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Soul Resurrected This was a BR with Sara and Sammy Another great book in theSons of Wrathseries In order to understand what is happening inSoul Resurrected , it is important that you readSoul Avengedfirst.The book seemed slower paced for me at the beginning I did like however the humor, drama and suspense that the book held There were parts of the book that were gut wrenching but also held some quite beautiful and sometimes pretty hot scenes.InSoul Avengedwe met Logan, son of Wrath and Calla a female Alexi the Alexi is an army of soldiers bred to slay lycans Soul Resurrected continues with Logan and Calla s story Logan is like a loose cannon He is very unpredictable and it doesn t take much to set him off Even though he is short tempered and you don t know how he is going to react to any situation, he also has a way about him that draws you in.Calla is an Alexi soldier and is very good at being one She has a strength about her but at the same time a side to her that is very fragile and vulnerable She has learned to not let anyone walk all over her and that included Logan Logan and Calla have a love hate relationship When they are around each other it is very explosive in one way or the other A bond developed between the two of them and Logan is in denial about his feelings for Calla Logan tries everything he can think of to push Calla away Calla is also set on trying to stay away from Logan as much as possible, but is drawn to him and is conflicted with her feelings also The lengths that they both go through to deny their feelings is quite humorous, but the feelings that they share is too strong and they find themselves in situations where they are unable to deny each other You will learn about Logan s past and what happened to him in the past that has made him hardened and push people away The unspeakable acts that he endured years before have ruined him for any type of relationship with others and especially with any woman Or have they Calla also has a history that has prevented her from being able to establish a relationship with anyone, that is until Logan comes along.I loved getting to learn about the Sons of Wrath The way they lived, their rules that they lived by and their fierce loyalty to one another I am looking forward to the next book in the series and learning about Gavin Some quotes I loved in the book Damn, baby, might I say you are looking fine this evening If you re not sitting baby Brother tonight, maybe we can meet up later for a night cap You re such a man whore For most females I m relatively harmless But it seems my nightmares have an affinity for you evil seeking out purity, or some shit I got an addiction to your scent, your touch, which has rendered me somewhat mad, you could say You own my heart, Calla It s a damaged, bandaged fuckin mess, but it belongs to you, and only you, eternally, Gods, woman You are everything to me ARC kindly provided to Smexy Bookaholics by Author Keri Lake in exchange for an honest review and for theSoul Resurrectedblog tour SPOILER FREE REVIEW mature content reader discretion is advised.4.5 STARS out of 5Genre PNR Urban FantasyFULL REVIEW POSTED 11 5 13In Logan s words Holy cock sucking gods of mercy, I LOVED THIS BOOK Reading PNR is like going home for me PNR started this whole book obsession that I wear like a badge of honor Keri Lake has written a SUPERB 2ND installment in her Sons of Wrath series You get action, romance, a strong H h and of course you meet some interesting characters whom I know will make future appearances in the seriesFor most females I m relatively harmless But it seems my nightmares have an affinity for you evil seeking out purity, or some shit I got an addiction to your scent, your touch, which has rendered me somewhat mad, you could sayLoganIn Soul Avenged we met Logan, son of Wrath and Calla a female Alexi the Alexi is an army of soldiers bred to slay lycans You quickly learn that Logan is a wild card, you never really know what to expect from him, he is cocky, short tempered and totally unapologetic Oh and just like his older brother Gavin he possesses a charm that leaves you wantingMy shield was impenetrable ImpenetrableLogan s inner monologueLogan does something in Soul Avenged that positions Calla as his savior and a bond is formed in the process When Soul Resurrected opens, Logan is learning just how tight the new bond has formed and he is NOT happy about it This in turn causes him to push Calla away Soul ResurrectedHate and vengeanceThe hot as all hell demon getting under her skin is the least of Calla s worries What she wants is vengeance against those who betrayed her and she has every intention of getting it Attempting to put the pull she feels towards Logan out of her mind is easier said than done Especially when said demon gives in to what is right in front of himTouched He d actually felt her fingers registered in both his body and his mind It d been years since a woman s fingertips had penetrated the numbnessLoganLogan s back story is revealed methodically throughout the book You slowly get around to why he has been so numb for so long It literally had my stomach in knotsQueen protects the King, RememberCallaFAVE LINE I have many but I chose ONEEvery man has the potential to be dangerous Her eyes drilled into Calla