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Plague It S Been Eight Months Since All The Adults Disappeared GONEThey Ve Survived Hunger They Ve Survived Lies But The Stakes Keep Rising, And The Dystopian Horror Keeps Building Yet Despite The Simmering Unrest Left Behind By So Many Battles, Power Struggles, And Angry Divides, There Is A Momentary Calm In Perdido BeachBut Enemies In The FAYZ Don T Just Fade Away, And In The Quiet, Deadly Things Are Stirring, Mutating, And Finding Their Way Free The Darkness Has Found Its Way Into The Mind Of Its Nemesis At Last And Is Controlling It Through A Haze Of Delirium And Confusion A Highly Contagious, Fatal Illness Spreads At An Alarming Rate Sinister, Predatory Insects Terrorize Perdido Beach And Sam, Astrid, Diana, And Caine Are Plagued By A Growing Doubt That They Ll Escape Or Even Survive Life In The FAYZ With So Much Turmoil Surrounding Them, What Desperate Choices Will They Make When It Comes To Saving Themselves And Those They Love Plague, Michael Grant S Fourth Book In The Bestselling Gone Series, Will Satisfy Dystopian Fans Of All Ages

About the Author: Michael Grant

Co author with Katherine Applegate of Ocean City, Making Out, Summer, Animorphs, Everworld, Remnants, Eve and Adam Pseudonymous coauthor with KA of Christy the TV spin off books , Sweet Valley Twins, Girl Talk and various Disney spin offs Pseudonymous author of Barf O Rama Author of Gone, BZRK, The Magnificent 12, Messenger of Fear, Front Lines, Monster and A Sudden Death in Cyprus AKA Michae

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    This book pretty much completely overruled everything negative I may have said about Lies The last book seemed like the series was running out of juice and I found it impossible to believe that Grant could sustain the story throughout the 3 books he had planned But alas, all is forgiven and Plague was pretty much awesome, apart from so

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    POST READING UPDATE Why do I do this to myself Even as I was checking it out from the library, I was berating myself for my lack of common sense Checking out a book I am fully aware will terrify meAnd it did Not as much as the others, because I read it quickly and in the daylight, but I have the feeling I m going to be checking the far corners o

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    OMFG this was amazing i loved it great character development, action packed plot.just wow.

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    For the most part, Plague was just as entertaining and action packed as its predecessors.To be honest, though, I m starting to have an issue with the determined length of this series.You see, I kind of wish this series would only be 5 books, instead of, like, 6 Knowing that there are at least two books to go before any kind of resolution hits is rather ex

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    My favorite ongoing series of the past couple of years continues with Plague, and proves that the first three books were no fluke This is just as action packed, jaw dropping and lightning paced as the first books And a TON bloodier.So it s been eight months since every adult disappeared and the impenetrable dome descended on the sleepy town of Perdido Beach Throug

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    Eh.I read the first book of the series and loved it Second, a tad less Third, I started to hate the characters and find some mistakes in the writing And now I m just reading it to see how it ends I mean, it s a good book, it just has a lot of stuff going on Things that bother me 1 The amount of characters He just keeps throwing them at you There s so many that when they reappear i

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    Het verhaal word echt steeds beter, gekker en bizarder Tot 1 15 liggen lezen vanacht, boek MOEST uit Wat gebeurt er met Pete Drake is terug Wtf is er met Hunter aan de hand echt jeuk gehad tijdens het lezen Knapt er nu eindelijk eens iets in Astrid En nutella Zo genoeg om jullie nieuwsgierig te maken, en nu lezen Hup

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    Plague, out of all the four Gone novels, was definitely the most graphic and harsh, but very realistic The thing I like about Michael Grant is that he doesn t gloss over stuff, but dives right into it the characters, the plot, the drama, was all perfectly detailed and well written I like how the author goes between different kids in all his books, because it lets the readers get a good feel of what

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    3.75 5I m just glad that I m getting closer and closer to finishing this series.Overall, it is interesting enough for me to continue, but not so much that I couldn t wait to see the ending due to genuine excitement I rushed through the last 30 pages because I just wanted to finish this and move on to other books I guess this series so far is okay.

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    My, how I love the Gone novels If you haven t given these books a try yet, they come with my highest most sincere recommendation They are fast paced high intensity, but at the same time, incredibly thoughtful books However, out of all the four novels, be warned Plague wins the gross out award, for sure Let s just say that the plague is not your average virus and tbh, it isn t even the least of the kids

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