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Single White Vampire It s a good thing that this is an old series and I have all of the books so far, because the way the author ends the books STINKS It just ends Blah, blah, blah The End Uggggg why do they do this, we need a little closure Now the next book picks up right where this one leaves off, but ending a book this way is just dirty pool.This story was very good, even though Kate was so annoying and too Type A, right up to the last chapter It just fell apart It was as if the author was at her word limit Yeah sure Kate knew Luc was a vamp and she was okay with it, but his solution for them to be together was way out of left field and not even mentioned until the last few pages This just really cheesed me off Of course I have to read the next book in the series Tall, Dark Hungry to find out what will happen to these two. 3.5 stars This book was so funny and so cute like Lucian ugh my heart poor babyWould she make him the happiest man on God s earth or the most miserable man that ever existed He was hoping for the happy option I love you That was a good start, Lucern decidedLuc is the writer of vampire romances which he bases on his own life events because he is drum roll a freaking vampire Kate is his new editor who was weirdly 3D and developed for such a short novel And like this book got so real on life it kinda hurtThat s why they pay me the big bucks He gave her a wink.Kate laughed None of them got paid big bucks They were underpaid, overworked and stressed out most of the timeOuch babe i feelKate is trying to save her career and publicize Luc s book but they didnt totally get along for the first few weeks and clashed a couple of timesShe was only halfway down when she spotted him She immediately paused, blinked, then scowled You aren t ready It was Lucern s turn to blink His angel was bellowing She was also frantic The serene vision was goneAnd what good modern vampire book wouldn t critique Buffy and her stake happy natureHe was still ranting about writing to whomever was in charge of the Buffy show and straightening them out, when Kate returnedThe slow burn of the two people learningabout each other trying to be professional but attracted was hilarious, especially Kate s POVAnd she would act professionally even if that s all it was, an act, and she really wanted to rip his designer suit off and plaster herself to his naked body.Ohhhh This wasn t goodAnd then when Kate found out his vampirism secret, they broke into a blood bank together and I was laughing so fucking hardIn your years of living, she began in a strained tone, I don t suppose you learned anything about burglary, did you A thing or two, Lucern admitted Good She sounded relieved Because all I know about it is what I ve seen on TVOverall a funny entertaining read with cute scenes and Luc is my anti social bookcrush babyShe d forgotten to tell him that his book was nominated in three different categories She winced when he turned an accusing glare on her You re nominated That doesn t mean you ll win, Kate said soothingly And the winner is Luke Amirault for Love Bites Merde, Lucern muttered NO LONGER SINGLE I love, love and love this book By far the funniest of the series and my second favourite No matter how awesome Lucern is he doesn t shine like my Thomas, read the series and you will know what I am talking about.Lucern Argeneau is the oldest of the Argeneau children so that makes him a little over six hundred 612 to be exact, he s an old vampire Bored with life he keeps himself in solitude, because once you are that old you have seen it all He is also a scholar and distinguished author, pfffft He wrote fiction books about vampires and somehow his works ended up in the genre romance That really irks Luc, his plan was never romance He s always kept out of the limelight but now it seems his publishers wants him to do a book tour and duh his answer is big NO They pull out the big guns, and those guns comes in the form of his editor Kate C Leever and she just wont take no for an answer His once quiet life is about to get a shake up and a healthy dose of romance.Kate knows she can convince the recluse known as Luke to do the book tour, so she hops on a plane from New York and head on over to Toronto She will speak to him even if she has to camp out on his front yard Well that wont be necessary, she finds a way to get invited to stay over at his home for the night but she can tell good old Luc doesn t like it one bit At least she can convince him to go on a book tour Yeh right what she gets is some stern no s and one word answers Seems Kate might lose her job because of this hard headed but very sexy man Kate gets lucky with the help of his mom and he decides to a Romantic Times interview but Luc was misinformed R.T is not a interview but a conference oops, well lucky Kate she might get to keep her job after all.Lucern can t believe he is at romantic conference surrounded by crazy romance readers How is he gonna get through this week plus every event is in daylight and him and the sun don t exactly get along Upside, his beautiful editor is there and this is the first time in over a hundred years he is finally interested in someone This conference becomes a hoot, Lucern is hilarious the things he says will have you laughing your ass off Throw in crazy romance readers, some very uncomfortable but hilarious moments and you have reading magic.I enjoyed reading this book, the leads are a match made in heaven Sands writes with simplicity but it packs a punch A light fun series with relatable characters and vampiric good fun These vampires will have you laughing and have tears running down your face All the vampire fun without all the angst and blood I recommend this series in a big way. I found the plot incredibly predictable, the characters weren t very interesting and lacked any real depth and nothing really happened in the story The entire book solely revolved around their relationship which had really obvious directionality There were a few very funny moments in the middle like when Luc is trying to find condoms and can t think clearly because all the blood is being rerouted from his head I was laughing my ass off at that, but that is the only real moment in the book that I actually felt engaged When you ve read a million of these I want him her but we can t be together books you really just want them to get on with it and can t be bothered with the whole angsty inner monologue about how they are too scared to risk everything for one another Of course they will Just get on with it already Usually when that kind of story