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Outlaw Carre series, book 1 of 2 Johnnie Carre, Laird of Ravensby captures his enemy s daughter, Elizabeth Graham for ransom, but letting her go will be his biggest battle yetUS EDITION SERIES INFO REVIEWCarre seriesBook 1Formats Kindle paperback in both US UKThe Carre series follows two Scottish brothers during the struggle for independence from British rule starting with Johnnie Carre, Laird of Ravensby, year 1704.Susan Johnson aka C.C Gibbs has different publishers in the US and UK, hence the different titles and covers.These are stand alones, but most enjoyed if read in order Book 1 Year 1704 Outlaw US Secrets Sins UK Book 2 Year 1705 To Please A Lady US To Please A Lady UKJOHNNIE CARRE, LAIRD OF RAVENSBY 30 years Scottish Laird playboy black hair blue eyes ELIZABETH GRAHAM 25 years British blond hair green eyes Year 1704 were tumultuous times near the Scottish border Johnnie Carre, Laird of Ravensby is a powerful border Lord and when his baby brother, Robbie is taken hostage by his English enemy, Lord Godfrey he devises a plan to capture and ransom his enemy s daughter, Elizabeth Graham for his brother.Sparks fly both in and outside the bedroom But Johnnie Carre is rake and a key player in Scottish fight for independence against British rule On opposite sides in a war, Johnnie and Elizabeth s story is roller coaster of history in the making, sizzling sex, jealousy, angst, danger, suspense and an against all odds love.Top 10 hero Captivating and intriguing plot Spellbinding storytelling Interesting setting and era Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 3.5 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes frequency 4.5 starsStoryline concept rating 4.5 starsStorytelling skills rating 5 starsStory ending rating 5 stars Overall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this series Yes.Would I re read this series Yes.Would I read future books by this author YesIn her earlier books Susan Johnson, a master historian, has been known for her abundance of facts and history She has reference and note section providing further details I have always found it both interesting and educational But you don t have to read in order to enjoy their story.Be sure to join CCGibbsFANS here on GR for the latest news Public group for members 18 years and older This book is exquisitely written, with an authentic feel to the historical setting It involves one of my favorite scenarios in Romancelandia, the abduction and ransoming of hostages, which was quite common in the area bordering Scotland and England in that era An acceptable source of income and political pressure.While the dangers were very real, there was a feeling of all the players, including the abductee, being aware that this was a game of chess, with set rules, which even the most villainous parties would still honor There is honor among thieves or rather among kidnappers as it were So when the heroine of this story is abducted by the hero so that he can demand the return of his brother, held captive by the heroine s father, we are spared a lot of unnecessary outrage, angst, and hand wringing Lady Elizabeth is as cool as a cucumber and Ravensby, the border lord, extends courteous hospitality, even as he lusts after his comely guest.The reason that I DNF was simply a matter of personal preference I usually like slow burns and this was too insta love for me I did not feel an emotional connection to the characters or their erotic romance I needed I know a lot of people would think Hannah Howell s book, Highland Captive, inferior to this well researched, much realistic book, but I enjoyed that book a lot because of the romantic aspect. 4 intriguing, romantic, and sex that burns up the pages stars I love it when an author can write a story that stays true to historical detail, but does it in a way that brings the characters to life, making me care about them and whatever course they re on Such is the case with Outlaw, the first of two books in Susan Johnson s Carre series.About the story With relations between Scotland and England reaching a boiling point, the last thing Johnnie Carre, Laird of Ravensby needs is the current complication of his brother s kidnapping His plan for a swift resolution is to do what any self respecting Laird would do abduct Elizabeth Graham, the daughter of the man who holds his brother hostage, and keep her until his brother is returned The only fly in the ointment of his plan is his uncharacteristic, uncontrollable attraction to his beautiful captive My thoughts Notorious ladies man, Johnnie Carre, Laird of Ravensby boy, I didn t care for him much in the beginning Arrogant, manipulative, unrepentant man whore I really, really didn t like him But when he finally pulled his head out of his very fine, trews covered backside and realized what he was doing, what he was about to lose, that s when I came to adore him Elizabeth Graham is a strong, independent woman determined to make her own way in life, and thanks to