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Sixteen, Sixty-One Author Natalie Lucas pulls no punches in this tremendously original, sophisticated, and potentially inspirational or cathartic memoir Sixteen, Sixty One describes the author s experience in a sexual relationship with a 61 year old man when she was only you guessed it 16 years of age herself She doesn t spare the man in question or the reader from the nasty details of her liaison I respect this unforgiving truth telling Moreover, as the book moves forward Lucas engages with wholly novel ways to unpack her feelings and experience the book is ultimately in dialogue with the tradition of the epistolary novel and literary criticism of the same Lucas is no slouch as a literary critic, so to go through her dissections of e mails from Mr 61 if you will is awesome and, I found, empowering just to read The power was contagious Lucas s analyses are never trite or otherwise boring, I found You could say the topic of this book includes a lot of navel gazing by nature, but this material struck me as absolutely fresh and unquestionably powerful throughout I highly recommend this memoir to anyone with whom the subject matter resonates Please be advised I gained access to a free electronic copy of this book on NetGalley through gracious permission of the publisher. Disclaimer I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I attempted reading this book five times, and failed ever single time It didn t help that I struggled with trying to get the file to even load into my reader, but ultimately it wasn t technical problems that lead me to not finish this book I can t say it was the direct fault of the book either I think the big road block for me was the combination of writing style and premise This is book is about real events that happened to the author, but there is a distinctive literary style to how it s written that felt very forced to me There s a difference between someone reliving their past and someone telling you about them This was very much telling over show, to the point that I felt the author was trying too hard and it kept pulling me out of the story I also struggled to connect with the main character, who is a real person, to even care about what was happening That s a big sign that I m going to struggle to stay engaged in a book, and that s exactly the problem I had here I kept setting it down, and then I d come back to try again only to disengage again The hardest part to all this is that this is someone s very personal story, a story that meant enough to them to write down and share Sadly, I couldn t get past the forced writing style to feel like I was reading about real people, instead of getting told a second hand story In the end I feel this was a short fall on my part, and shouldn t be held against the book I don t think I should attempt to read this kind of story again It is not for me. Natalie Lucas Was JustWhen She Began A Close Relationship With A Man In His Early Sixties Matthew Opened Natalie S Mind And Heart To Philosophy And Literature Within Months They Had Entered Into The Intense, Erotic Affair That They Would Disguise As An Innocent Intergenerational Friendship For Several Years Together They Mocked The Small Town Busybodies Around Them, Laughing At Plebs Like Her Parents And His In Laws, Who Were All Too Blinkered By Convention To Live Pure Lives Only Natalie And Matthew Were Truly FreeOr So She Believed But When Natalie Left Her Hometown For University And Decided She Wanted To Try To Live A Normal Life, Matthew S Affection Soon Turned Into A Consuming ObsessionWritten With Remarkable Candor And Grace, Sixteen, Sixty One Is Than An Account Of Suburban Grooming It Is The Gripping Story Of A Young Girl S Sexual Awakening And Journey Into Womanhood I didn t like this book I read this out of morbid curiosity the idea of a sixteen year old girl having a relationship with a sixty year old man is insane to me I figured this was a case of twisted sexual grooming and got on with the book I get this was a memoir but straight away i realised this was very repetitive And whilst I don t feel right saying I wanted to be entertained by this I found it very boring A lot of talk about English literature, the theatre, poetry and university courses I couldn t stand any thing about this. nb I received an Advance Review Copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley It s an interesting coincidence that I was IM ing with a friend earlier This young woman is a sweet soul, and I love her to pieces, but she has empirically deplorable taste in men In our entire two million person metropolis, she will pick the worst possible guy to date Seriously, when she tells me she s met a new guy, I always ask her, What was this one in prison for It s a legitimate question, sadly Often, with the benefit of distance, we can see how bad a relationship will be for our friends, even if we can t always see it for our own dalliances.I felt this dread for Natalie, the narrator in Sixteen, Sixty One, when she involved herself romantically with her self aggrandizing sixty one year old neighbor, Matthew They lived in a small English town, so young Natalie was perhaps less than worldly Matthew seduced her with his scorn for the uneducated masses, filling Natalie s head with Leonard Cohen lyrics and existentialist authors His intellectual tutorials, naturally, included taking her virginity when she was sixteen Matthew was a one man cult.Natalie didn t see anything wrong with this at first she d bought into Matthew s we re smarter and better than everybody else thing When she went off to university, Natalie was exposed to these lesser beings, and soon she began to question her relationship with Matthew Over the course of her education, she moved