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NYX: Wannabe (collects NYX #1-7) The X Men S Dream Has Been One Of Creating Hope From Despair In A Young Mutant S Darkest Hour Charles Xavier Will Always Be Just Around The Corner, Ready With Open Arms And A Helping Hand But Xavier Can T Be Everywhere At Once What Becomes Of A Group Of Young Mutants That Have To Rely On Themselves For Everything

About the Author: Joe Quesada

Joseph Joe Quesada born January 12, 1962 is an American comic book editor, writer and artist He became known in the 1990s for his work on various Valiant Comics books, such as Ninjak and Solar, Man of the Atom.He later worked on numerous books for DC Comics and Marvel Comics, such as Batman Sword of Azrael and X Factor, before forming his own company, Event Comics, where he published his crea

10 thoughts on “NYX: Wannabe (collects NYX #1-7)

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    So I originally grabbed this and NYX No Way Home , because I had been enjoying X 23 s character And supposedly this covered her time on the streets Yeah, she s in it, and

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    The things I read for X 23.This wasboring.And Laura was just there.And I felt like sleeping on my feet.

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    Mehrere Rezensenten auch in andere Foren haben in ihren Besprechungen den Begriff der Exploitation angef hrt und darauf hingewiesen, dass es Panels mit Darstellungen junger M dchen gebe, die s

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    I didn t find this one to be as horrible as I thought it would be I mean ok, the art was so inconsistent, the storytelling was haphazard to the point of confusion, and the characters were really very

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    Kiden Nixon is a troubled high school girl, whose life is compounded when she discovers her latent mutant ability to slow time She teams up with were girl Tatiana, astral projecting Bobby, her former teache

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    Nyx Wannabe is a wannabe edgy comic In the hands of DC s Vertigo line or even Dark Horse, this one may have been interesting But with Marvel it just falls flat in all phases Had they known X 23 would become such a

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    A group of young mutants come together outside of the mainstream mutants A wonderfully drawn and dark edged look at the underbelly of life for some mutants. and the first ever, and highly commanding, first appearance of

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    G rd m en iyi renklendirme paletine sahip izgi romand Konusu da x men ve tabii ki kad n kahramanlar zaten okunas benim i in.

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    NYX Wannabe is kind of a mess The story is jumbled in a way that I think is supposed to be realistic and edgy, but it just ends up being confusing and underdeveloped For example, I have absolutely no idea what Felon s mutant abilty is

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