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Seek Me with All Your Heart (Land of Canaan, #1) Very good book This book shows how important communication is in a family Seeking God and keeping our eyes on Him is a reoccuring theme We are all unworthy, but we should not forget how much God loves us and has given for us Also this book reminds us of how we cannot run away from the past, but must deal with it We all need friends and this book brings this out I would highly recommend this book. Seek Me with all your Heart by Brenda WisemanReviewed for Mommykins, who loves her some Amish Inspirational Bible Toting Romances, but thought this was just the outside of enough.Disclaimer SPOILERS Like whoa, majorly, and totally filling the ante room of yon review Warning this book review is rated G It is also probably filled with plot inaccuracies due to skimming and boredom but this may be the fault of the author, she was kind of random No offense is intended towards the author, only constructive criticism delivered with a pinch of humor and whoa tons of snark.Note These romances are apparently called Bonnet Rippers oh yaya Aaah the INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCE novel Guaranteed to be free of sex and heavy petting, and chock full of stilted language, properly cited Bible verses and prayer meetings and hymn singings than the normal church going population could shake a stick at Usually, these things are terrible, and terrible as in it s not even so bad it s funny it s just boring Ditto for the Amish romance, if I have to hear another random use of Pennsylvania Dutch so I feel fully immersed in the culture, dontcha know I m quite sure I shall become ill However, every once in a long, long, took an Amish buggy to get to the grocery store twenty miles in town while, there s one that s fantabulously awful Such is the case with Beth Wiseman s Seek Me with all your Heart that s how it looks on the cover , and just in case we re so awesomely caught up in this novel that we just want MORE MORE MORE It s part of a series YAY A Land of Canaan Novel LGMs from Toy Story go ooooOOOOOOOooooo Anyhoo, so this story is loaded as in overloaded WIDE WIDE LOAD with so many MAJOR plot points just in the set up that I was confused if this was one novel, three novels or just a survey of what a happy ending MIGHT look like if all these people with a myriad of horrible pasts got together and hashed out their problems Here s the breakdown Emily Detweiler s family moved from Ohio BUCKEYES to Colorado after she was raped Heroine with BIG traumatic event in the past CHECK David Stoltzfus LOVE the name but give me some Yoders and Millers and Schwartzentrubers like Starship Troopers too please had a kidney transplant some years ago in his teens, he now thinks he only has a few years left to live, and he s really, really annoyed that his family has moved from Pennsylvania to Colorado because, um I don t know, maybe he thinks his lost kidney might provide some emotional support if he still lived closer to it Hero with MAJOR illness who thinks he is going to DIE CHECK CHECK To quote the summary As Emily and David each struggle with fears that haunt them, their faith and resolve are tested beyond what they could have imagined Though it s not long before their feelings grow beyond friendship, they re both too stubborn to follow their hearts Will it take a cranky, Old Englischer woman to help them see past their own worries Will they realize God has chosen a path for them in this Promised Land Will Stoltzfus kidney back in Pennsylvania ever find its way to Colorado to be reunited with its body Possibility for non stereotypical studio character actress cranky older woman who will bake cookies, show love, get an inward and outward makeover and become less cranky all while unknowingly blessing and assisting our bearded hero and bonneted heroine towards emotional healing and greater faith and true love major inhale CHECK CHECK CHECK Okay, so there s A LOT going in this book, but not in a good way Usually, the author picks either a majorly emotionally physically scarred hero or heroine, and the other player might have issues but not scary awful major ones Here, we ve got both of them so depressed they should be kept far, far, away from the harvester, the hay baler and the food processor Which means, MAJOR TOUCHING MOMENTS AHEAD Break out the extra absorbent hankies Then there s the cranky Englischer woman heading for hell but managing to get back on the straight and narrow way to heaven by healing her own inner wounds by lending support avec adorable crankiness