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Pistol: The Life of Pete Maravich Real inspiration. A very good biography of an obsessed father who makes his son into one of the greatest basketball players of all time Press Maravich had his son impressing people like John Wooden with his skills from grade school on He was determined that his son would be the first million dollar player Pete loved his dad but never found happiness until his career ended too soon and he found Jesus He died young of a heart condition that should have killed him 20 years earlier and prevented sports Decades after his death, the NBA finally plays like he did in the sixties This tragic and inspirational biography can even be enjoyed by non sports fans. Pistol Is Than The Biography Of A Ballplayer It S The Stuff Of Classic Novels The Story Of A Boy Transformed By His Father S Dream And The Cost Of That Dream Even As Pete Maravich Became Pistol Pete A Basketball Icon For Baby Boomers All The Maraviches Paid A Price Now Acclaimed Author Mark Kriegel Has Brilliantly Captured The Saga Of An American Family Its Rise, Its Apparent Ruin, And, Finally, Its Redemption Almost Four Decades Have Passed Since Maravich Entered The National Consciousness As Basketball S Boy Wizard No One Had Ever Played The Game Like The Kid With The Floppy Socks And Shaggy Hair And All These Years Later, No One Else Ever Has The Idea Of Pistol Pete Continues To Resonate With Young People Today Just As Powerfully As It Did With Their FathersIn Averaging Points A Game At Louisiana State University, He Established Records That Will Never Be Broken But Even Enduring Than The Numbers Was The Sense Of Ecstasy And Artistry With Which He Played With The Ball In His Hands, Maravich Had A Singular Power To Inspire Awe, Inflict Embarrassment, Or Even Tell A JokeBut He Wasn T Merely A Mesmerizing Showman He Was Basketball S Answer To Elvis, A White Southerner Who Sold Middle America On A Black Man S Game Like Elvis, He Paid A Terrible Price, Becoming A Prisoner Of His Own FameSet Largely In The South, Kriegel S Pistol, A Tale Of Obsession And Basketball, Fathers And Sons, Merges Several Archetypal Characters Maravich Was A Child Prodigy, A Prodigal Son, His Father S Ransom In A Faustian Bargain, And A Great White Hope But He Was Also A Creature Of Contradictions Always The Outsider But A Virtuoso In A Team Sport, Anexuberant Showman Who Wouldn T Look You In The Eye, A Vegetarian Boozer, An Athlete Who Lived Like A Rock Star, A Suicidal Genius Saved By Jesus ChristA Renowned Biographer People Magazine Called Him A Master Kriegel Renders His Subject With A Style That Is, By Turns, Heartbreaking, Lyrical, And ElectricThe Narrative Begins In , The Year A Missionary Gave Pete S Father A Basketball Press Maravich Had Been A Neglected Child Trapped In A Hellish Industrial Town, But The Game Enabled Him To Blossom It Also Caused Him To Confuse Basketball With Salvation The Intensity Of Press S Obsession Initiates A Journey Across Three Generations Of Maraviches Pistol Pete, A Ballplayer Unlike Any Other, Was A Product Of His Father S Vanity And Vision But That Dream Continues To Exact A Price On Pete S Own Sons Now In Their Twenties And Fatherless For Most Of Their Lives They Have Waged Their Own Struggles With The Game And Its Ghosts Pistol Is An Unforgettable Biography By Telling One Family S History, Kriegel Has Traced The History Of The Game And A Large Slice Of The American Narrative This book was described by Colin Cowherd as being an excellent book He was naming other book titles which he considered very good on his show and I wrote them all down and intend to read them This one tells the life story of Pete Maravich, a star basketball player who played to national fame from the late sixties until about 1980 The tale is an interesting one Pete s father was a driving force and the main force in Pete s basketball career Pete was a complicated person who had his talents and his faults I enjoyed the writing It was easy to read, and flowed better and better as the pages passed by I could not put the book down for then last 50 pages and they were the ones not describing his playing It included his life after his playing days were over, his death, and his sons and their trials and tribulations trying to begin their late teen and adult lives as persons and as ballplayers I was not really a fan of Pete s I just never started following him, and I am in Phoenix so I am a Phoenix fan But this book makes me a fan A great sports book If you are a fan of Maravich, and have not read this, I think you will enjoy it. Pete Maravich was one of the most flamboyant and exciting athletes of the 1970s This excellent book is actually less about Pistol Pete and much about his father Press Maravich Press lost his own father at a young age in a mining fatality in Western PA His mom remarried and Press became the forgotten stepson in the new family Press as a youngster was going nowhere fast in a dead end mining town until he went to a local religious youth group meeting where, perchance, they organized basketball games for the children Press became obsessed with basketball and nothing else and soon became the star of the high school team After graduation, as a star athlete and apparently very good looking, Press could have been popular on the dating scene Yet, likely affected by his own life, Press quickly married a young widow and mother of an infant whose husband died in the war Yet, in the cyclical nature of life, Press apparently soon ignored his stepson completely when Pete was born Press remained obsessed with basketball and basketball strategy and soon became a top high school and collegiate coach in the early days of basketball He also became than completely obsessed in making his son the greatest basketball player of all time Press forced or cajoled or encouraged Pete to practice basketball practically 18 hours a day, mostly working on dribbling and passing Anyway, the book reads like a Greek tragedy than a sports biography when Press starts abandoning all his old school defense first team oriented coaching skills once his son plays on his LSU team, his stepson withdraws from society and falls into abuse and addiction, his wife becomes a total alcoholic who dies much too early and finally Pete becomes