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Predictably Aquaman transitions in this book from his original stories of cute uses for fish and 7 pages to 23 page superhero stories that inevitably involve the King of The Seas and TV apparently punching a bunch of bad guys.Surprisingly, it s not that terrible, even for a 1960s book written by Bob Haney.It s certainly not a benefit from either character development or strong dialogue It s pretty infuriating how every time you see Aquaman s wife, Mera, she s described as beautiful, or Aqualad is described as a little kid, or Aquababy talks in baby talk about objects and people Every line is telegraphing that Aquaman has good intentions and that bad guys are evil And it s slow.then what is positive here Nick Cardy s art work for one He draws beautiful seascapes, even in black and white Also, some of the bad guys stories are kind of clever, in a cheesy way Like OGRE, this secret spy ring that is basically random people doing what a random person tells them to do, is a nice albeit forced extra dimension I also like the challenges to Aquaman s sexuality, like Aliena, an alien chick sent to Earth to flirt with betray our married protagonist And the subtle challenge presented by Aqualad his adopted son falling in love with the hippie forced Aquagirl It s not Tennesse Williams, but I like that they are challenging Aquaman s nuclear family albeit lightly.I largely liked this volume because I assumed it would be god awful and it wasn t Like previous volumes, and most Silver Age superheroes, this Aquaman volume offers the usual high doses of creativity spliced with the usual excessive silliness So, yes, you get here Aquaman, Aqualad, Aquababy, Aquaboy, Aquagirl called Aquachick by Aqualad and even an Aquabeast, but what pushes this volume a bit high is Nick Cardy s impressive artwork Now, if only the volume didn t end with a Jimmy Olsen story No matter what they ve tried, Jimmy Olsen is never cool. Not for the casual Aquafan, this is a collection of some of his greatest stories from the 60s Done in black and white, full of fish jokes and alliteration, reading these was a trip down nostalgia lane.It took me about a month to get through this one, due to the sheer number of stories, and for some reason comics in black and white take me longer It takes time for me to soak up all the details in the images.Due to the age of the stories, not every piece is accredited For some strange reason DC has actually forgotten who wrote some of these comics That fact kinda blew my mind But I guess that shows how little they actually care for Aquaman There s even a disclaimer suggesting that some of the ones that are attributed may be to the wrong name Still, I enjoyed it, but again, not for a casual reader or someone who thinks Aquaman is lame. This period of Aquaman was marked by a Mera, his recent bride, becoming a steady crime fighting partner she s easily the most kick ass love interest of the Silver Age , b the first super hero baby, preceding Franklin Richards by several years c the growth of Aquaman s Rogue s Gallery which has been largely non existent till now This gives us two A listers Black Manta and Ocean Master , a couple of C listers Scavenger and the returning Fisherman and a bunch of villain who just show up then fade into oblivion O.G.R.E., the Awesome Threesome, the city of Necrus, the Huntress, Karla Haney s stories aren t deep but they re solidly entertaining insert usual warning about Silver Age stuff not being everyone s cup of tea and Nick Cardy s art is consistently gorgeous. Nearly Pages Of Undersea Adventure Are Collected In This Value Priced Volume In This New, Third Volume Of Super Hero Thrills, Aquaman Defends His Home Beneath The Waves From Villains Including The Ocean Master, Black Manta And The Scavenger, With The Help Of His Sidekick, Aqualad This Volume Also Includes The Introduction Of The New Teen Hero Aqua Girl, Plus A Team Up Tale Co Starring The Atom Tedious Aquaman I like Ditto Aquaboy But I didn t bargain for this Aquawife and Aquababy. Showcase Presents: Aquaman Vol. 3 (Showcase Presents)

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Showcase Presents: Aquaman Vol. 3 (Showcase Presents) book, this is one of the most wanted Bob Haney author readers around the world.

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