to the two MAJORLY wounded main characters and, in case you were wondering, no, you totally don t see her in every Lifetime Hallmark Feature Films For Families made for TV movie that s been released since 1985 Honest ON TO THE READING Or, as Dr Jackson from Freshman Rhetoric used to say, Let us peek into the text Our story opens with Emily Detweiler working in an Amish like, grocery bulk food buy your flour sugar oatmeal in giant clear trash bags store I LOVE me an Amish bulk foods store with the honey in the giant white ten gallon bucket labeled HUNNY Zow wee It is here that our noble, heroic, single kidney ed at least, single original kidneyed, he got that transplant hero ventures to purchase a ten year supply of flour and possibly twenty pounds of brown sugar 10 points for Anne of Green Gables reference Of course, they don t have what he wants because, as Dear Damaged Emily points out in highly eloquent prose This is is a salvage store Her fingers ached as she twisted the strings of her apron tighter We sell freight and warehouse damaged groceries She bit her lip, but didn t take her eyes from him Keep in mind, this book is in large ass print, okay So I feel like the author is MAKING A REALLY BIG POINT ABOUT THIS Anyway, yes, I understand at this point Ms Wiseman is attempting to kill two Amish birds with one stone YODER BIRDS show Emily s understandable discomfort around men, and explain to us idiot English people what a salvage store is all through delightfully scintillating dialogue and internalized thoughts Suh WEEEEET And, as a side note, I so totally want to buy me some warehouse damaged groceries do they have like, weevils in them One must always choose the lesser of two weevils ah HAHAHAHAHA HA ha fine, whatever, moving on So, David Stoltzfuzz is like, SO not happy He threw up his hands in the air Emily thought his behavior was improper for an Amish man one, he s throwing them up I know the phrase but it just sounds weird when you add in the air because you know, if you hadn t said that, I might have thought he was throwing them somewhere else AWAY from himself I mean, honest mistake, right His kidney s still Lonesome in Lancaster so maybe he can detach his hands and make a 30 point jump shot with them or something 15 points for totally possibly misused sports reference Also, why is irritation indignation annoyance show of temper improper for an Amish person Like they don t get mad Because I m pretty sure they re like members of the human species It s not like she said he swore or anything oh well, what do I know NOTHING I shall defer to the ALL KNOWING Brenda WISEman MOVING ON So his exasperation frightens her and she freaks and tells him to leave if he doesn t like the place and he s like, dag, yo it be a LONG drive to Monte Cristo with a buggy in the snow And then her brother gets there and she s all crying because he doesn t like her store or because they don t have cheese and milk or something this is all to impress upon us the emotional trauma that one has if they ve been raped and then her brother comes in and is like I WILL CUT YOU STOLTZWUZZY And he s all bro I didn t do NOTHIN and then Emily straightened her kapp and then big brother tells Emily to go back to the haus YAY We get to learn random bits and pieces of Pennsylvania Dutch in order to give the story an authentic feel LGMs go ooooOOOOOOOOoooo Seriously straightened her kapp and go back to the haus Like, they would really randomly say that Damnit, Beth, they speak ENGLISH too Now I feel like you just thought, Hmmm I am writing an Amish romance If I use stilted dialogue and a small smackeral smidgen of the dialect sprinkled on top, then bake it at 350 for about 45 minutes in my hawt haus, I ll end up with an authentic piece of romantical kapp wearing krap On top of that, in case you were sitting there tilting the book about like the illiterate Gaston going what the f is a kapp and a haus she includes a wonderfully helpful BOLD printed minor dictionary in the beginning Because, you know, I was just dying to know if Aamen really was Amen or if Englisch was really the same thing as English Has she never heard of translation by context Or the fact that, English being a Germanic French post 1066 language and Pennsylvania Dutch being a derivative of Palatinate German, we might look at those words and just kind of, you know, figure it out for ourselves Although, I was kind of wavering for a few moments between haus translating as either a house or the Bonanza character Hoss who was as big as a hoss horse and a haus and house all put together But, given the context, I rightfully