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Sorry I'm Late, I Didn't Want to Come: An Introvert’s Year of Living Dangerously What Would Happen If A Shy Introvert Lived Like A Gregarious Extrovert For One Year If She Knowingly And Willingly Put Herself In Perilous Social Situations That She D Normally Avoid At All Costs Jessica Pan Is Going To Find OutWhen She Found Herself Jobless And Friendless, Sitting In The Familiar Jess Shaped Crease On Her Sofa, She Couldn T Help But Wonder What Life Might Have Looked Like If She Had Been A Little Open To New Experiences And New People, A Little Less Attached To Going Home Instead Of Going To The PubSo, She Made A Vow To Push Herself To Live The Life Of An Extrovert For A Year She Wrote A List Improv, A Solo Holiday And Talking To Strangers On The Tube She Regretted It Instantly Sorry I M Late, I Didn T Want To Come Follows Jess S Hilarious And Painful Year Of Misadventures In Extroverting, Reporting Back From The Frontlines For All The Introverts Out ThereBut Is Life Actually Better Or Easier For The Extroverts Or Is It The Nightmare Jess Always Thought It Would Be

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    I m not a shintrovert shy introvert a term I was not familiar with before reading this book I enjoy working with people and speaking to them Yet, I do need my private time and space and reading to recharge my batteries I have always been happy with this and a company of my fantastic friends who do not see being an introvert or extrovert as better or worse than the other Reading Sorry, I m late was like talking t

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    This sounds ghastly.

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    A lot of the stuff she forced herself to try was waaaaaay out of my comfort zone.Mad props to her for giving it a go and I was happy to live vicariously through her.The author is funny and has a way of making you feel a part of the story I m not sure if that s because I related so much to her story or if she is just that awesome One will never know.Thanks to NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for my DRC.

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    Like Jessica Pan, I m a shy introvert a shintrovert as well as an American in the UK, so I was intrigued to see the strategies she employed and the experiences she sought out during a year of behaving like an extrovert She forced herself to talk to strangers on the tube, gave a talk at London s Union Chapel as part of the Moth, used friendship apps to make new girlfriends, did stand up comedy and improv, attended networking events, wen

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    I don t know if I m an introvert I know I m perceived as an extrovert, so much so that when I moved into my current job, one of the librarians who would have to report to me sent me an article about how to care for introverts ha But I have my own hill to climb to actually go out or show up And I usually enjoy myself if I can hole up with a small group or one person Gallup calls this the relator strength and doesn t bother with the E I dichotom

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    I didn t end up finishing this book, because it just started to make me anxious and uncomfortable As an introvert myself, I could relate to a lot of what the author said However I didn t like that she kept pushing herself to be extroverted even though it made her very stressed and worried I understand the concept of the book is an introvert saying yes to things, but she pushed herself to do public speaking and was so anxious beforehand that she didn

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    As an introvert with occasionally crippling social anxiety, I regarded Jess Pan s book warily I saw the cover online, laughed at the icing on the cake image, and then gave the subtitle a little side eye An introvert saying yes for a whole year Say it ain t so.Alas, Pan pulled me in with enticing hopes of being extroverted without it costing me my sanity, and I m very happy I gave this one a chance.I ll start off by saying that motivational, inspirational boo

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    Ahoy there me mateys I received this memoir eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review So here be me honest musings .Okay so I be an introvert from an entire family of very extroverted people The ma can meet and talk to anyone and makes life long friends everywhere she goes Me sis loves parties and tons of people hanging out at her house I be a tough ol salt who has a withering glare, a distaste for crowds, and a cutless for prodding if ye get too close And

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    Sorry I m Late, I Didn t Want to ComeOne Introvert s Year of Saying Yesby Jessica PanThis is a book I requested from NetGalley and the review is voluntary.This is a witty and clever book that I enjoyed reading I can say relate to some of it It has humor and is a good feeling book I did find she repeated herself a lot Worth the read.

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    This book was at turns hilarious and caused much head nodding by this reader in agreement and wonder Yes, apparently many people think and feel the same way about various social interactions It is always a comfort to realize you are not the only one to feel a certain way This author may not be a natural at stand up comedy, BUT she completely blew me away with her writing I understand that some of that credit goes to editors, Beta readers, etc., but the meat of the book is HER And sh

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