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Speak Love Through Funny Stories, Scripture, And A Challenge That Could Help You Change The Lives Of Every Person You See, Tweet, Or Message For The Better, Annie F Downs Explores The Difference You Can Make When You Speak Love To Others, To God, And To YourselfDo You Still Remember A Mean Comment Someone Made About You Online Does Something You Said To Your Friend About Your Other Friend Haunt You Sometimes Has Your Day Instantly Gotten Better Because You Received A Compliment That S Because Everything We Say Has A Lot Of Power Even The Things We Tell Ourselves Annie Downs Has Learned This Lesson Firsthand As Both A Reformed Mean Girl And The Recipient Of A Lot Of Hurtful Comments Herself, And She Knows We Can Break The Cycle Of Harmful Words And Make A Difference If We Decide To Focus On Speaking Love Positive, Honest Words Instead Through Truthful And Very Funny Experiences From Her Own Life, As Well As Examples From The Bible And Every Part Of Life, Annie Shows The Amazing Changes That Can Happen When We Send Positive Words Out Into The World And Believe Them About OurselvesSpeak Love Is The Perfect Gift For Young Women AgesAnd Up Who Are Ready To Speak Love And Speak LifeLooks At The Ways We Speak To Ourselves, To Others, And To God And How Choosing To Use Positive Words With Each One Can Change Our Lives, And The Lives Of Those Around UsHas A Companion Devotional, Speak Love Revolution, That Contains Thirty Days Of Encouragement And Tips, As Well As Journaling Space To Record Your Speak Love Journey

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    Although I am not a part of the demographic that this book was intended for Teenaged girl I still got a lot out of it Some messages such as speaking love transcend age and gender.

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    Original review here s world is one of constant communication, and seldom can you find yourself in a state of absolute isolation This incessant and never ending saturation in ideas and conversation has many upsides, but it also has far too many downsides Many teens in this day and age find themselves inundated with the influx many find themselves being bullied within it In Annie F Dow

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    I am going to be honest I pre ordered this book because of the awesome pre order swag that came with that Sorry BUT then I got an idea for having a teenage girls class at my church I am currently still pondering how to go about this and put out a call to my Dream Team sisters about books to use or read to get ideas for this class and someone again mentioned this book So I went on Netgall

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    From WORDS So powerful, so life giving, so very important to the heart and life of young girls In a world saturated in words, communication and messages there still not enough girls speaking love and being spoken love to that is why I was so excited when I finally had a chance to read the book, Speak Love The Speak Love book and devotional journal by Annie F Downs is a great resource for

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    Speak Love is a practical yet engaging guide for girls and young women who seek to use their words for building up and encouraging others While the book is geared mainly toward readers in middle and high school, it s a valuable source for anyone looking for ways to share love, adjust attitudes, and perhaps mentor a younger friend from a Christian perspective I know I would have benefited l

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    I read through this book with about 10 girls I teach at my church I loved it They loved her writing style and sense of humor, but it was also full of truths we all need to hear I highly recommend for teenage girls.

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    I just finished reading this book with my High School Girls Life Group I started this group for High School Girls back in February of 2016 We met once a week usually and discussed the book chapter by chapter While this is written from a Christian perspective, it holds truth and encouragement for all young women, from middle school to post college I loved the topics in the book I loved Annie

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    I began reading Annie Downs s blog just before this book was released so I had a lot of intro to it before actually purchasing it And after Ms Downs wrote a beautiful post about speaking words of encouragement and love over Miley Cyrus after her infamous VMA performance , I knew she was onto something big are too many mean voices in this world, and too many are women speaking hate over other

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    This book is written to teen girls, so I was willing to overlook phrases the author uses to connect like totes adorbs , etc I thought it was a great book, and I m already planning to go out and buy two additional copies one for my daughter, and one for her small group leader Not only did it speak truth, it was full of discussion points, action plans, journal prompts The only thing I didn t rea

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    I really enjoyed this book after Jessi Connolly gave an Influence Network class on speaking life which provided me an excellent foundation for me to explore the topic , especially with this book Speak Love is definitely targeted for middle school or high school girls, which I didn t know I was looking for something to go a little bit deeper than this book did, but it touched on some great point

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