settled upon a house phew Dear Ms Wiseman, most authors, when they include non English words or dialogue, don t give us a dictionary, because, quite frankly, that s annoying Or, as your dictionary would say, dumm can you guess what it MEANS But, you know, major props because, in this book, every time someone is told to return to their haus it is always their haus and never their house so without that dictionary we might have been wondering if they were all randomly leaping into hobbit holes or something YAY OR, it s a curse, as in Why don t you go back to your HAUS of DOOOM Moving on So David StoltzenFuzzy meets Emily s bro Jacob who s like WAZZZZZZUUUUUUP and they like do some Top Secret Amish bowl cut Handshake just guessing and he s like is yo sister a NUT and he s like Nooooo, she s just WOOOOUNded and then little cute plot moppet sister Betsy comes in and she s described as follows a little girl came through the door She was wearing a black cape and a black kapp and black shoes She came to stand near the counter before David She thrust her hands on her hips and scowled at him and chewed her lip WOW one, I m confused, she was wearing a black kape, kapp and klodhoppers but was she wearing a DRESS and SOCKS I am SO sick of authors telling me soooooo many details in really choppy ways, if you want like, lines and lines of description that s fine but could the sentences be a little easier to read Talk about an over usage of pronouns, I think she used up her novel s quota by page three And, okay, the horrible laying out of how she s walking, standing, arm position, facial expression yada yada is really really really really REALLLY unnecessary I m thinking in my head okay wait let me picture this feet here, hands there, face like that, mouth like that, eyes looking here, okay got it so then what happens Like, lady, we all have an imagination, we can figure a few things out for ourselves, don t be such a control freak, it sounds like you were sitting there thinking AND DON T YOU DARE THINK HER ARMS WERE CROSSED OR SHE WAS STANDING NEAR THE DOOR BECAUSE I was there I was there he DIED ON THAT ISLAND anybody crickets sigh minus ten points for ineffective National Velvet reference.Moving on.So, I m also impressed that the little girl can say krap while chewing on her lip and thrusting her hands on her hips which is, I think, a wrong way to use that verb because the image is like a weird game of hokey pokey all while scowling too, so it s kind of like playing that really dumm Josephine game, but hey, what do I know Anyhoo, so the plot moppet also wants to be a vegetarian, and she is SMART we re told this, in like, a solitary sentence She is smart Woot because she is in a program for gifted children at school she gives her family a lengthy lecture on how vegetarianism will reduce her risk of heart disease and improve the regularity of her bowels Well this obviously won the American Heart Association s Seal of ApprovalSuh WEEEEET Someone s fudging their word count wink And she tells Mr David StoltzenF er that I want you to know that if your behavior instigated this outpouring of emotion from my sister, it would be best for you if you did not visit us here again No seriously, that s what she said, and she s SEVEN Now, I was an ornery little punk ass kid who read Shakespeare at seven but I don t think my friends or I wandered around delivering such brilliantly stilted lines of dialogue to strange dudes in grocery stores krap, that s a salvage store I d better calm my temper before I throw up my hands into Mississippi and let my improper exasperation show.Moving on So then we find out about Emily Jacob Betsy s bruder Levi , and I m guessing some extra bruders and cousins named Ezekiel and Ezra and Noah and Jebadiah and Obadiah and Mephibosheth are going to show up here soon because so far we re on a ROLL So, Jacob invites the scary improperly exasperated StoltzFuzzenator back to the HAUS for the DINNER which to me was really insensitive to the Emily and therefore kind of illogical in terms of plotting but our author was desperate to throw this kouple together and she figured inviting a stranger back to haus is soooooo GUUUT so they break bread and probably milk a few cows while singing Amish Paradise and then Mamm sends him home with cookies and other various munchies after he and Emily have begun to progress from foot staring to optical intercourse see Bob Jones University Definition staring too intently into the eyes of a member of the opposite sex as in, look DEEEEP into my EYES But be careful you don t make any eye babies , because now she can look