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Ode to Icky What a COOL book Ode to Icky is giggle giggle giggle.This book is super funny and always makes me laugh and laugh It is written by a fellow Mirror Publishing Author, Maranda Russell Maranda has combined a wonderful sense of humor with her love of cats, even stinky cats, to make this adorable book.I suggest you read this book with one hand holding your nose closed Maranda brings out the smelly flavor straight to your nose PEW Forget those boring books Mom and Dad, laugh your way into teaching you young ones the true joy of reading with Ode to Icky.I have read this book on my Storytime With Starfish here is what the Author has saidhttp marandarussell.com 2012 04 11 This is a cute book about a very dirty, smelly cat named Icky One of the members of his people family thought she had discovered how to make money from the calamity of his stink by bottling and selling his hair mixed into water to unsuspecting teens who thought they were buying the latest perfume from France She did make some money, however the consequences of her actions had to be dealt with There is a lesson here However, I was disappointed by the ending. Poor IckyPoor IckyI think it s a good children s book for older readers, but not young children The people in the story seem mean and the ending is not a happy one the ending is ironic and older readers may find it funny but the treatment of Icky made me feel bad the illustrations are great, but the formatting is messed up the text is jumbled together in places and text and pictures can t be viewed together. WOW What an unusual story this was and funny too I liked this story and it s beautiful illustrations in it, too I did find one error bulled instead of very likely meant to say pulled open the door Though I still wish to recommend this for five stars and for kids perhaps ages 7 11 I received this ebook for free using KU and now in return, here is my honest review , Great job Maranda By Angela With great illustrations, a clever plot, and a smelly cat, you really can t go wrong with this book This is the story about a very enterprising young girl who uses her smelly cat as the star in her new business endeavor However, things don t always work out as planned For Ages What Do You Do When Your Cat Is So Disgusting And Stinky That You Can T Stand To Be Within Feet Of Him If You Are Like Icky S Owner, Candy, You Find A Way To Make It Work For You But As Candy Soon Finds Out, Sometimes Our Best Ideas Can Also Be Our Worst Ode to Icky, by Maranda Russell is the story of Icky, the Cat and her owner, Candy Candy is up to another of her money making schemes and Icky is going to help her The idea is courtesy of Candy s older sister Kayla and her brand new Icky smelling perfume Icky has been relegated to the backyard because he refuses to bathe So Candy sees an opportunity and decides she can make a few extra bucks by making her own perfume using some of Icky s stinky fur Mixing the fur with water and using a few of her mom s half empty perfume bottles, Candy creates Ode de Icky or rather Ode de Iche because the former name didn t sound fancy enough Candy sells the perfume the next day, makes some quick cash, but then has to live with the stinky consequences.This is a wonderful story that teaches children the concept for every action, there is a reaction or consequence Some good and some are not so good In the case of Candy, the reaction is her mother s anger for dumping out her expensive perfume and the confiscation of the money Candy received from selling the homemade perfume Beautifully illustrated, this is a great book that shows how important it is to think things through before doing something Not all ideas are good ideas, and Candy had to find out the hard way just how bad an idea it was to sell fake perfume that smells like her stinky cat, Icky I highly recommend adding this book to family libraries and K 4 schoolrooms. Ode to Icky is a well constructed story about a creative and resourceful little girl and her banished to the backyard cat, who is, to say the very least, somewhat lax about his personal hygiene.Candy, the little girl, inspired after smelling the newly purchased perfume of an older sibling, comes up with a money spinning plan to utilise the disgusting Icky s odour by turning it into ready cash Sneaking up on Icky to put the plan into action is the simplest part, due to the fact that the cat is so lazy, all he does is eat and sleep all day The rest takes a bit imagination.The wonderful illustrations, placed on every page, can almost tell the story by themselves, which is good for small children unable to read yet Though I am quite sure many parents WILL be reading this to their children So either way, the story will be delighted in by all.Maranda Russell s tale of Ode to Icky is sweet and funny, and will no doubtless be enjoyed by many a young child Thoroughly enjoyable A cute and imaginative tale by the very talented Ms Maranda Russell The story is about a young girl, named Candy, with a very lazy smelly cat, named Icky Candy has an imaginative money making scheme and uses Icky s awful smelling fur to create a super French perfume Ode De Iche Unfortunately, to bottle this stuff she empties out her mothers bottles of REAL French perfume Well, in addition to the entire female population of the school smelling like Icky, Candy has to face her mother with the truth of her actions Imagine having an expensive bottle of perfume from France, imagine having your kid empty it out and use the bottle What would you do This is a story about leaning a lesson A great story for parents to read to their children The kids will learn, but laugh while learning.

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