s Threaten what s theirs, and they all become killersAyden The Sons of Wrath Wrath Demons Warriors of vengeance sons of the demon prince, Wrath punishers to those who ve wronged each specializes in a form of mental or physical painNow, I m not positive but I think they all possess gifts Though only a few have been mentionedGavin is the eldest son of Wrath and he has visions of the future Gavin is also my FAVE brotherLogan I believe is the youngest brother and he has the ability to feel sense sinsCalix is half Incubi he can feed off sexual energy and being half Incubi also comes the ability to erase memoriesZayne is a soul seer, he has the ability to tell if one is lying and though I do not have details.Zeke I do not recall a gift being mentioned for him, yet He is also a twin, Zayne s twin.Ferno well like his name he can cause a fiery blaze taking out all in his path.Mad Dog I do not recall a gift being mentioned for him, yet.My Thoughts Careful readers some may see this as spoilery though I do not give specifics There are quite a few open character story lines the one that intrigues me most is Gavin s and not just because he is my favorite brother He has two situations to contend with and I am extremely curious to see how each will play out.Then we have Calla, I get the feeling her story is far from over and it is possible she will play a bigger role in future books.Then there are these key players some we met in book one Soul Avenged and some are new However each will most likely have recurring roles in future books.Key players Lyric, Marrick, Matthias, Sabelle, and Cefirina WAIT I almost forgot about Ava, definitely can t wait to see what happens with her.Another issue..The Sang What role will they play and are they evolving in to a bigger problem, most likely So the real question is how will this affect the son s of Wrath Overall thoughts EXCELLENT world building I think Keri Lake did an AWESOME job, she held my complete attention the entire book and I did lots of highlighting, lol The story is creatively layered, with multiple pov s and multiple story lines that are masterfully weaved together I also felt like at one point Lake took a risk with Calla s charactersooo like I mentioned before there will be for Calla I m sure The only downside is I wish we got a little Ayden and Kane Soul Enslaved Gavin s book is one of my most HIGHLY anticipated books for 2014My RatingsCharacters Sexy, Lovable and MysteriousWriting Style Top notch Sucks you right in Plot Storyline Strategic, Layered, with a touch of mystery Definitely leaves you wanting MORE Steam Factor High Very Steamy on a scale of 1 10 I say 8.5Overall I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT Now go forth and read Then come tell us about it on Goodreads For reviews got to us on Facebook www.facebook.com realitybitesletsgetlost 5 demon lovin starsWhen you re ready, look for me in that darkness, because I m right here And I m not going anywhereCalla The mask of smiles always hid the truth shame, fear, the sadness that remained cloaked in the darkness of her soul. Logan Numbness is my shield My faith My reality More real than the idea that love will ever touch a bastard son, like me. Calla is another rogue Alexi warrior, but unlike Ayden she isn t a killing machine, don t get me wrong she can still kick ass and stand up the to worst of them, but her purpose in the Alexi was to lure and play bait Because of her previous role, Logan a Wrath Demon, almost lost his life, owing him everything she sacrifices herself to bring him back The price they pay is a bond that neither of them welcome He s an asshole and she s a mess, all she wants is to get her brother safe away from the Alexi but her guilt over what Logan and his brothers went through cause her to push her plans aside until he is healed, no matter how big an ass he isYou re a frickin puzzle The kind that makes a person want to stand up and throw you across the room because you drive them so crazyLogan has no clue why Calla effects him the way she does, the first female whose touch he feels, when everyone else s is numb As much as he wants to hate her blame her, he can t, leaving him in an position he has no clue how to navigateit seems my nightmares have an affinity for you evil seeking out purity, or some shit I got an addiction to your scent, your touch, which has rendered me somewhat mad, you could saySeeing past his armor, she gives into the way he makes her feel, she has her own demons to battle but being with Logan makes her feel safe Logan doesn t think he deserves someone as pure and innocent as Calla, and as much as she tries to tell him she isn t as innocent as he thinks she is, he won t believe her His past has nothing on the fifty years of torture in the toughest prison in Hell, and protecting Calla from his past is what Logan strives to doI m wrong for you Calla, on levels that you can even imagine, but tonight I ll make everything rightAlong with their turmoil, they must deal with bounty hunters, the Alexi, the Humans and a new force brought back to life Hate and Vengeance fuel their need but they will only be successful if they stand together I loved Soul Resurrected, even so than Soul Avenged because we didn t have the handicap of not knowing about their world Fully verse in the Wrath Demons, we dive right in and get to