into his blazing blue gaze O.M.G like whoa Turn up the AC because it s getting HOTTTT Tall Dark Loser in the HAUS And they invite him to a hymn sing at their haus and then poor Emily is like geez rents what s with the sudden over the top pressure of shoving weird guys into the haus Like, they re not insensitive, they just wish that she would get married and have babies and move out of the haus because she s like twenty and by this time all her friends have herds and flocks and veritable droves of bopplis and kinner which are frenziedly flips thirty five pages back to glossary babies and children.MOVING ON So Emily is like I ve got only FOUR DAYS to find a way to NOT BE IN THE HAUS during that hymn sing ahem well, Emily, if I were your therapist I would suggest that you use the door to escape, but you re right, it might take you four days to find it Ms Wiseman really needs to work on her like writing in general.So anyhoo, David is with his aenti and onkel EEEE GADS flipping back aunt and UNCLE finds BIG PERMANENT MARKER and writes in translations in margins , whatever, I m going to just change the word to Ents he he he named Ivan and KatieAnn Not.Saying.Anything.Who apparently have marital problems because Ivan was unfaithful with some other schtinkich ing mudder you see what I did I used the glossary and put two words together I AM learning from this book I am I AM and then David s like yakking about how the Dead wheelers have like a big haus and then KatieAnn Moved toward David and touched his arm She could still see him as a teenage boy, sick from kidney failure, which had been the scariest thing her family had ever gone through And look at him now A tall, handsome young man Wow Great prose standing ovation NOT Okay, lady I m pretty sure kidney failure isn t like a disease, it s caused by other internal issues or an underlying condition that RESULTS in kidney failure, you aren t just like oops, dag yo, this damn kidney decided to bonk out on me But then, these are unusual kidneys, because David didn t want to leave Pennsylvania because that was too far away from his failed one or something Anyhoo, love that paragraph MOVING ON So Katie Ann tells David Tell Lillian David s schtinking step mudder that I will help her with that big haus with what big haus With THAT big haus warning, I do this a LOT What a LOT THIS a LOT Because I know there is much to do WOW These people talk like those god awful 1st reader kids that we weren t allowed to read because, apparently, the padres thought it would teach us really lame improper prose such as See Jane See Spot See Jane see Spot See Jane run See Spot run after Jane and CHEW HER LEG OFF yeah I m just gonna leave that there JAnyhoo, so Ms Wiseman informs us that David was of marrying age now bleh and that KatieAnn hopes he will find someone to marry OMG who do you think it will BE sssshhhhh it s a surprise ending, I m sure and then we learn the BIG MISUNDERSTANDING THAT WILL SCARE US KRAPLESS UNTIL WE REALIZE IT WAS just a big misunderstanding David got a kidney transplant when he was fifteen But then he overheard his parents talking and he thought they implied that his transplanted kidney would only last ten years sh those things are like cheap toaster ovens, you know They just short out after a few years and so now that he s like twenty or something he thinks he has five years left MAX OH NOOOOOOOO ferDOONS Does he ask his parents when he comes of age to verify this information Does he go to his doctor which he has to have because we re told he s taking lots of prescriptions for his Lone Kidney and ask if like you know I m DYING Does he think it s odd that for the past five years that he s been going to his doctor, the doctor hasn t been like sooo any feelings of fatigue, vision loss, exploding organs, vomiting your innards IMPENDING DOOOM Nope.He s just like, dag yo, my ears don t lie I m gonna die CHANT IT WITH ME Gregorian monks go OOOOoooOOOOOoooo So yeah I had an argument ahem DISCUSSION with mummykins about how illogical a plot point this is Because, seriously, the whole BIG MISUNDERSTANDING is like major no no number one in romance landia A source of conflict can t exist just because some character misunderstood something they overheard five years ago and had five years to verify and never did That means we have drumroll a Too Stupid To Live Hero Which, he is, and apparently his kidneys have noticed this and are defecting Or at least, he thinks they are Mommy dearest argued that you might not conceivably talk to your doctor about that maybe sort of and I said, yeah, if you re like a dumbass or