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Ride On I don t normally do westerns, but I loved Gwen s other book, so I knew I was going to read this one I loved Seph and Avery They re both fantastic characters who are fierce and stand up for themselves They re both level headed and loyal and the dual POV made it easy to root for them Plot wise, it did feel a bit repetitive, even though I was fully invested in what was happening There is a lot of riding and running and fighting and guns There were a couple of times that I was surprised at what was taking place when I turned the page Overall, it was the characters that sucked me in and the writing kept me there I can t wait to see what Gwen comes up with next Huge thanks to Sky Pony press for providing the arc free of charge I received this novel from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.This novel blew me away, it started off a little slow but quickly picked up the pace It is a wonderful, original tale of two worlds colliding inside one very messed up universe I love the originality of blending a Western with this Dystopian world, it works so incredibly well and really gives the book a great feel.I love the characters, not only for who they are and what they stand for, but their realness Seph is constantly second guessing and questioning himself, something that we can all relate to Just as we can relate to Avery, in than one way She is honest, gutsy and wholesome, qualities that are becoming rare in our female protagonists.I really enjoyed this novel, much than I expected to and I think that is solely down to the writing style, just when something is feeling dull , Cole throws in a tiny lyrical moment, showing you the ways the trees are moving in the breeze, the way a horse s flank shivers at a fly, something that draws you back into the moment.This book is a great read, and will surprise you Five well earned stars This beautiful book is so full of voice, you ll be instantly transported to a gritty, sunless world of outlaws and horses with Seph and Avery If you want loads of action and fully realized characters you can really invest in, this is the book for you PHENOMENAL. I received this eARC from Skyhorse Publishing on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of this book in any way.DNF d at 30%Honestly, I was getting really tired of this book I m not a huge fan of westerns, but I am of post apocalypses Unfortunately, this was a western with brief mentions of it being post apocalyptic Laura Ingalls Wilder could have shown up at any moment and it wouldn t have been much out of place tbh.The actual cause of this apocalypse is extremely unclear, and the dissolution of society even less so The insta love was weird lots of lines about eyes and cliche and dragged down the story s potential from a 4 to a 2 on a 10 scale.I really enjoyed Seph s perspectives, because though I haven t read this book yet it gave me some strong The Road vibes what with his father and their travels through dangerous terrain But Avery was really annoying First of all, it took me a few pages to even realize her brother wasn t like 10 but was in fact her twin because of how they interacted at first Then, she just kind of stumbles on bad, weird situations one after the other before coming upon Seph The action felt really rushed, the chase scenes lacked tension, the villains were repeated and copied like three times, and I kept getting confused with the horses names thinking I d missed a character introduction I kept expecting Cade to start talking or something the way these horses were written Seph s narration even just read better than Avery s, as if he both had to say and knew how to say it better.Overall, it isn t the worst book I ve DNF d but I m really not feeling it, and that insta love was really the last straw I d really rather not waste my time on a crappy book, ARC or not. I ve been on a bit of a post apocalyptic dystopian ride for the past few months When I originally saw Ride On, a post apocalyptic western, I thought, giddy up Cole doesn t really touch on the how or the why of what happened to create this post apocalyptic world, all we know for certain is that the sun is forever hidden behind a gray sky It could be one thing or another that caused it, to me, it really doesn t matter, what really matters is what the author and characters are going to do with it Ride On bounces back and forth between Avery and Seph s perspectives Both of these kids have had to grow up fast They ve both suffered loss and adversities, their world has made them old beyond their years While the story is definitely YA, this thick skin and maturity made them a bit relatable to an old pod like myself Ride On was a fun read I got to meet a couple of new friends in Avery and Seph, but I felt like I could have gone with an adult version of the story This is my own fault When I pick up a story about youngins written for youngins, I should expect certain things The author has to give that audience what they want and expect.I enjoyed Ride On I can see that it should connect with a particular audience I just didn t find what I was looking for Cole is a talented storyteller who should definitely stick around I received a copy of the book from the publisher via NetGalley. The cover is boring It s simple I see YA Western I add it to my TBR lol review also posted on my blog be honest, I