farther and farther away from Matthew s grasp Once it was clear to him that Natalie was immune to his bullshit and expressly no longer his plaything Matthew launched a campaign of sheer hatred and vitriol that beggars the imagination.This toxic relationship is the skeleton upon which Sixteen, Sixty One is built The story s muscle and flesh are a girl s transformation into an independent woman Natalie makes friends at her English university, and spends her second year abroad at a small, all female college in rural New York State As her higher education progresses, she sees how horrible a mistake she made with Matthew She also feels increasingly trapped This horrible thing a figurative, if not literal rape was her secret she had nobody to tell her, Natalie, this guy is evil and insane You are the victim here You did nothing wrong There s one thing that absolutely bugged me about Sixteen, Sixty One, a simple solution to Natalie s dilemma Through her whole collegiate experience, I was begging via my e reader for Natalie to do this one elementary thing that a woman of her intellect would do And then she did This simple thing which would be a spoiler was handled so perfectly and so much better than I d hoped , that it made me smile and nod.There were also two potential endings I dreaded, and Ms Lucas deftly avoids both Were it not undignified in a serious book review, I d put a smiley emoticon here Pretend I did, even though I m supposedly smart, and I use the word ensorcelled three paragraphs hence Sixteen, Sixty One refers to itself as A Memoir If this is truly a story of Natalie Lucas s life and I have no reason to doubt that it is she endured a huge, extended psychological attack, and it s amazing she lived through it without completely self destructing The writing here has a literarily distant feel to me Natalie doesn t write as a victim Rather, she shows a detachment that enhances her story s credibility She is an author telling a story, first person It is her own story, and it is sad, but she doesn t beg for our sympathy Most books relating this tale would devolve into self pitying mush Sixteen, Sixty One doesn t.The voice describing sixteen year old Natalie s voice obviously comes from a survivor s future, so we re spared little heart drawings in the margins pseudo teen prose early in the story The author s voice is firm and true, and this book ensorcelled me from the hate bomb first page through the satisfying Epilogue Sixteen, Sixty One shows us that evil can live four houses down the street, and we ll never know how much that evil can affect us, or once under its thrall that we can emerge from its beastly shadow.Most Highly Recommended Only managed to read the first 22 pages Could not get into this book at all Very poorly written Firstly, I would like to thank Netgalley for allowing me to get my hands on this extremely intriguing, tragic, horrifying and inspiring memoir So far out all of the books I ve read this year, this is the one I ve had the most trouble putting down Natalie is a fifteen year old teenager when she first meets Matthew, a sixty year old man At this point in Natalie s life she is feeling some of the emotional turmoils and insecurities that come with being a teenager, and like so many teenagers, Natalie wants to know where she fits in and who is While Natalie s family life is normal and healthy she is not close to her father, who was divorced from her mother and is distant at best Matthew starts to become this sort of father figure in a loose sense of the word for her He offers her the comfort of fatherly advice, love and the direction that she has been craving, along with philosophy, ambition, purpose and sense of belonging and understanding He makes her feel special Who wouldn t want that They re interactions at this point, while appearing innocent, were peculiar right from the beginning and it didn t stay innocent for long Matthew emails her often and has too much of an interest in seeing her His topics of conversation start to become increasingly inappropriate He asks her to lie to her mother so that their time together doesn t start raising questions, he drops hints about his mischievous past of Bunburying , asks to read her diaries and leave them with him, as well as inquiring about her growing curiosity in her own sexuality There are warning flags all over this behaviour but Natalie is fifteen and she has come to trust this man who has provided her so much comfort and insight Shortly after Natalie turns sixteen, she loses her virginity to Matthew, who is now sixty one years old Forty five years the two of them are separated by four and a half decades of an age difference It took me a long time for that fact to really seep in Forty Five Years Natalie does love Matthew and the relationship hints at romance during the first portion of the book it is quickly wiped away with the graphic scenes of their sex life and the appearance of Matthew s true colours when she decides to go away to college While experimenting in college, Natalie tries to find a way to define herself but her current identity has been built upon lies She has to find her way out of the smothering embrace of Matthew s control As things escalate with Matthew, Natalie is sucked into an awful array of turmoil.While I could never feasibly imagine being in the exact situation that Natalie was in, she described her story so well that I felt it Their were moments in this book where I wanted to cry and scream and others where I just wished that I could cause Matthew mass amounts of pain My biggest and only frustration with this novel actually has nothing to do with the novel itself but that view spoiler Matthew didn t get punished in the end I wanted justice He should have be jailed as a pedophile, beaten and shamed