something.So anyway, David ends up spending lots of time at manly manual labor because he s putting a toilet in his haus Romance loving soul cries buckets of symbolic angelic pellucid tears Why couldn t he be putting up a barn I mean, really, WHY And why do all the little kids have to keep complaining about how stinky and schtink ing the outdoor toilet is Romance Rule 9072 Thy hero shall only pursue manly and romantical endeavors that shall permit thee to write of the muscles and the man chests and thus and verily I say unto thee thou shall in this way encourage thy heroine s good opinion of his great muscular manly powerfulness.Barn pine, sawdust, saws AXES NAIL GUNS The guy on Brawny paper towels or from the Old Spice commercials Toilet septic tank, leaky pipes, fat plumbers, fat plumbers with low riding jeans rwar O.M.G Yay This has been Silly Songs with Larry, tune in next time to oh waitwhere was I Oh, to finish yon review, go HERE scroll downfor like a long long LONG timebecause The Pebbles is very long winded Title SEEK ME WITH ALL YOUR HEARTAuthor Beth WisemanPublisher Thomas NelsonOctober 2010ISBN 978 1 59554 824 5Genre Inspirational AmishEmily Detweiler and her family are looking for a new beginning They have joined the Amish moving west to Colorado The climate in Colorado is very different than what they are used to in Ohio, so to make ends meet, Emily is working at a salvage store while her father and brother install solar panels Everything is going well until an ill tempered Amish man walks into the shop David Stolzfus s family moved west for the cheaper farmland David is bound and determined to save his money so he can return to Lancaster County where his extended family and friends are And he senses that his parents aren t honest with him as the reason why they moved He is attracted to the kind and beautiful Emily, but both of them are adamant they can never be than friends.Emily and David begin to fall in love, but Emily fears of his rejection of her once he knows her secret, and David fears the same thing of Emily What will it take for them to see that the truth will set them free SEEK ME WITH ALL YOUR HEART is the first book of Ms Wiseman s newest Amish series, A Land of Canaan, but it does include some characters from her earlier books I have read all of Ms Wiseman s books so far, and I think that SEEK ME WITH ALL YOUR HEART is the best books of hers I ve read, hands down The characters are all very well developed, and real, and some of the secondary characters are just adorable I couldn t help but fall in love with Emily and David, and even a cranky Englisch lady named Martha There is a secondary story line included in SEEK ME WITH ALL YOUR HEART which will be the main theme in book two, coming in Fall of 2011 Discussion questions and a few recipes are included at the end of the book If you like Amish fiction, don t miss SEEK ME WITH ALL YOUR HEART 14.99 310 pages. Seek Me with All Your HeartThis story was a great one It told of fear, heartaches, friendship and finding and believing in our wonderful God I found it hard to put the book down. My first impression after reading listening to this is Wow As the author did such a fabulous job at not only having all her characters families learn to Seek me with all your Heart but reminding the reader that they can do it regardless of the situations within their lives I actually would give this a 4 1 2 star but there isn t such rating The only reason I m not giving 5 stars which I don t very often is two of the characters past haunts them and the reader doesn t figure out learn of the full circumstances until the middle if not 3 4 into the story But over and over those characters pretty much repeat their worries over their future due to their past It had started to get old but about that time the author did let the reader in on the past and so wasn t draggin on at that point But the rest of the stories were so great that you soon forget the few dragging on places Two Amish main families and an English widow whom all are fighting tough pasts they all find their way together and find their Faith or reestablish their Faith A liver transplant on one character and he feels he will die in a few years so is afraid to love anyone A recent rape and trying to overcome not feeling whole again They do use the word rape within the story but they don t go into any major details except they said he touched me So a young reader may have questions to an adult if they read this book and not understand A family loosing their farm due to finances and not wanting their son to know it was his fault they