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Showcase Presents: Aquaman, Vol. 1 Since His Dramatic Debut In The S, Aquaman Has Battled The Forces Of Evil Using His Super Strength And His Abilities To Breathe Underwater And Communicate With And Mentally Control Sea Life This Fantastic, Value Sized Collection Features Over Pages Of Classic, Black And White Adventures Of The King Of The Seven Seas And His Sidekick, Aqualad, As They Battle Menaces From The Deepest Depths Of The Ocean To The Outer Limits Of The Galaxy

About the Author: Robert Bernstein

Born in 1919 Wrote for DC, Archie, Dell, EC, Hillman, and Marvel Comics.

10 thoughts on “Showcase Presents: Aquaman, Vol. 1

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    This book collects the early Silver Age Aquaman stories from 1959 62 This contains a variety of stories ranging from 6 13 page stories publish

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    Charmingly corny, pure fun LOVED it

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    I always heard Aquaman was rough I get it now Lots of repetition and Aqualad makes no sense.

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    What a refreshing surprise from the usual murky writing of the late 1950s early 1960s DC comics.The best stuff is early on Ramona Fradon and either an unknown author or

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    Still reading this one, too Aquaman is a recent discovery for me, who resonates with my persona a bit better than Spider man actually What a coup I like water, which is big, and

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    Aquaman started out really, really badly, which i had or less expected It was worse than Superman see my review on the first volume of that What was surprising was how good it became Aft

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    First, Aquaman is my favorite superhero and he always has been So, I may be a little biased Also, apparently I m a bit old fashioned But I really loved this book While admittedly, it being black a

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    Pure silver age cool I picked this up after realizing I know very little about Aquaman, and this was definitely worth it It s a little clunky at times, as most DC books from this period can be, but the fun

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    DC is finally in the cheap reprint business, which I heartily approve of Goodreads does not approve of the size of my review, which you can read here

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    Awesome undersea adventures, complete with a kid names Aqualad how cool is that Great bargain comcs in this format What could you ask for

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