far From CIA Prisons And Guantanamo, But The Story Captures The Widespread Use And Nature Of Torture In The US Armed Forces Based On Firsthand Reporting From The Middle East, As Well As Interviews With Soldiers, Their Families And Friends, Military Officials, And The Victims Of Torture, None Of Us Were Like This Before Reveals How Soldiers, Senior Officials, And The US Public Came To Believe That Torture Was Both Effective And Necessary The Book Illustrates That The Damaging Legacy Of Torture Is Not Only Borne By The Detainees, But Also By American Soldiers And The Country To Which They Ve Returned

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    This is a tremendous book I wasn t sure if it would work when I first picked it up Reading torture isn t really something that I m eager to do I also thought I had a solid understanding of the issue I was skeptical when I started reading the book, and was frankly unsure that it would hold my interest The structure isn t a standard formula for non fiction narratives I h

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    This is easily the best book I ve read on the issue of US torture during the war on terror, and definitely one of the strongest narrative nonfiction books I ve picked up in quite some time The author makes it easy to read a book on such a difficult topic His writing style is elegant and robust I saw that another review said dispassionate, which is spot on, especially in

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    Let me start by pasting in my writeup on the author s book signing in Tacoma, WA 11 19 11 Journalist and author Joshua Phillips has written a book about torture entitled None of Us Were Like This Before Reflections on American Soldiers and Torture He delivered a lecture on 11 16 at the UW Tacoma campus, sponsored in part by VFP Lamenting the use of torture by American an

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    I can t joke about this one There were ideas playing out in my head as I read this, but when it comes to putting it down, just about any play seemed too uncaring So here it is Phillips puts together a collection of stories and essays, some journalistic, some observational, about U.S soldiers involved in torture during the war in Afghanistan and Iraq His whole research is

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    What can I say Powerful, shocking, memorable, anger inducing, disgust inducing, excellently done, 5 star, a must read Yes, a must read A must read for all Americans and anyone who wants to acknowledge that the truth about detainee abuse did not come out with Abu Ghraib That was only scraping the top of the shitheap.

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    A truly thoughtful book, gracefully written, guided by a inquisitiveness to understand how American forces became involved in torture, and the myriad unsuspecting costs of doing so Not easy to read at times, not because of the violence but from the tragedy of the tale Should be considered for National Book Award, or on Oprah s shelf.

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    Well written investigation of why US soldiers abused and tortured detainees in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo, and the lasting effects on the tortured and the torturers.

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    Gosh, I have so much work to do but I ve got to write this review also Photoshop refuses to function and man, my head hurts too much to do math Anyway, this book is incredibly important It took me a while to finish it because it was hard to read, hard to grasp that this is real.I can t stop thinking about how the army is essentially the hands of the country and the government

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    This is an incredible documentation of American Torture in the Middle East and Vietnam The truth of the matter is suppressed we associate it with prisons such as Guantanamo Bay and turn a blind eye to the torture carried out by military forces No one signs up for this. These are young men and women I presume, though I can t recall if Phillips interviewed any female interrogato

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    Phillips opens a window for us to see into the hearts and minds of some many of our own soldiers as thy digress into torture which the tacit, if not blatant support from their superiors, all the way up to Donald Rumsfeld As an ex infantry soldier, trained to kill behind enemy lines, though not having seen combat , I am appalled at the depths our own have fallen This is a black

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