lost it A brother being withdrawn and depressed until he finally tells his sister he feels what happened to her was his fault And other woman wanted a baby for years and never could have one her husband leaves her leaves her alone and never able to remarry only to have a blessing given to her An English woman alone and sad watching those within the Amish community without money but with love, and Faith She soon opens her heart to a family that stops in and checks in on her regardless of her hard ways She then learns that it s never to late to love and live the way God wants you to And bad things will still happen but all things in God s timing Ms Wiseman leaves your heart full as you finish this book Reminding you that when you don t understand just do what the Lord had said Seek Me with all your heart You will want the next book in the series. one of the best books i have ever read I read a lot of Amish fiction, but have never read anything written by Beth Wiseman so it took me a little time to become used to her writing style There were some things in this book that made me question its authenticity at first and at times I found the voices she gave to her characters to be a little modern to really connect with them as Amish I m not saying that she did anything wrong here, it really was a lovely story, it was just not what I expected out of the gate Once I got used to her style I thoroughly enjoyed the book and devoured it over the course of two days There were enough plot twists and interesting characters to hold my attention and I was really happy with the story that developed around Martha the grumpy English neighbor She tackled some issues that are not often seen in Amish fiction and I appreciated this very much I think that she wrote about these difficult subjects in a very realistic and sensitive way Emily s character was beautifully developed and Wiseman did an excellent job of portraying the emotions that one would feel after a traumatic attack.I was pretty excited to find out that Seek Me With All Your Heart is somewhat of a continuation of Wiseman s earlier Daughters of the Promise series I look forward to the next book in the Land of Canaan series and will definitely be picking up her earlier books View my full review here What Would Cause The Amish To Move To Colorado, Leaving Family And Friends Behind Some Amish Are Making The Trek To Colorado For Cheaper Land Others Are Fleeing Strict Bishops With Long MemoriesFor Emily Detweiler And Her Family, The Move Is Personal Tragedy Struck Emily In Ohio, Shaking Loose Everything She Believed Was Firm, Including Her Faith Her Family Took The Bold Step Of Leaving Ohio To Resettle In A Small Amish Community In Canaan, Colorado, Where They Hope The Distance Will Help Erase Painful MemoriesDavid Stoltzfus S Family Moved To Colorado For Reasons He Doesn T Understand But Canaan Is Turning Out To Be Something Other Than The Promised Land They All Anticipated Fearing That A Health Condition Will Cut His Life Short, David Plans To Return Home To Paradise, Pennsylvania, As Soon As He Can But Then He Meets Emily, Who Stirs Feelings In His Heart Despite His Apprehension About The FutureEmily S Growing Love For David Surprises Her, But She Fears That He Will Find Out The Truth About Her Past And Reject Her But What If The Truth Is That They Are Made For Each Other And That God Longs To Give Them The Desires Of Their Hearts If Only They Will Seek Him First Was pleasantly surprised when I started to read this series that it followed the series of Plain Perfect Lillian and Samuel Stoltzfus whose son David had a kidney transplant moved to Colorado in the 5th book of that series This series picked up with them living in Colorado in the land of Canaan Love Amish books by this author Glad David changed his mind about going back to Lancaster County He was so caring and kind to Emily loved it when he kissed her scar on her face and told her that when she felt the scar she could think of him instead of the awful event that made the scar Very romantic Two families from 2 different communities, but the same Amish faith find themselves in the same new small community Emily is a young girl, holding a dark secret Her family only knows part of it so she thought..she felt that she was tainted that no one would want herDavid is a young man that hold his own secret but is it really as he thinksCan he really have a family..As the 2 grow to know each other both their secrets come out and both realize that what they fear, does not have to keep them from becoming a family

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