unravels it is wrapped up in some bigger story line when they re wrapped up in the middle of some action or war but there was none of that in this book and so all that was left was a drawn out predictable angsty love story I m not sure why I keep coming back to these books because they are pretty similar in story considering that they circulate around a single family I would say that this has put me off reading anyof these, because it has, but then, I ll probably read them anyway I need vampires. Third book in the series and I am still addicted The Argeneau of focus in this one was Lucern and he played the role of the curmudgeonly old vamp over 600 years old who was growing tired of life Enter his editor Kate C Leever Kate took over handling Luc when his old editor died of a heart attack Growing increasingly annoyed at his lack of communication she finally in a desperate bid flew to his house in Toronto to make him commit to an interview or a book tour or just to giving her a phone number so she could contact him The funny is that Luc writes paranormal romance novels which of course are actually non fiction chronologies of his families lives but are sold as paranormal romance Reminds me of a certain J.R Ward Anywho Kate gets to Luc s house and of course slap stick comedy and misunderstandings abound Finally Luc agrees to do the R.T Thing just to get Kate out of his house and out of his life Poor Luc didn t realize he agreed to 5 days in New York at the Romantic Times Convention I know And Kate doesn t know he is a Vamp at this point so you just know it s gonna be all kinds of goodness It was fun following Kate and Luc s misadventures and steamy adventures while they wondered what that ringing was It s the Clue phone people answer it Seriously though it was very enjoyable and I am already slowly ingesting the 4th book in the series to see what Argeneau Vampire will end up in the Love Seat next. So this one was definitely a lot funnier than the last two.Like Lol funny I loved how grumpy and cute Luc was.Unfortunately the beginning was stale and it felt like I was rereading the previous books rather than the next in the series I have a feeling this is will be a recurring thing which makes me reluctant to read any furthersigh This is the first book I had every read by Lynsay Sands, and it certainly wasn t the last one The first time I read it I thought it was the funniest book since sliced bread and ran out to buy whatever else of hers I could put my hands on.I just finished re reading it and find myself thinking that it didn t quite stand up to the test of time, but that if I were a first time reader I would love this book If you are tired of the dark, broody, I should not be allowed to live type vampire, you will appreciate Lynsay s take of the genre He vampires really have it all soul, they can eat, drink go outside for brief periods As a matter of fact they are descended form a race that lived on Atlantis and their bodies are infused with nano s which makes them need to drink blood, but they are not a traditional vampire.While this books male protagonist is surly and scowly, he does grow and mellow and once he realizes that he cares for Kate his editor of his novels, he becomes eveneven tempered It was fascinating watching him grow from a man with no sense of humor and one word answers for everything no to the man he turned into.The humor is infectious and this was one of the very first authors I had read at the time that uses humor this way now there are many but they don t all hold a candle to this author for longevity and growth Lysay has grown as a writer with each and every book I urge you to try some of them including her historical books or as I like to call them hystericals This book series is getting better as it goes on There is some seriously funny situations in each book, like the priest in the first one who was trying to secretly feed the girl he suspected of being a vampire garlic, the scene in the second one where he s trying to convince her he s not a bloodsucking demon after she finds him sleeping in a coffin, and in this one where they go out at night to rob a blood bank Our heroine has been watching too much television and it s pretty funny Aww, who s a good little robber You are Yes, you are So, in this one we have Kate, a book editor, who is trying to convince Luc, a vampire and vampire romance novel writer, to go on a promotional tour She s a bit on the pushy side, but it s a good thing because she finally pressures him into attending a week long conference for romance writers and their fans This is a tricky situation since he is a vampire Hilarity ensues Ouch That s awkward, man.I loved how when Kate realized he was a vampire she just got to work on finding him blood to drink This woman was dedicated to seeing to her author s comfort I wishpeople in the service industry were this un judgmental Gee, you ask for one smiley faced tattoo on your boob with the nipple as a nose, and suddenly everyone is telling you to put down the bottle of Jack Daniels SMH Note to self You have two boobs.Anyway, I m loving the fun and light cuteness of these books There wasn t even a bag guy or mystery in this one, and yet these vampires are always managing to get staked Not that I can judge them for that I would be a vampire for about 10 minutes before blowing the vampire secret existence thing and finding an angry mob with pitchforks at my doorstep Hey, what can I say I have a big mouth I m honest Jilly s at it againOh crap, I almost forgot to mention that these books also bring on the smut big time There was another hilarious condom scene Although, aren t most condom scenes hilarious Well, maybe it s just me. SWM Lucern Successful Biographer Of Family, Books Recently Categorized As Paranormal Romance Something Of A Recluse Hates Crowds, Aggressive Women Doesn T Like Sunbathing, Garlicky Dinners Or Religious Symbols Likes Old Fashioned Values Spicy Mexican Dishes Warm, Nice Smelling Neck And Plump Red Lips Stronger Than Ten Men And Can Vanish In The Blink Of An Eye Currently Unaware He S Seeking A Woman To Share EternitySWF Kate C Leever Newest Editor Of Romance At Roundhouse Publishing Perky, Fun Has Recently Discovered A Legacy Author Just Dying To Be Broken Out In Fact, Her Career Could Take Off From It The Tall, Dark, Handsome Writer Just Needs To Be Taken To Several Romance Conventions And Introduced To His Fansand Stopped From Acting So Strange In Public Dislikes Difficult, Rude, Obnoxious, Pig Headed Writers Currently Unaware She S Met The Man Of Her Wildest Dreams OH, DEAR

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