all the delicious dark goodness Logan was a tough nut to crack, yes he was an asshole, but did it stop me from falling for him, not at all Calla was thought to be a fragile innocent girl, when in fact is a fiery puzzle piece who is capable of anything We get to know about the Wrath Demons and their enemies, revisit with Ayden and Kane and yes, I still have a lady boner for Gavin, whose book is up next And you know who else is back, Xander from The Fallen squee I m super excited to have found another series that I can lose my self in, I just wish I had patience to wait, Gavin s book can t get here soon enough Arc kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review5 Kickass StarsNumbness is my shield My faith My reality.More real than the idea that love will ever touch a bastard son, like me LoganI was so happy to finally get to read this one I absolutely loved the first book of the series and this one was just as awesome It begins right where the last book left off Logan has just been resurrected, thanks to Calla s Alexi blood The Alexi have scattered around the city and their numbers are dwindling There also seems to be a species they all thought was extinct that has come back and is wreaking havoc.It was a bit hard for me to get into for me Not because it was boring, because it wasn t at all, but because I had forgotten a few things about this world Once I started picking up on things and being reintroduced to it all, I was able to get back into the flow and loved every moment of it So, I would recommend you to read the previous book before starting this oneDemon with an angel s smileI remember from the first book that there seemed to be something between Logan and Calla, a mutual attraction In this book, Logan resents Calla for everything that happens to him He was stabbed saving her, which caused his death in the first place, and now he is temporarily paralyzed after coming back to life He tells himself over and over that he hates her He is mean and that pissed me off so much He was a real jerk and she just let him treat like that I almost hated Logan, but once you understand why he is the way he is, it just all made sense He has been living numb and is still tortured by his past, which was just horrible But Calla seems to be the only one to make him FEEL, something he hasn t done in a long time No matter how much he denied, he knew he felt something for Calla and just wanted to keep her safe Maybe even make her his Then I couldn t help but love Logan He was such a lovable jackass, an alpha, and very protective He had a lot of things to overcome and I m glad that Calla was able to help him with that a bit I was so saddened by his upbringing It really broke my heart I was so digusted by the woman that called herself his mother I am so happy that Logan turned out to be better than I initially thought He was just wonderful and smoking HOT And so perfect for Calla Loved himYou re my drug, Calla The one that s going to pull me under and ruin me for life, but even one taste of that is better than not at allCalla was one of Wade s Alexi We already know that she had to go through some tough stuff because of Wade And now that he is dead, she is free But She seeks revenge on the person responisble for her brother s death I LOVED Calla She seemed shy and meek on the surface but she had a silent strength that I really enjoyed And she was totally badass during the fighting scenes I loved how she never gave up I also loved the lengths she would go to protect those she cares about In this book we get a little insight about her past, the one she was forced to forget I felt for her and the happy life she once had, before becoming an Alexi And then her life in the hands of Wade was terrible He was a sick bastard She felt ashamed about that time in her life She never felt truly desired by anyone, just embarrassment and humiliated Logan changes that for her She has hope that he actually cares about her and is stirring feelings in her that she didn t think she would ever feel He finds out what honest affection is like as well as passion There were few times where Calla would make dumb decisions and it would frustrate me, but she was such an awesome character I hope these great female characters become a trend in the series Whenever Logan and Calla would be alone in a room together things would spark like crazy They Were Intense I loved every moment of it The steam is definitely higher for me in this book than the last Logan was super sexy and amazing The things he would do and say, had me blissfully happy and panting I couldn t put this downWhat is it that you say in Demonic again For love Du amec Yes She flung her arms around his neck, rose up to her tiptoes, and whispered in his ear, Du amec, LoganThe other brothers I still very much love Zeke is my favourite, for sure He is the dirty mouthed man whore with a kind and charming personality He has me under his spell I was so upset by what happened to him in this book I can t wait to read his book and Gavin s I am still very much curious about them all So, I can t wait Things picked up near the end, I was glued to the book to find out what would happen I liked the action scenes, just as much as I did the first, they were so cool The description was perfectly written so you can really visualize everything that is going on