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Raincheck The description of this book states that the character s are lonely I ve read that before in descriptions but the author, Sarah Madison, truely achieved that feeling For me, this is the first time that a book evoked such abiding sadness and loneliness in and for the character Your heart will just break for the Rodney gargoyle character Rodney is a very likable character and despite his century plus age, his gentle heart and naivet are endearing The story sets up the pending intimate relationship between the duo in a believable way Rodney and human, Dave, have a chance meeting where Rodney from the shadows calls BS on Dave s I can t escape my guilded cage excuse at an unhappy life Over the course of a long period Dave seeks out Rodney despite never getting a glimpse of Rodney Dave respects Rodney s desire to stay in the shadows, but values his conversations and budding friendship with Rodney During this period of time Rodney is developing strong emotional ties and beyond friendly feelings for Dave Rodney looks over Dave without Dave s knowledge and one night comes to his rescue Dave s acceptance of Rodney as a gargoyle is really quite cute It s at this part where the reader starts to see Dave s deeper feelings for Rodney as well The culmination of the relationship is very tame with the focus being on the feelings and not so much on the sexual act Liking the characters so much, I would have liked a little bit graphic description of their interlude as it felt a little abrupt Overall, it was a very sweet and heartfelt story. This was, by far, one of the sweetest short stories I have ever read What surprised me were the moments of laugh out loud hilarity that I was so not expecting Raincheck is a sweet story about looking beyond the outside and valuing what is inside.Rodney is a hundred and fifty year old gargoyle He s a little worried because the base he rests on during the day is cracking If it falls during the day with him in his stone form, he will die Once his base is gone, Rodney will have nowhere to return at the end of the night and he will cease to exist One night he meets David, a tenant in the building Rodney thinks David is the most beautiful man he s ever seen He knows, though, that he can t show himself to David because that will end their burgeoning friendship Until the night that Rodney rescues David from a mugger, and everything changes.David is the oldest son of a wealthy developer His first conversation with the guy , Rodney, he meets on the roof convinces him to tell his dad the truth and break free from the family obligations he doesn t want When Rodney rescues him from a mugger, David s first thought is that Rodney looks like Yoda on some serious steroids His second thought is who knew they made gargoyles so anatomically correct Hmm.I really enjoyed this story My only complaint I wanted it to be longer I would have liked to see of Rodney and David And, by the way, I m not telling the ending because that would ruin it Buy the book It s worth it.NOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews. Rodney Isn T Like Other Gargoyles No Doubt It S Because Of His Fascination With Humans And Their Culture For Decades He S Been Content To Observe From The Shadows, But Then A Lonely Human Wanders Onto Rodney S Rooftop One Night And Turns His World Upside Down David Marshall Is Everything Rodney Has Wanted In All His Years Of Solitude Rodney Manages To Keep His Crush And His Identity A Secret Until David Needs A Gargoyle S Protection Than Late Night Conversations With A Reclusive Friend Will David Be Able To See Past The Monstrous Exterior To The True Person Within Time Is Running Out, And Rodney Must Try To Grab Onto Life And Love Before It S Too Late 3.5 I enjoyed this book, but I really wish it had been longer I really needed a bit of escapism, something short and quick to read that captured my emotions I wanted to laugh, I wanted to cry, I wanted to say, Awww And I wanted to do it all on my lunch break Yeah, it s a lot to ask of a short story Luckily, I found just that in Raincheck, by Sarah Madison A gargoyle, infatuated with a human Cool The best part is that the ending wasn t transparent Ms Madison had me guessing right up until the end The part where Rodney sat on the rooftop, contemplating what the next few minutes might bring Brilliant She drew me in, had my heart breaking, yet allowed me a little bit of hope I felt so deeply for Rodney, his pain, his resignation, his regret His carefully kept little horde of treasures also had me sniffling, recalling the things we all keep tucked away that might be labeled junk by others, but to us is irreplaceable David was the perfect love interest, at a place in his life where he needed a change, to stop in his tracks and take a new direction, Rodney as his unseen career advisor I love how David insisted being there for the end Sniff I m tearing up now just thinking about it Wonderfully, fully engaging story Sweet without being syrupy with a satisfying ending Highly recommended. 3.5A very cute and sweet read I absolutely loooved the premise of this story and Rodney, the gargoyle, was just too awesome for words His love for books, his train of thought, his crush on David all those elements were great and made this story enjoyable.However, there were some things I had a few problems with David s acceptance of Rodney is a bit too quick, too easy Let s not forget that we talk about something that changes your complete outlook on the world and life I mean if I met a mythical creature I d first probably pee myself and then spend the next hours days weeks months rethinking everything I thought I knew about the world.Then, the physical part view spoiler Accepting Rodney as a friend is one thing, but to throw yourself into interspecies sex like that I m not saying it s bad, just that I d expect David to need a little time to get used to the idea hide spoiler 3.5 stars Rounded up for Goodreads, because I am totally enad with Rodney the gargoyle.This story about a gargoyle who falls in love with a lonely human completely charmed me I have never read or even heard of another romance that featured a gargoyle as a protagonist, so Raincheck felt really different for that reason And Rodney is no ordinary gargoyle Rodney is a sweet but tactless gargoyle with a love for all things human, particularly human literature I found him completely endearing David was a good character too, but he was much less fleshed out than Rodney I really wish this story had been expanded to a full length novel so that both the romance and the gargoyle lore could have been explored thoroughly Still, I highly recommend it I want to go back and read it all over again now. LOVELY romance The choice of the protagonist and only narrator be the gargoyle was perfect imagine it a gargoyle An interesting paranormal story about a gargoyle crushing on a tenant of the building he rests on Fun snarky gargoyle dialogue with a pretty sweet romance and a clever ending. 5 stars because it made me smile and i really enjoyed it.

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