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Rébétiko (La mauvaise herbe) Athens,General Metaxas Is Cracking Down On Rebetis And Their Way Of Life A Small Group Of Friends Rebetiko Musicians Wind Their Way Through The Athenian Backstreets, Ouzeris And Market Squares Dodging The Police While Settling Disputes Over Hashish And Women With Music At Its Heart, The Narrative Builds To A Joyous Party At Its Climax In This Multi Award Winning Graphic Novel Il rebetiko con Prudhomme, come il klezmer con Sfar, ha avuto il suo romanzo a fumetti Le note di questo genere musicale greco si adagiano su splendide pagine disegnate e acquerellate, un tripudio di colori, ombre che si intrecciano e disegnano sagome in fuga, sguardi che emergono dal buio o dalle spire del fumo dei narghil Il rebetiko si ciba della vita ai margini, della tristezza e delle insoddisfazioni, delle pance vuote e degli amori finiti male Prudhomme racconta un giorno delle vite di un gruppo di musicisti che entrano ed escono dal carcere e da localini di periferia, nel pieno della messa al bando operata da Metaxas, che giudicava il rebetiko una musica troppo orientalista Eventi piccoli per esistenze pure fino alla ferocia La libert e la necessit di andare ovunque, senza legami, e non essere mai concreti, solidi come le note che nascono improvvise per morire senza lasciare traccia. Great artwork, mediocre book non stato sempre agevole seguire la storia dei vari personaggi, ma i disegni sono molto belli e il racconto della boh me greca osteggiata da un regime ottuso ha una sua poesia interessante l argomento, complessivamente un opera forte e insolita. izimler ok g zel, anlatmaya al t hikaye ok g zel ama metinler ve diyaloglar m ba tansavma, yoksa evirisi mi vasat n alt nda zemedim Her ey ok kopuk kopuk, takip etmesi ok zor. A very confusingly told story about a fascinating topic The visual style is pretty muddy and kind of blurs everything together, which is thematically appropriate but makes it difficult to tell what s actually going on and who s who The compression is also all over the place, and on top of this, I think the narrative suffers in the translation A unique subject and some beautiful visual work in places but there s not much narrative payoff until the very end and, counter to the spirit of the story, getting there is drudgery. Rebetiko the outlawed music in Greece after the Ottoman empire has fallen but the people love it, while the musicians are passionate about telling their yesterdays and today story through their music.The story follows the adventure of a group of musicians, their reunion and plans how to pour their hearts through their music without being caught by the police Enemies, love, fights, opium, musicThe four stars is for the art I love the coloring and the style, the only problem are the faces sometimes it s hard to recognize the characters Another minus for me was the music u can t feel it in the drawings at times they r very static and boring A good read. I think graphic novels are a cheap excuse for writers getting away with not being able to write descriptive passages For every page with no dialog, you get a handful of weird facial expressions from which you are supposed to extract or make presumptions yourself about what is actually taking place Don t think I m much a fan of this genre Although the story and subject itself are pretty cool, I d like to see this done better Maybe a modern take on a Zorba the Greek sort of film on rebetika Maybe it s already out there I ll be looking. A wonderful story about a group of rebete in the 1920s The story only covers a small narrative time, about a day, but it s packed with drama and personalities It was also a way to introduce me to this style of music and the fascinating history surrounding it. Mangas

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