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Room to Breathe Liz TalleyRoom to BreatheI have read all of the books written by Liz Talley and I will say Room to Breathe was outside for box for Liz Talley I loved the main character Daphne she finally woke up from what I call a coma and finished strong and grew some balls as well call it and not let everyone push her around and be a doormat Her daughter Ellery also grew up in this book and realized the detour life threw her was the right path and she became a strong young woman Both women learned to deal with what life can throw at you whether it is good, bad or ugly Also throw some hot men into the mix and all is well with the world The women learned from their mistakes and misfortunes I would definitely recommend Room To Breathe, it will be on my favorite book list for sure. A Funny, Emotional Novel Full Of Southern Charm About A Mother And Daughter Ready To Start Over Liz Talley Delivers Her Dialogue Is Crisp And Smart, Her Characters Are Vivid And Real, Her Stories Are Unputdownable Robyn Carr, New York Times Bestselling Author For A Good Part Of Daphne Witt S Life, She Was A Supportive Wife And Dutiful Mother Now That She S Divorced And Her Daughter, Ellery, Is All Grown Up, Daphne S Celebrating The Best Part Of Her Life, A Successful Career, And A Flirtation With An Attentive Hunk Fifteen Years Her Junior Who Happens To Be Her Daughter S Ex BoyfriendEllery Is Starting Over, Too She S Fresh Out Of College Her Job Prospects Are Dim And To Support Her Fianc In Med School, She S Returned Home As Her Mother S New Assistant Ellery Never Expected Her Own Life Plan To Take Such A Detour With No Outlet For Her Frustration, She Lets An Online Flirtation Go A Little Too Far, Especially Considering Her Pen Pal Thinks He S Corresponding With Her MotherAs Love Lives Tangle, Secrets Spill, And Indiscretions Are Betrayed, Mother And Daughter Will Have A Lot To Learn Not Only About The Mistakes They Ve Made But Also About The Men In Their Lives And The Women They Are Each Hoping To Become When does a woman take control of her own life when she has divorced and has raised her daughter But Daphne is having trouble cutting the ties of her apron string with her daughter Ellery, who has been spoiled all her life, especially by her father Daphne wants to get on with her life and Ellery thinks she should stay as she is, just her mother But Daphne is not having it She misses something she had been lacking in her marriage Sex and although there other ways of going about this, she finds herself attracted to the contractor who is remodeling the house that she is putting up for sale He just happened to be just a few years older than her daughter Does she go for it You will have to read the book to find out The relationship between a mother and a daughter is like walking through a landmine well in my estimation it is Daphne wants to change her life and Ellery wants her mother to stay the way she was, always being there when ever Ellery needed her Daphne wants and she s going to get it Both women have secrets and until they can be honest with each other, life is going to be a rough ride and the men in their lives will only complicate their relationship I really loved this book I so admired Daphne for taking charge of her life and with Ellery, there were times I wanted someone to give her a kick up the backside Liz Talley gave us some great characters that added great dimensions to the story I especially loved Daphne s long time friend who spoke her mind on how to live your life on your own terms This story had so many twits and surprises that I could not put it down and I also did not want it to end, but Liz Talley brought this book to a wonder HEA for Daphne and for Ellery Thank you Liz Talley, and Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book I look forward to the next book by and author who has become a must read for me. Liz Talley has a gift for creating flawed, fascinating, and memorable characters, embedded in a narrative that draws you in and doesn t let go The story focuses on a mother, Daphne Witt, and her daughter Ellery Daphne, who was pregnant in high school, and then married to Rex, raised Ellery Daphne found great success as a children s author, which her husband couldn t handle, and the two divorced Ellery is a spoiled, entitled person, who is engaged to Josh, a first year medical student Ellery just finished her degree in fashion design, but did not get the one internship she applied for, and with no backup plan, comes home to Shreveport to live with Josh, and work for her mom Ellery has a lot of growing up to do, which she accomplishes despite a lot of wrong turns and atrocious behavior.The book is about both Daphne and Ellery s journey to happiness and, in Ellery s case, maturity as well Even Rex, the doofus ex husband, comes to a better understanding of his boorish behavior, so there may be some redemption in his future I won t write about the story in order for you to enjoy the journey without spoilers.I mentioned above Liz Talley s gift in creating memorable characters As an example, let me use the minor character of Clay Caldwell, a 25 year old contractor, who once briefly dated Ellery when both were in in high school Clay is a contractor who is renovating Daphne s house, and is attracted to Daphne as much as Daphne is attracted to Clay After a few initial few scenes of mutual attraction, Clay makes two short appearances later in the book His character became so real to me I worried how Clay would end up in life That is magical writing I just loved this book, as I followed the unfolding, interweaving stories of Daphne and Ellery.I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from the publisher and am voluntarily reviewing the book. October kindle first read Daphne, almost 40 years old, with a strained relationship with her spoiled, beautiful daughter that she her ex husband, Rex, adore, is finally at a point to take action to be happy with herself and her life, after her divorce and rapid accent to be an accomplished children s book author and illustrator That is a lot to put into one sentence, but that is how this book feels to me It hooked me in the first chapter and there was no looking back It never let me go I was absorbed in the lives of the characters Daphne became pregnant at 16 and soon married Rex They built a good life with their daughter, Ellery, but it was always Daphne that held them all together She was the fixer of all problems and the worker ant that got everything done After her divorce, she truly found herself and she liked the person she was successful, talented and worthy of love.Ellery always had a golden cloud above her Everything she wanted, she received Almost everything in her life went her way On the odd occasion that she was not the chosen one , her parents stepped in and made it better She is approaching her 23rd birthday and her life is now totally crumbling She has no idea how to handle a life that is not perfect and she is falling apart inside, while smiling on the outside denying all the issues.There is so much going on in this story, but you should experience that first hand and not in a review Liz Talley does an excellent job of character development Each character is unique and memorable I especially love a minor character Tippy Lou She is a spicy, tell it like it is, hippy spiritualist If you do not want your problem discussed honestly, it is best to not visit her.This book is so well written and the story flows so easily I truly enjoyed every moment of my time in this story There are some serious issues tackled and then the humor came and I was laughing out loud and smiling I will also add that I love the book cover I want to thank NetGalley.com and the author, Liz Talley for allowing me to read this fantastic book my review is my own opinion, not influenced by receiving the ARC of this book. When you have a newly successful children s author, that is also a divorced woman who is about to turn 40, a spoiled daughter that graduated from college, who thought she was a shoe in for an internship and didn t bother with applying elsewhere, then throw in the ex husband with the young girlfriend and his business is floundering, you have a hot mess Daphne was a teenager when she became pregnant, and then married Rex Daphne being the typical people pleaser took care of everyone She stumbled lucked out on her career as a children s author just recently Rex couldn t handle nor support her, because Daphne was the doer in the family and the business Daphne now wants to move on, which equals moving out of the family home to start fresh Ellery, the daughter, works as an assistant for her mother She exuded entitlement to the point that she was truly messed up, which became even exacerbated by her live in med student fianc e, being supported financially by her father, and then she stumbles upon information that her fianc e is gay To make this story even interesting, Daphne has a fling with a much younger man, who happens to be her daughter s age Ellery takes up an online flirtation with a reader who thinks he is corresponding with her mother, which in turn has the hots for Daphne I absolutely could not put down this book, because I wanted to know what was going to happen next There are many players involved in this story that will get you hooked I received this book via Net Galley and I truly appreciate Liz Talley giving me the opportunity to read this

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