With that being said, that likely would not have not done Natalie any favours in the end Even though it would have been completely undeserved, she would have likely received some backlash from some small minded people if she or her family had taken retribution with Matthew I still would have liked to have known what happened to him regardless, but it s not his story, it s Natalie s hide spoiler Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Sixteen Sixty One is the recollection of the author s sordid three year affair with a man forty five years her senior I m a fan of taboo May December romances in fiction, however reading a memoir of an event in real life, especially considering the author was a minor, was uncomfortable at best.Matthew, a friend of the family is sixty one years old and takes an interest in Natalie, a then fifteen year old social misfit Natalie is having trouble finding her place in the social hierarchy of school She questions her sexuality, finding attraction to both boys and girls, yet failing to capture the attention of either sex Soon, Matthew shows interest in Natalie, and frequent visits in his home under the guise of part time employment shelving his books begins They talk about poetry and art, he speaks to Natalie as an adult, showing her respect and taking a genuine interest in her.Their relationship starts out platonic and innocent enough, but in hindsight, Natalie realize that he is grooming her and earning her trust in order to begin a sexual relationship with her Finally, she relents and surrenders her virginity, and sets a course for years of lies and deceit She must keep their affair a secret from her friends and family, especially her mother, as Matthew is a neighbor and a frequent visitor in their home.When Natalie leaves to go to University, she tries to cut ties to Matthew and he immediately begins to stalk and harass her by email, threatening legal action against her for compensation of money spent during their affair, as well as his defense paying for the defense against purported attacks on her character by the wife of her current beau.It s hard to truly get into what happens in the book because the details are so sordid and nearly unbelievable The manipulation by a man old enough to be her grandfather is grotesque, and even though she is sixteen, past the age of consent in England when the affair begins, the though that this child was exploited in this way is sickening Let s face it, a sixteen year old is indeed a child, and the events of the years spent with Matthew easily influenced her relationships with every one she would ever encounter throughout the rest of her life After their break up, Natalie explores her bi curious tendencies and becomes quite promiscuous, not only at her time in University in England, but also while studying a year abroad in the United States.Sixteen Sixty One is a tough read at times and while I do have problems with the mechanics of the story as writtenabout the way in which it is written, not in content Ms Lucas provides a titillating account of manipulation at the mercy of a sexual predator I wouldn t suggest this book to those whom may have experienced similar situations, but for those interested in exploring the psyche of a deviant, it makes for an interesting read. Read all my reviews on I m usually not really into reading memoirs but I decided to read this one out of morbid curiosity I ve never understood why people would start a relationship with someone thrice their age I hoped this might give me someinsight.I started reading and after a few chapters I already started thinking, how can this be interesting for a whole book And indeed, I felt there was a lot of repetition and the story could have been a lot shorter I find it hard to actually remark on the story itself because as a memoir it s at least supposed to be non fiction, but sometimes I was thinking can you really believe this or that Their relationship she s sixteen, he sixty one felt extremely creepy right from the start even before it turned into a sexual relationship.Perhaps it s just because I don t really like memoirs, but I didn t enjoy reading it and was glad it was over.Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This is another one of those memoirs where you just don t know how to rate it or write about Take a look at the synopsis again Its a relationship with a 44 year age difference Let that sink in This book isn t about the romantic side of things at all Its about an OLD man abusing his authority and persuading an innocent girl into this relationship Natalie was technically in the wrong place at the wrong time, with normal teenage issues Matthew honed in on that and helped her through these difficult times, being her friend Someone they could bullshit about literature with each other Then romance and love into the picture It should be noted that it was never forced and that it did seem like they were truly in love But, age does and should play a big red flag in a lot of relationships.This memoir is basically a coming of age story Natalie grew up, went to university, studied and travelled abroad All the while questioning her sexuality Her self Her worth And I did think that her going to America is what potentially saved her She finally had her distance from Matthew and throughout the whole time she started to see how dependent they were on each other and that it should stop The whole relationship was fucked up Matthew was fucked up You can definitely see it in his obsessive and utterly abusive emails The only sad thing is how fucked up it probably left Natalie This book reads like a fiction but its real life That is why it is so hard to write a full review or recommendation for it forgo to

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