a very tidy sum settled on her at her husband s death, she s well on her way It also took a while for Elizabeth to win me over, but when she did it was because of her love and unwavering devotion to Johnnie I really can t share much of the story without giving away too many of the twists and turns that make this such an exciting, fast paced, couldn t put it down read, but I can tell you this If you love the attention to historical details and accuracy found in Kathleen Givens and Pamela Clare s historical romances along with an extra helping of steam you re sure to enjoy this sexy story of political maneuvering, kidnapping, torture, privateering, espionage, and sword fighting, with a hard fought and well deserved happily after after. My sincerest thank you to Susan Johnson for providing a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review I m looking forward to reading 3.5 STARS OR 7 10I really wish goodreads had half stars, sigh It would make trying to round up or round down much easier Okay, on to the review I do love a kidnapping captor tale Especially when love comes a knockin Whether it be contemporary or historical, I m on it Outlaw was a good book with some seriously swoon worthy scenes It was also a book that had me melting over the hero, Johnnie Carre, a Scottish lord, where initially I wanted to punch him He was a man of Honor, loyalty, charisma and character He truly became the shining star of this book Johnnie decides to kidnap his enemies daughter, Elizabeth Graham, in order to barter the return of his kidnapped brother, Robbie, by said enemy Johnnie is meticulous in his planning, and believes that once Elizabeth s disappearance is discovered, his brother will be safely returned in exchange for the British beauty But what he didn t count on was the intensity with which he d want her And rather than diminishing with a hot night of passion, his desire ignites.I won t say much than that because there is so much that happens Things are never without complication and every action in this book is followed up by an equal and potentially devastating reaction There was intrigue, dirty political ploys, action, suspense and hot romance Steam, you ask LOADS And very well done I have to say, it was white hot I loved Johnnie He was such an intricate and delectable character He was so sweet and protective His honour was limitless and I found myself feeling he owned the book, making it what it was I especially loved the vigilante execution of justice Sometimes no law can exert enough punishment except the law of an eye for an eye But my favourite thing was the sensual and addictive quality to Johnnie s and Elizabeth s growing relationship, gorgeous So why the 3.5 stars As much as I loved the hero and heroine, as much as I loved the romance, I wasn t moved by the attention to political detail Susan Johnson does a fantastic job of setting the political climate of the time between England and Scotland Her attention to detail is daunting and along with her incredibly rich vocabulary, she did an amazing job to say the least But I found myself skipping those parts that fell away from the romance and instead gave me a history lesson I know many people may like that, even attest to the added brevity to the book It definitely rounds out the reading experience But I, as a reader, wasn t interested in those details and they ended up taking away from the story rather than enriching it The other thing I wished to see was maybe a angsty approach to the initial relationship between Johnnie and Elizabeth There were scenes where I thought added angst would elevate the story from good to amazing But like I said, everyone is different What I didn t care for might impress another Regardless, this was a good, solid read The pacing was great and I fell in love with Johnnie and Elizabeth Robbie gets his story in the sequel and I have to say I loved him and his fierce determination to win over a woman 10 years his senior, that is hot And the epilogue Very sweet, very tender.So a good book with a beautiful story and great characters, enjoyed it copy kindly provided by the author through an arc coordinator Holy mother of God This first chapter is how you write an opening to a book Seriously wow, I actually felt breathless Detailed, detailed, detailed writing, hot damn this is the amazing hard to find craft I have been missing in books lately Oh wow, Elizabeth afraid of Johnnie s reputation as a ladies man says I don t want to be forgotten and he responds with I never forget What a wickedly charming S.O.B.Kudos to the author for making what would seem to be a very accurate account of two people who feel in love back in the day and were too passionate to say no.Wanted action Book completely turned out to be something totally different from I what expected, the first chapter I thought there would be battles galore but it was relationship than action I think readers who like to just read mainly about two characters and want to forgo action or surrounding plot would love this