a national celebrity and multi millionaire The book is completely riveting even for those who do not recall the glory days of Pistol Pete s playing days or indeed have never watched a basketball game. There s a line in Mark Kriegel s book Pistol that does a good job of summarizing Pete Maravich s life, and the book, quite nicely I don t want to play 10 years in the NBA and die of a heart attack at 40 Instead, he died of a heart defect at 40, after playing in the NBA for almost 10 years Pistol is not so much a biography as it is a study on passion and obsession and how the two can be confused At it s core it s about how much a father, in this case Press Maravich, can drive his son into greatness and tragedy Into a legend, although one marred by tragedy.To me, the way Pete Maravich was described reminded me of Pete Rose Rose took a one time criticism from his father on not running out a groundball into a career known as Charlie Hustle, much in the same way that Press love for basketball led to the devotion that Pete poured into it, devoting his life to the game However, Rose got off lightly compared to Maravich, who almost all of his life playing the game, almost never getting the respect he deserved, at least not until his career had finished Pistol covers not just the life of Pete, but also that of Press The book opens with a young Press, stuck with no future in a Pennsylvania steel town where the sky was colored a flaming orange by the factories, notes Kriegel discovers a way out basketball, a game which he takes to almost immediately The book was surely not off the mark when it says that Press mistook the game for salvation it would dominate the rest of his life.From there the book covers Press exploits in the early days of professional basketball and the first few years of what to become his pastime, coaching By the time that Pete was a small child, Press was coaching his just as much and perhaps then he was with his team, the NC State Wolfpack.Here, the book goes into great detail, from newspaper clippings to interviews with people who were around, into this period of Pete s life, when he was almost forced into basketball, practicing for hours a day, right up to during his teenage years It was here, on the basketball court, that Pete found what he was craving all along affection, from the fans who loved seeing his flashy moves and passes.The book does a great job of covering both the highs His 68 point game against the Knicks, his record setting performances at LSU and the lows his knee injury, LSU s collapse in the 1970 NIT of his career, as well as the interesting dynamic of Press and Pete s relationship, and how it changed over the years.It goes on, later, describing the aftermath of his NBA career his depression, his spiritual rebirth as a born again Christian, and eventually, his early death on a basketball court, fittingly.Overall, Pistol is an interesting book it paints a picture of Pete as a tragic and often depressed superstar, and does a very good job of it It s meticulously researched there s even a large list of footnotes and references included and very well written, although it does compare Pete to another flawed legend, Joe Namath who, by the way, was the subject of another book written by Mark Kriegel on a regular basis.It s definitely worth a read. Pistol Pete is the man It cannot be argued that he changed basketball If only kids knew how much he practiced and followed his lead. In the last few years I ve often had the belief that Pete Maravich the legend was better than Pete Maravich the player because he was a white guy who was very good at basketball This book disproves that belief He was very good absolutely ahead of his time but he also struggled with some demons many of us don t have to deal with. The book Pistol The Life of Pete Maravich was not nearly as good as hoped it would be Maybe it s just that Pete s life wasn t as interesting as I thought or the author didn t do a great job telling the story, but I was t a big fan of this book It starts out very slow talking about the story of Pete s dad, Press Press was a great basketball player too as a child He loved the game than anyone on any of his teams and he was willing to do anything just to play a few games of basketball He even went to church so he could use the gym offered by the youth pastor When Pete finally comes into the story, Press wants the absolute best for Pete From day one Press pushed Pete very hard to be the best basketball player he could possibly be My favorite parts were the stories of Pete s commitment to practicing as a young child Pete seriously practiced eight to ten hours a day no matter what the weather was or where he had to do it During the school year, Pete didn t take breaks from practicing either Pete and his father had a goal from very early on in Pete s life and that was for Pete to become the first athlete to be paid one million dollars Finally when Pete got to the NBA he achieved his goal If you love basketball and would like to know about Pete Maravich s life I would recommend this book, but other than that it is pretty dry. Older basketball fans will know that Pistol Pete was the Elvis of basketball, a white guy who could play black before the black guys did He was an amazing ball handler and prolific scorer If there had been a three point line in the late sixties when the Pistol was in college his average would have been 58 a game for his career As it stands, his scoring record will never be broken His is a sad story Kriegel tells it pretty well Pete dropped dead at age 40 playing in a pick up came with Dr James Dobson of Focus on the Family Pete had become a born again Christian and happy for the first time in his short life Most curiously the autopsy discovered he suffered from a congenital heart problem which should have killed him at age twenty Instead, he ran the court full speed for many, many years I never got to see him in person but lived in Florida during his last year at LSU He was on TV a lot and a marvel to watch There are many YouTubes of the Pistol including clips from his classic video Homework Basketball where he demonstrates the fantastic drills invented by Pete and his b ball coach father Press Maravich Worth a read by hard core fans.

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