This book has no cliffhanger, for which I was so happy with The ending was so awesome and sweet and romantic and just great I was smiling so big Loved the hea Logan and Calla had, they deserved it The epilogue left me wanting of this series I am guessing Calix is next and I can t wait to read that I am loving the series so far and hope it continues that way with the future book Loved it I recommend this to all you paranormal romance lovers out there. As Cliche as it sounds, Soul Resurrected was a gripping read It gripped my full attention from the beginning until the end Ms Lake has outdone herself making this series a solid addition to the Paranormal Romance Genre.Soul Resurrected is the second installment of Sons of Wrath series and it started shortly after the last book had ended Ayden, Kayne and the Wrath brothers had stopped the Alexi and they are close to extinction However, the aftermath of the chaos still lingers Plenty of Alexis are still scattered about but the real threat lies in an even deadlier enemy And this time, it s Ayden helping the Sons of Wrath.To be honest there were things about this world that I have forgotten But Ms Lake did a beautiful job with the recap and reintroducing the Sons of Wrath along with Ayden and Kane She did a great job with the world building as well I think I was drawn to that the most She even had widened this world by adding super naturals and a linear Demon world where Logan grew up in I do have to warn readers of how graphic this novel is It can get pretty gruesome.If you read the Soul Avenged, you know that Calla and Logan had a connection that was undeniable emotionally and most definitely physically Saving each other s life can do that, no doubt But that s pretty much where there relationship kicks off You would think they would start their relationship as easy as saving each other s lives Instead, they resented each other Let me rephrase that Logan resented Calla At first I just didn t understand but in his defense there was a perfectly good reason for his annoyance I almost didn t like Logan because of his treatment of Calla He was hurtful and demeaning and poor Calla, just took it all.Calla was such a contradiction of vulnerability and kickass heroine As an Alexi, she was well trained to hunt and fight but when others treated her bad She simply just took it all in I was sometimes frustrated with her But then again I don t blame her as she just wanted to fit it Her past wasn t the prettiest but when she started standing up for herself, she starting earning my respect She certainly started getting it from Logan.I enjoyed Calla and Logan s story, they had a rough beginning but the end result was very romantic I certainly want to see of that from the rest of the brothers.Speaking of which, there are brothers that was added to the story Ferno and Maddox are back and they are taking their place right beside the rest of the Wrath Brothers Ferno in particular intrigues me Something about his persona and powers that just grabs my attention But not as much as Zeke He certainly made his presence in the beginning of this book Just like in Soul Avenged, Zeke is ever so flirty I just love that words that came out of that mouth of his Then Ms Lakes takes him out of the picture leaving me wanting What a tease I do love that she gave this novel multiple POVs letting the readers get to know the main characters Gavin and Calix also made their presence but as far as I know Gavin s story will be next.I loved that I started reading this series from he very beginning I feel like I m witnessing the start of what I m predicting to be an epic series If you like a good PNR Read, Ms lake will not disappoint you ARC provided by author FOUR TO FOUR AND A HALF STARS So, one day while I was getting ready for work, I had the marvellous idea that I was going to rebel against all that is right in the world and bludge at work, doing nothing but reading straight from my kindle, which I was gonna stealthily hide under my computer monitor at work.Now, let me tell you something about working in a doctor s office DON T BLOODY READ YOUR KINDLE WHILE YOU RE SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING When you grin like a maniac because your assholelustaemia is working overtime, patients will freak When you fan yourself frantically in an air conditioned reception because sexy times are oh so sexy, the doctor is going to frown at you worriedly When you answer the phone and accidentally introduce yourself as a character you just read about, you know you ve created a mess that s gonna take some amazing creativity to explain away Soul Resurrected is the book I almost got fired forLogan s story, one of the demon Wrath brothers that was introduced in Soul Avenged He s back and even of an asshole than in the previous book, only this time, his target isn t Kane but Calla, the blonde former Alexi soldier whose virgin blood brings him back to life A bond is forged between the two, one that has both of them on edge, but as the two work closely together, they come to realise that perhaps this bond isn t such a bad thing after all.There s a hell of a lot in this second book Hell of a lot violence, hell of a lot gruesomeness, hell of a lot romance, hell of a lot action and a hell of a lot surprises to deal with I enjoyed it all, gobbling it up at work