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Stand-In Rancher Daddy A story with a great balance of tragedy and triumph, a little suspense, and lots of love So many moments that made me smile and sigh, take notice, and moments that nearly broke my heart with the sorrow, and feelings of not being enough CJ is a great man of faith and dignity, he is kind, caring, and fair minded, he seeks God s guidance on his actions, and is willing to take responsibility and carry his share of burdens Yet his family s past has laid a shadow on his life, and he doesn t think he will measure up, be good enough for Molly Molly has her own burdens, feelings of inadequacy, not having enough to offer Her heart desperately loves CJ and his nieces, wants to be a family with them, but the one thing CJ wants, she can t give him I loved the patience of CJ, not giving up on Molly, or being a parent to the girls, or the troubled boys in town His character spoke to me strongly about a man of faith, and how they will be recognized by their actions The sadness in Molly is palpable and heartbreaking I felt the sorrow she had in her heart, and how CJ was able to make her smile despite everything, was beautiful I wished she would have had the courage to tell him earlier about her doubts, would have saved a lot of heartaches, but on the other hand, fit nicely into the flow of the plot.The sermons of their preacher shared the message of faith, their life demonstrating it every step of the way The unity of the small town was commendable and set an example for the younger generation And talking about the younger generation, the twins stole my heart completely Even though their loss and pain were unbearable, I liked that they were not set out to be perfect , but instead they were typical four years olds, a handful at times, sweet the other A story with a great message of faith and hope, how love can heal the deepest wounds, and give purpose for tomorrows to come Four Spoons with a teaspoon on the side CJ is a rancher, not a dad But when his widowed brother abandons his twins, CJ is left with no choice but to step in and be a father He s incredibly thankful for the young widow Molly who has been helping out since the death of his sister in law Everyone in town thinks the two should get married It would solve so many problems But CJ thinks he isn t worthy of Molly because of his family s past and Molly can t have children and knows that CJ wants a big family Nothing short of a community tragedy will bring them together.This was a sweet, fun book to read The characters were real and likable The author wove faith, the importance of family, forgiveness, and trust into a clean, romantic story that was both enjoyable and thought provoking I liked the elements of small town that the plot was wrapped around I think the author did a great job with the secondary characters as well and I can see several of them in the next book Overall, this was a great story that readers of historical fiction or Christian romance will enjoy.I received this book free of charge from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. Suddenly A Father Rancher CJ Thorn Isn T Ready To Graduate From Uncle To Brand New Daddy But He Has No Choice After His Widowed Brother Runs Off, A Pair Of Adorable Twins Have No One But CJ And Lovely Neighbor Molly Langley She S Helped With The Girls For So Long That She S Almost Part Of The Family Almost CJ Knows His Family Isn T Good Enough For Her Not When His Brother S Actions Have Disgraced The Thorn Name Yet Again Watching CJ Become A Devoted Father Would Soften Any Woman S Heart Yet Molly Must Remain Immune CJ Deserves Than A Woman Who Can T Have Children Held Back By Fear, It Ll Take A Disaster Forcing The Community Together Before They Re Ready To Risk A Chance On Happiness I loved this book Every single word It has a little mystery that s unsolved in the end Glad I already have the other books on order The actions of one deeply troubled father set into motion a love story 5 years in the making When CJ s brother takes off and abandons his twin daughters, CJ turns to Molly the girl he s been secretly in love with for 5 years for help He doesn t know how to be a dad but with Molly by his side he wants to try Molly wants nothingthan to be a mom and CJ s wife but with a secret from her first marriage still hanging over her head she won t allow herself When trouble comes to Little Horn, CJ, Molly and the twins find that families come in all shapes and sizes. Stand In Rancher Daddy by Renee Ryan is book number one of Lone Star Cowboy League series Takes place in 1895 CJ Thorn ran a ranch with his brother Ned Ned s wife died and didn t get over it Ned just up and left one day leaving his four year old twin girls to CJ Molly Langley had been taking care of the girls when Ned s wife died She told CJ she would stay and still care for the girls Molly was married before but never had children Her husband died Molly knows CJ wants a big family and since she can t have children she said no when he ask her to marry him In the story cattle are being stolen and someone sets a fire to Molly s parents barn A very good read. Loved it Can t wait for the next book. Lone star Cowboy League marathon Book one of many I enjoy continuity series and this was a great start to this one Loved the characters, CJ and Molly And the kids were something else So far there are 18 books planned in this series, 6 in the Love Inspired Historical line and 12 in the Love Inspired line Can t wait to see how this one goes Renee Ryan is a favorite author and she always does a really amazing job on the continuity books she s written. I like historical romances and this is a sweet inspirational read, meaning there are references to church and everyone tries to behave well A widowed depressed father rides off and leaves his children with his brother, the rancher of the title, and a young woman neighbour who is also widowed has to help him mind the girls There is not muchto say about the romance, which is stretched out by the two adults wish not to get involved for personal reasons In those days I think town marriages were often arranged by what seemed fitting or needed and personal wishes didn t always count We see some nice sides of life but I tend to find the scenes with the children a bit tedious Girls in those days had to do as they were told, and the conversations with adults explaining right and wrong seem too modern But no doubt many women will enjoy the gentle read.I downloaded an ARC from Net Galley and wrote an unbiased review. 4 out of 5 stars About 5 years ago, Molly met CJ Cornelius and was instantly smitten however, because she wasn t sure he returned her affections so she married someone else Now over a year after her husband passed away, she is back living on her family s ranch and trying to make the best of things Molly s days are consumed by taking care of CJ s young nieces who are without a mother Though things get a lot harder when CJ s brother and father to the girls decides on leaving custody of the girls to CJ and takes off to places unknown In doing so, Molly and CJ become closer and their once chance on love might be able to ignite again if only Molly could get over her past hurts and open her heart to the possibility of a better future, and if people in town don t keep them apart for good.This was a heartwarming tale that reels you in to its characters and its town series With an intriguing plotline that holds plenty of character antics, it ll keep you entertained the whole way through My only wish was that Readof this review and THREE TEASERS here

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Renee Ryan grew up in a small Florida beach town Surfing didn t work for her, but that didn t keep her from watching others tackle the waves To entertain herself during those countless hours of laying out , she read many of the classics It wasn t until the summer between her sopho and junior years at Florida State University that she read her first romance novel Hooked from page one, she

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