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Shangri-La Trailer Park If An Indian Falls In The Woods, Can You Hear Him Scream Dora Shear Did, And Her Life Was About To Get Interesting After Maistoinna Standing Bear Tackles A Tree, Dog Shear Dora As She S Known In The Trailer Park Is Left To Pick Up The Pieces Only She S Up To No Good Uncover The Secrets Of A Jewish Love Triangle, Why The IGA Checkout Lady Trashes A Car, Why A Trip Over The Coffee Table Is Better Than Novocain, And Importantly, What S The Difference Between A Canadian Passport And A Kentucky Waterfall Hop On Board With Maistoinna For A Crazy Forty Eight Hour Ride Through The World S Most Dysfunctional Trailer ParkWARNING Don T Read If You Are A Easily Offended B Politically Correct C Like Everything Nice, Or D Believe In The Easter Bunny

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    This story is not for the delicate of the heart Suspenseful wild ride of the mind.Shangri La Trailer Park by John Zunski is a full impact story about a character searching for a lost part of his soul He decided to hike the Appalachian Trail looking for salvation but does not know what direction to travel He h

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    A native American wanders into white trash territory, with interesting consequences.

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    To be honest, Shangri La Trailer Park isn t something I d normally read Nobody dies, there s no mystery to unravel, and there are certainly no ninja cyborg hamsters But I was intrigued by the plot synopsis, and the author, John Zunski, was kind enough to answer a bunch of pretentious literary nerd questions and front some

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    Have you ever marveled at how Coltrane can take squeaks and squeals, seemingly discordant explosions of sound, and roll them out into an experience of sublime musical beauty That s how Shangri La reverberated in my senses More than the sum of its parts, the story takes some pretty distasteful dysfunction squealing and squalling its way th

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    When I finished with Shangri La Trailer Park I set my kindle down and said wow I had felt like I had just stepped off a loop to loop, corkscrewing rollercoaster First off, what the book isn t It s not a literary masterpiece that will leave you gasping of flowery prose, but it does have an element of Dickenson plot, in the end the fast paced plot is

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    Shangri La Trailor Park isn t something I normally read, but this book really opens up your senses and makes you reflect on your own life The story is about a Native American taking his journey through the Appalachian Mountains and gets hurt while hiking He runs into a misunderstood woman called Dog Shear Dora and gets sucked into the drama of a dysfunctiona

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    Book Title Shangra La Trailer Park Author John ZunskiPublished By John Zunski Age Recommended 18 Reviewed By Kitty Bullard Great Minds Think Aloud Literary Community Raven Rating 4Review The warning is true Do not read this book if you are easily offended, on the other hand if you can handle tongue in cheek humor and anecdotes with a bit of good fun at the expense of

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    I ve read books that ve made me want to eat a particular food The Novel scrapple , those that have made me want to try a type of beer The last good kiss Tacate beer I ve read books that have made me want to change my career, or, umget one Another roadside attraction mushroom picker Shangri La Trailer Park made me want to pack a hefty bag full of clothes and travel until I found

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    A little offbeat story.I found this story to be a little strange Definitely not a ordinary piece of writing, that s for sure If you like offbeat funny stories this is your cup of tea.

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