and at home until I finished it.Logan is an amazing hero He s hard to love at first, his ill mannered mouth much in need of a filter But as his story unfolds and the shame of his past becomes clear, you can t help but feel for him, to hope that he overcomes the darkness of his past and embrace this bond that he has with Calla Calla was, for the most part, a great heroine I did enjoy how she tried to stand her ground against Logan, and her final fight scene was the most kick ass thing I ve read all year, but I had a bit of a problem with some of the stupid decisions that she makes, which ultimately had me docking half a star overall.The other thing that I wasn t 100% on was Logan s change of heart towards Calla It didn t quite feel natural to me It honestly seemed like he just woke up one day and decided, OK, yeah, I like you, so let s have ourselves some sexual therapy, I m sure we ll be able to work out all our differences that way insert sly grin But I can t complain much since there were some really great quotes that my hopeless heart clenched over once Logan has his change of heart So many times I wondered why death hadn t claimed me To spend a lifetime never feeling, never loving What could possibly be left but a hollow void Overall, a very enjoyable read If you haven t read this series yet I d recommend you give it a try The third book not counting the novella is planned to be released in a few weeks so now would be the perfect time to get into it. Rating 4.5 starsCheck out this review by Lana It s wonderful This is not proper review, I ll do that sometime in the future For this will have to suffice The following review is just filled with gifs.THIS IS ON ME ON LOGAN S BOOK at the start Logan at the start Calla at the start Me through most of the book Then I was like GAVIN WHYY Around 80% of the book What were you thinking Calla At 90% To KeriNear the end At the end Where will my reviews be if I don t have quibbles Quibbles Ava, why would do that , Gavin whyyyy Calla behavior around 80% was annoying hence the.5 off the stars I loved getting to know about all the sons and cannot wait for their books If you re still confused whether or not I liked the book, well here s the short version I loved it, I enjoyed every cursing, frustrating, emotional moment of it and I can t wait for Gavin s book That is all Happy Reading BR with Jo and Sammy If you have not read Soul Avenged, be warned that this review may contain a few spoilers from that book Soul Resurrected is Logan and Calla s story Logan is a Son of Wrath demon and Calla is an Alexi, which is a group of soldiers that are created to slay lycans In Soul Avenged, Logan had risked his life and gotten killed in the process trying to save Calla from Draven Gavin another Son of Wrath sacrificed something to bring Logan back from the dead and Calla assisted in her own way in helping to bring Logan back Calla is a virgin and on top of Gavin s sacrifice, it took the blood of a virgin Calla s to bring him back.In Soul Resurrected, Logan is back and he is angry with Calla and angry with himself for intervening and saving Calla and getting killed He wants revenge against Draven for killing him Calla is looking for revenge as well She blames Draven for not only killing Logan, but also blames him for her brother s death.There is a situation that happens where Calla and Zeke are taken hostage by an Enforcer They don t quite know why the Enforcer went after Calla and Zeke, but it will be explained over time in the book Calla gets free eventually with Zeke s help, but Zeke is still in the hands of the Enforcer and Enforcers are known to drag out torture and inflict horrific pain upon their victims They commit horrific acts to anyone who is held captive When Calla reaches Ayden an Alexi introduced in Soul Avenged and the other Sons of Wrath, some of them go back to get Zeke, only to discover he is no longer where Calla left him behind.Logan is bitter with Calla over his brother being taken and remaining missing He doesn t care that Zeke insisted that Calla leave and helped in her escape, he is mad that his brother is missing and as far as he is concerned, it is her fault.Over time Logan develops feelings for Calla Calla is also attracted to Logan Over time, their relationship grows and things progress between them He s still upset over Zeke s disappearance, but he is having a hard time denying his feelings for Calla.Logan has lead a misruble life He has a horrific past and is bitter and hateful because of it He doesn t believe in love His past has scarred him emotionally as well as physically and he has walls up because of it He has a hard time opening up to anyone.Calla has a horrific past herself She s been put through things in her life since becoming an Alexi soldier that have left her scarred Despite her feelings for Logan, she too has a hard time holding back the horrible memories that haunt her of what happened to her at the hands of Wade he was the leader of the Alexi in Soul Avenged She has to work past all her issues to be able to trust someone when she never has been able to before.There is so much action in this book, I cannot even begin to cover it We are introduced to another species that was believed to be extinct and there is someone who is turning people into these creatures Someone in the book will get