book.There is great historical content in this book about the Act of Succession between Scotland and England, but it s a lot of talk which even caused my I Love history eyes to glaze over at times More action less talky please.I really felt like the book started to drag for me but when Johnnie abducts Elizabeth from her wedding I was excited because it felt like the story was going to pick up again I was wrong After Johnnie and Elizabeth are married all they seem to do is spend their days in bed Elizabeth also turns into a clinging mess, which was a tad disappointing since she was previously portrayed as strong woman the author tries to play it off giving the excuse of Elizabeth s pregnancy but I was still annoyed.This book was really well written it just wasn t my cup of juice I don t like tea I need story and my characters to be involved in other things other than in each other and the bedroom The footnotes were strange for me Some of them interested my historical self and others were plain silly to have, I can t imagine the average person liking them and in fact I bet most people ignored them This story was at times boring for me but I can see how others might like it If you just want to read about two characters who are highly sexual and almost never leave the bedroom then the writing is good enough for you to give this one a go This book was also at times a blusher just saying some scenes might be a bit uncomfortable to read in company.C for story A for writing style quality So this was my biggest problem with this book..I never liked Elizabeth and Johnnie at the same time Let me explain Elizabeth starts out the book in a strong way She is a wealthy, independent widow who knows what she wants She isn t looking for a man to rescue hershe doesn t even want a manuntil Johnnie She falls for Johnnie pretty early onis jealous of him and his mistresses from the beginning I really liked her However, after the point where Johnnie and her marry it s all downhill for Elizabeth She becomes a whinny, dependent, insecure weaklingopposite from the woman she was at the beginning of the book Not attractive Johnnie starts out the book as a complete rake jerk self involved poor excuse of a man He is hopping in and out of bed after bed with many different women There is no heart, just a lot of sex.until Elizabeth Johnnie is in lust with Elizabeth right away, which doesn t set her apart from any other woman, but he comes to care for her in unfamiliar ways After he and Elizabeth marry, it s all uphill for Johnnie He becomes a devoted, faithful, considerate husbandopposite from the man he was at the beginning of the book Very attractive To bad I only liked half of each person s image in this book. Wow I really enjoyed this book by an author I hadn t read before Johnnie Carre, Laird of Ravensby, is a rich, powerful, totally promiscuous, and utterly charming Scotsman Nary a kilt in sight it s only 1704 He wears trewes He becomes obsessed with Lady Elizabeth Graham, after he abducts her to hold in exchange for his brother who has been captured by Elizabeth s father And although she s a respectable widow, she becomes obsessed with him too He lets her go, but that s just the beginning.There s steamy sex, political intrigue, an interrupted wedding view spoiler and another wedding where the bride and groom are in bed during the ceremony hide spoiler He Was A Wild Rogue Who Filled Her With Ecstasy And Impossible LongingsShe Should Have Been Afraid, For He Towered Over Her, Holding Her Captive With Eyes That Smoldered With Barely Leashed Passion, But What Elizabeth Graham Felt Instead Was An Answering Fire He Was Her Enemy, The Infamous Laird Of Ravensby, A Bold Privateer Who D Abducted Her To Win His Brother S Freedom From An English Dungeon Yet Even Though Tomorrow They D Be Adversaries Once , Tonight She Could Not Deny Herself The Pleasure Of His TouchShe Was A Temptress Who Made Him Ache With Desire And Forget They Were EnemiesThe Lady Was His Prisoner, Completely At His Mercy, Yet When The Feisty Angel Whose Hair Glittered With Moonlight Stood Proudly Before Him And Insisted He Spend The Night, Johnnie Carre Was Shocked To Feel A Restless, Aching Need To Possess Her, To Taste Her Secrets And Make Her His Forever But Keeping Her With Him Would Force A Battle With Leacherous Foes Men Who D Vowed To Tear His Beloved From His Arms And Send Him To The Gallows Been a while since I read this one but I ve never been tempted to come back and revisit it because the ending SUCKED Also the guy was an unrepentant dick to her for half the story and had fluzzies after they met Then she s becomes just as annoying after they marry The grovel was one of those oh whoa is me I feel sorry for myself because I was such an asshat to you kind of grovels I think she grovels in the end too It was all so maudlin by the endOverall it was OK but mostly the first half where he s kind of a dick. Book 1 of 2 in 2 book series Next is To Please A Lady Great Book

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