was a bit anxious to begin this book This is my second ARC that I received on NetGalley, and the first one wasn t a really pleasurable experience for me However, I m glad that I can say that I really enjoyed this book To begin, the story structure was very interesting and quite unique compared to other Young Adult books The chapters flipped point of views between the two main characters Seph and Avery I personally loved this method that the author used, and it kept me entertained throughout almost the whole book Sometimes I would see how Avery felt about a specific event, and then I would see it from Seph s perspective.The characters I feel like I connected a lot with Seph than I did with Avery I feel that it should be the opposite because I m a girl and have similar characteristics to Avery than Seph However I just felt that when the author was writing in Seph s perspective, it was a lot entertaining to read and easy to connect with I feel like Avery was kind of just there It was all tell, no show Like wow I see a beautiful sky versus Seph being like It resonated with the deepest part of my soul the waves were me I AM the waves They represent me BeautifulI can watch them forever If I die here, I will be content Btw this didn t actually happen in the book, I m just giving an example Although Seph was a loner, I felt of a connection between Seph and his horse, Cade, than between Avery and her brother, Finn Don t get me wrong they have a nice sibling relationship but I feel like the author could have stressed their love for each other view spoiler For example, Even though Avery went to huge lengths to get Finn back after he was captured, I kind of felt like she was just chasing him She really didn t mention how she felt throughout the whole ordeal and she didn t mention being worried about him or anything hide spoiler Gwen Cole, you have made me a fan for life.I mean, I kind of basically was after Cold Summer but Ride On just proves that I m all in.Seph and Avery are two characters who couldn t be different An orphan versus someone who is family minded An outlaw versus a law abiding citizen But not all is as it seems as we start to peel back the layers on these characters.See, desperate times can change a person When you re living in a post apocalyptic world that looks a lot like where we are headed on that in a minute , anything goes to stay alive Seph and Avery are playing a high stakes game to stay alive day to day and I was on the edge of my seat while their POVs switched off I happened to be on a plane during a particularly nerve wrecking scene and I wondered if the baby in the seat next to me was up to a chat about how Gwen Cole is basically a monster she s lovely but omg I loved the setting in the story We know our world is headed toward a world without sun if we don t get it together Imagine the wreckage in this world This isn t an unfamiliar place Creating a western like world felt right for the damage we do to our planet Desperate measures and all that If you love SFF with a great set of relationship romance plots, read all things Gwen Cole The Law Can T Help Her But One Outlaw CanIn The Near Post Apocalyptic Future, The Skies Are Always Gray And People Are Constantly Searching For The Sun For Teenage Outlaw Seph, It S The Only World He S Ever Known With His Horse, His Favorite Pistol, And His Knowledge For Survival Passed Down From His Dead Father, Seph Knows It S Safer To Be Alone But After A Run In With A Local Gang That Call Themselves The Lawmen, And Having Been Wrongly Accused Of Murder, Seph Teams Up With Avery A Determined Girl Whose Twin Brother Has Been Taken By The Same GangAfter Living In A Small, Rundown Town Her Whole Life, Avery Knows Nothing Of The Wild The Lands Controlled By Nobody Where Travel Is Risky With Seph S Help, They Track Down Her Brother But Quickly Find The Tables Have Turned And They Are Now The Ones Being Hunted With Rumors Of Mysterious Dangers To The South And A Safe Sanctuary To The West, They Ve Only Got One Option, But Getting There Won T Be Easy With The Lawmen On Their Trail The Only Thing That Matters In The Wild Is How Fast Your Trigger Hand Is, But Seph Doesn T Know If His Will Be Fast Enough To Save Them All Disclaimer I received this free book from the publisher This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest Ride On is entirely entertaining Both Seph and Avery have pretty compelling backstories which are established early on This makes it easily readable because you naturally want to find out about them Why is Avery in the Wild What secrets is Seph hiding While this is certainly a post apocalyptic story the premise being the sky is permanently occluded by clouds it reads like a Western to me The setting is in this far future, but there isn t a whole ton of world building to than that Characters 4, World 3, Plot 4, Writing 4full review

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Gwen Cole grew up in upstate New York and then moved to Virginia where she did not graduate college Instead she played bass guitar in a hardcore band and later married the lead guitarist She enjoys large jigsaw puzzles, playing Xbox and softball, and watching movies Gwen now lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband, daughter, and very large dog, where she longs to live in the country again.

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