captured Will they make it out alive, or will they end up turning into these creatures that seem to cause nothing but bloodshed There is another twist in the book with Logan and Calla and their relationship takes an unexpected turn Will they both survive and end up together in the end What is Zeke s fate There is so much to this story that you just have to read it to find out what happens I can t wait for the next book in the series to be released If you have not tried this series, I d highly recommend it if you love paranormal romances with twists that will keep you guessing until the very end ARC provided to our Smexy Bookaholics blog by author Keri Lake in exchange for an honest review for the Soul Resurrected Blog Tour. 5 Du Amec Stars Soul Resurrected starts off where the first book, Soul Avenged, left off Calla s pure Alexi blood was used to resurrect Logan from death and in the process, a bond was formed Both Logan and Calla have their reasons for wanting to distance themselves from one another and to fight the bond and growing mutual attraction But when an ancient threat resurfaces that has long been believed to be extinct, Logan and Calla find themselves working alongside one another to not only defeat this new enemy but to also defeat their own personal demons.LoganLogan is so much than the angry, intense, pugnacious, rule breaking, bad boy erm I mean demon that you see on the outside Logan has a very dark tortured history with secrets that even his brothers don t know about I never believed in love Mostly because love never believed in me enough to break through my shield Why believe in something that s never touched you These secrets have caused Logan to build up an impenetrable wall that protects and numbs him from any and all emotional pain He uses anger, sarcasm, and fear to push others away from him When Calla resurrected Logan from death, she began knocking down his defenses and shows Logan what it FEELS like when he is touched, emotionally and physically, by another soul.I will admit that at first I was a little skeptical of Logan He was so bitter, angry, and was a complete asshole to Calla But as I got to know him and learned about his past, his behavior made a lot of sense I loved watching his character evolve throughout this book and by the end, I was completely smitten CallaI felt like Logan described Calla perfectly On the outside, you re like any other female Normal Inside, a raging storm On the surface Calla appears to be a shy, innocent, meek, na ve woman but she has overcome so much pain and loss that I couldn t help but respect the hell out of her During this book, Calla s main focus is to seek revenge against the person who cost her the one thing in life she cared most about I don t want to give that particular story line away so I am intentionally being vague here.Her developing relationship with Logan forces Calla to come to terms with the issues from her past She will have to overcome these issues if she wants to have a healthy relationship with Logan, or any man for that matter.My ThoughtsI cannot express enough how much I LOVED THIS BOOK It is fast paced, full of action, contains scorching sexual tension, has a few very HOT love scenes, and the characters are unforgettable I seriously did not want to put this book down If I had to pick my favorite aspect of this series, it would definitely be the Sons of Wrath demons I love how they are fiercely loyal and would literally spend 50 years in a hellish prison just to protect each other I also love how the Sons of Wrath demons are total ALPHA MALES They are very protective of their females, are dominant in the bedroom, and completely committed to their relationships.I am so ecstatic that Soul Enslaved Sons of Wrath 3 is going to be Gavin s book I am in serious book love with him and am super anxious to see how his story unfolds Memorable Quotes Quit calling me princess Let s go Now His lips twitched and, by God, if he called her princess one time, she d haul off and smack him for sure, but he merely held out his hand and ushered her forth After you She rolled her shoulders and took one step Your highness You re fucking cute as hell when you re feisty ARC by the author, Keri Lake, in exchange for an honest review. As Wrath S Fiercest Son, Logan Carries The Scars Of Fifty Years Spent In The Most Dreaded Prison Of The Underworld, For A Sin He D Kill To Keep Secret Enduring Decades Of Gruesome Torture Has Left Logan Feared By And Detached From Others, Until A Female Alexi S Blood Resurrects His Soul From Death And, With It, The Pleasures He S Been Denied For So LongPlagued By Shame Of Her Own, Calla Is Drawn To The Ruthless Demon, Logan, Whose Insatiable Craving For Her Touch Rouses Buried Passions And, For Once, Leaves Her Feeling Desired A Dark And Dangerous Evil Has Been Reawakened, However, And When Calla Is Drawn Too Close To Its Breeding Grounds, Logan Vows To Summon The Violence Of Wrath In Order To Keep Her Safe First, Though, Calla Must Save Him From A Past Riddled With Deceit And Corruption But Only If She Can Accept The Chilling Consequences Of Unearthing His Vilest Skeleton Sons Of WrathNever Gamble With Vengeance Warning This Book Contains Explicit Language, Sex, And Violence Not Suitable For Readers Under Years Of Age

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